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The comfy board

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Zchan outreach program:

So what places should we advertise next?
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I guess Reddit's okay. I still hate it intensely, but I admit that I use frequently, and that it's the only acceptable out of all the ones the OP proposed.

Fuck Facebook, fuck Twatter, and the other 2 don't exist anymore.
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>>615 (OP) 
Post posters in the ghettos, we need more niggers in here
>I guess Reddit's okay. I still hate it intensely, but I admit that I use frequently
Just fucking end yourself already.
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Seriously, nigger? When given the choice of comparing it to FB or Twatter? You contrarian, snowflake faggot.
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>Other things are bad so this is fine

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Cutepost here.
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>>1625 (OP) 
we already have one >>1600
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two is better

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I heard BO wanted to make /b/ a comfy board, so here are two comfy banners.
Also /b/anners thread. Post your designs here.
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Added the 3 new ones. Thanks again!
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Good on ya, Hitler.
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>>1011 (OP) 
Made a banner on /v/ and was suggested to post it here instead
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I like it. Added.
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Good on ya, dubsman.

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this chan site seems interesting
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>>1614 (OP) 
you seem to be correct

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Do you like prawn crackers? They're pretty tasty.
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That's fucking disgusting.
That's the one word I wouldn't use to describe them, they don't taste of anything. Possibly the blandest food in existence today.
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You gotta use it with hot sauce. The combination is very tasty.
same, without sauce is imo the best way to eat them
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Very based.

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>>1550 (OP) 

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where do I bury the pain?
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>>1552 (OP) 
locked up deep inside your heart until you can't take it anymore and find the courage to end it all
>>1552 (OP) 
Balls deep inside a cute anime girl.

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this would've been a good reply post to >>1448
>>1506 (OP) 

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would you guys consider lynxchan a complete failure? There are so many files and its codebase is really confusing and it doesn't really do much
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I'm only a retarded end user, but I've heard that despite Lynxchan's flaws it's still less of an unworkable clusterfuck than vichan. I still don't like it though, every site that uses it is butt ugly, and feels like it was nigger-rigged together by someone who only ever went to 8chan a couple of times and then tried to make their own version. JSchan doesn't seem quite as bad, but it still deviates too far from the classic Futaba Channel style for my tastes.
Front end system is utter shit and changing it is pain in the ass, at least from what I understood when I shortly tried to understand it.
First there is solid empty html page, then backend reads and parses the html and assigns text/values to fields based on element name, and finding this part from backend felt to be hard too, instead of using easy to read and modify basic template system.

So even changing structure of how text is represented seemed to be really hard task.
>>1495 (OP) 
I don't know jack about web design but it seemed like most of the worst imageboards used lynxchan.
lynxchan is meh. there are better and worse software. the developer is a total arrogant dick though who doesn't give a shit about user feedback.

Well what are you watching in this somewhat troubled season?
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>>1473 (OP) 
Hunter x Hunter.

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