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>1. Obey zchan's global rules. https://zchan.cc/rules.html
>2. You must be a male virgin to post on this board. Exceptions to the second part may apply in very unique circumstances, such as in cases of rape, child abuse, etc.
>3. You must be at least 18 years old to post on this board. If you admit to being underage you're retarded enough to deserve a ban.
>4. Refrain from posting low quality threads. Spam, roll threads, obvious bait, normalfag/cyborg shit, etc. will be deleted.
>5. Posts made with the intention of derailing a rule abiding thread will be deleted.
>6. Check the catalog for similar topics before posting a new thread. Repetitive threads will be deleted. 
>7. Keep blogposts in a FTDDTOT thread unless they're interesting enough to stand on their own and generate real discussion.
>8. Keep meta discussion and feedback in the sticky. This is for convenience more than anything.
>9. Namefagging, tripfagging, and avatarfagging is prohibited unless necessary for a specific thread. This also applies to moderator capcodes, which shouldn't be used outside of meta discussions.
>10. No instigating violence, ie: "You'll never do anything" posts or similar. /r9k/ is a board of peace.
>11. No "/r9gay/" posting
>12. No roastie/e-celeb worship, including "vtubers"
Rules and how the board is ran are always up for discussion. Remember that posting on these small niche imageboards is a privilege and not to abuse it or do something that can ruin it for everyone.

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shut the fuck up and be glad a fellow Robot found this place you autist
Replies: >>529
Calm the fuck down. Don't know how long you've been here but being suspicious of people is the way we've survived so long. If we belived everyone who just waltzed in here calling themselves a robot we'd have already been overrun by now.
The term robot is one of the most bastardized labels outside of this place and so coming in here and posting a cuckchan image will reasonably raise suspicions. The only one bringing up taking any permenant actions on these suspicions were the retarded sarcastic strawmanning pieces of bullshit that were the previous replies. 
He very well might not be a cuckchan faggot but no harm is done in being reasonably cautious and suspicious.

(158.5KB, 1080x788)
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Any robots here partake in/ used to partake in some sort of hobby? 
I myself used to be big into origami and photorealistic art when I was younger, but since then I've stopped doing both altogether. It got to a point where it wasn't very challenging and it was more a question of how many dozens of hours I wanted to spend on a drawing rather than if I could do it or not. As for origami paper, it got too expensive once I got into the higher skill territory. I recently tried drawing something again and half-assed it after about a third the way through due to boredom. If you robots would like to see any of these feel free to ask.
As of right now, it seems like games and anime are where it's at. As for gaming, I'm planning on getting back into Majora's Mask after recovering my save files from a dead PC.
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I remember one anon here playing electric guitar as well, post some riffs dude.
(1.2MB, 850x747)
Does anyone here play touhou?
Replies: >>515 >>540
I've been wanting to play them. You got a reccomendation for where and how to start?
I'm stuck on the fourth one
Replies: >>565
Do you play it in public?

(4.1MB, 464x640, 01:55)
Jschan edition again
reminder that it's pipes for spoilers not stars
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(94.4KB, 1280x720)
Did anyone of you ever had this specific feeling/thought in their life that your life is basically a VN, but your life kind of got into a solitary route, with 0 characters that stay around for long? With the only individuals that you get to fully interact with being only in the internet? 
With all of your thoughts just becoming one with yourself as a person and with the nature around you?
I don't even mean that as something bad, more like something that would describe the same type of melancholy you may get from your train of thoughts like the one you may get when reading MC's random thoughts in a VN.
It does not really bother me, but since it have been quite active among my other thoughts, I may as well post about it here.
Maybe I'm just having a re-occurence of experiencing a different perception of my life again and again. I think I like it. It makes me feel really comfortable and free. Just like VN do, though I don't know what is more linear, my life or some slideshows with options.
My life is probably less linear, but I really don't feel so.
Maybe, once I finally reach the NEETdom, as there is no other way out for me anymore...
Maybe I will try being free and focusing on what I really longed for.
Maybe I will even be able to pay for my basic necessities thanks to it.
Actually, it's all the same thing, any way, however my life will progress. 
Both with the start of the journey, the journey itself, and its finish.
Should I really worry about the details at this 
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Replies: >>560
(616.1KB, 886x720)
>I should now.
No, I should not.
>/r9k/ only has a few users
That makes the interactions much more meaningful. If we were using twatter or faceberg or any other godawful social media every interaction would be like junk food, whereas here it's refined to the best parts of conversation, at least when faggots aren't popping in asking about what memes they're allowed to use instead of lurking and figuring out what seems appropriate on their own.
>Certain words or phrases are repeated that are just as bad as others that are not accepted. If you criticize or disagree with the group, you're the bad guy, and the staff are often all too willing to do what the mob wants Never mind that you may have had a good point, you're wrong because you're "causing trouble".
Just to be fair, can you give a few specific examples of what you mean by these things? Just so that we're all on the same page in terms of what you take issue with. Where do you draw the line between a negative response being justified and it being barbaric? Suppose that most individuals simply feel like you said something out of line, how are they to respond?
Also, I believe that it's just the BO here, unless by staff you mean site-wide.
>You people believe you're gods among men, but in reality, you're but rats among cockroaches
I can only speak for myself, but I don't think I'm that grea
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Replies: >>563
(242.8KB, 800x578)
agreed, i don't think this applies to /r9k/ as a concept, nor its userbase but rather to this influx (Because i don't think they were here before), of Histrionic Overly-Agressive anons that are more preoccupied with truebot and what memes are sanctioned by the geneva convention, people like >>549 talking about conformity or >>542 literally asking what "memes" are valid or not aside from other cases like some spergs getting butthurt about someone posting Corona-chan and >>552 literally talking about /r9k/'s beliefs and dropping the Normalfag label, they are more preoccupied about this weird-quasi social bullshit of who is and who is not a normgroid and about "community standards" instead of actually adding up to the conversation and talk about substantial things, i do not agree with your Misantropic views, just because a couple of (i suspect) newfriends can't into lurking does not mean that r9k is dead, and you certainly have to explain what constitutes as "Rational Thought" and "Barbarity" like >>561 said
Replies: >>564
I still don't think you should worship women.

(102KB, 730x1095)
Post your waifus, talk about them and share images of them. 
On to some on topic stuff in a little under a month it'll be Hanako's birthday. Might try to scour the internet for some more cute images of her in preparation.
Also is Motoko anon stilll here? Didn't come into the last thread so I'm worried that we've got another man down in /r9k/.
This time with an image
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(112.9KB, 823x667)
Stop that. Respect people's waifus.
(5.9MB, 2756x1575)
i have made her into my Mistress and Married her a long time Ago following the Law that my Spirit commanded, now i must tread this forsaken Sodom till the time comes when the Sweet release of Death will take me back, to where i Truly belong
I could say the same about your mother.
Replies: >>532
Which one?
Are there any conditions around wizardry and waifufaggotry, or do they not overlap? For 3DPD I hit wizard level last month, but I've been in a loving committed relationship with my waifu for many years. Are there any stat penalties or anything? Maybe even bonuses?

(1.6MB, 640x480, 01:01)
(3.3MB, 1072x724, 01:40)
(1.3MB, 320x480, 01:00)
(1.9MB, 906x720, 00:41)
(9MB, 550x300, 05:02)
Gondola really seems to be something regular people just can't grasp their hands upon. Each time they've tried they always end up turning it into some spurdo bastardization.
Replies: >>533
(3.3MB, 816x480, 01:59)
(3.3MB, 540x360, 02:11)
(3.5MB, 336x176, 01:31)
(2.9MB, 1150x1080, 02:26)
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(5.4MB, 1000x562, 04:58)
(3.8MB, 496x480, 01:08)
(3.5MB, 640x360, 01:00)
(7.5MB, 640x480, 00:50)
(3.8MB, 336x256, 01:08)
(4.4MB, 640x368, 03:06)
(2.4MB, 864x480, 01:17)
(4.4MB, 640x480, 01:00)
(6.5MB, 852x480, 00:59)
(6MB, 480x270, 03:36)
>>505 (OP) 
Can you elaborate? Plenty of people like Moomins, for instance.
Replies: >>558
(933KB, 854x480, 00:41)
(8.5MB, 864x480, 01:33)
(816.6KB, 640x360, 00:41)
(3.8MB, 1200x900, 01:15)
(3.8MB, 704x480, 00:44)
Most people, or at least normalniggers, aren't able to see the appeal of looking at some weird 2 legged brown thing for minutes with music playing over it, at least not without going off and doing something else, so it hasn't gotten defiled like other stuff has. You don't have those ironybros who like to take everything and fuck with it parading gondola around and talking about how unique and depresed they are, or some teenage tumblr user posting gondolas to show how quirky they are. It seems to still be mainly a imageboard, and in part to that a robot thing. Maybe I just dont go on those spaces enough to see it, but I've never seen gondola meme compilations on youtube or gondola posting on social media sites like twitter. I really don't see any new gondolas being made outside of imageboards either. It's something that has escaped the grasp of normalniggers when they defile so many other things with all their dumb irony and horrilbe attempts at humour. Moonmin is a popular figure and well known, but it just seems as though gondola has been able to go unnoticed, or perhaps people just thought of it as some dumb spurdo knockoff and that it died when all the people forgot about spurdos and moved onto the next big meme to try to get their online fame.

(1.8MB, 1080x1350)
Came across this one and figured out this place had a thread for these
Keep them up
(19.1KB, 500x353)
(170.3KB, 1024x768)
(55.1KB, 600x931)
Saved these before 8chan was kill

(1.9MB, 2011x2000)
Books, movies, whatever you've been passing your time with or think is worth sharing. Anime too i guess, considering our small population.
esoteric anons made me remember this site, it has an "intro to gnostics" list
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A lot of naked scenes, not sure if I'll like it. Downloaded it though, maybe I will watch it in entirety later.
Replies: >>394
It's not netflix-tier though, that shit is rancid and gnarly with how obscene it is
Any media that is actually geniuently misanthropic? And not like normalfag "Everyone but me is an idiot"-tier of misanthropic. I mean something that geniuently tells you that all fucking humans, including yourself, including the author are evil.
Why don't you make a list on Letterbox so we never have these threads again.
>Come and See
>Andrei Tarkovsky
>Donnie Darko
>The 400 Blows
>The Seventh Seal
>All About Lily Chou-Chou
Replies: >>496
Then we'd have general threads with the letterbox as part of the description.

(64.2KB, 1440x900)
Is life really worth living? I'm getting closer to my thirties. All I have left is wagecucking, all to be able to live in a more or less greater comfort while affording some entertainment/escapism. Nothing is really worth the effort. Has anyone here managed to find a real motivation to keep going on? At this point, I'm quite indifferent to the idea of both living and dying.
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>I mean if your wife isn't a whore and your kids will grow to be mature adults then it sounds like a good life to me
>wife isn't a whore
>kids growing mature adults
You sound like a failed normalfag, pushing his retarded fantasies and dreaming about a perfect world.
Replies: >>445
That's why I said if. You ain't special autist.
Replies: >>447
Sorry, somehow i didn't read the last thing you wrote, i guess this world is driving me to madness.
Btw yes, it would be a nice thing.
(195.1KB, 1280x853)
Camus is stupid and not what robots should be reading.
Read the Classics, especially history, and history in general. And not from idiots on kiketube who are trying to entertain, nor "experts" who live for ideology. They poison good material.
Then there are idiots who think in relative terms of modern history. Napoleon, for instance, is thought of in the same way as Hitler and the Coalition as "da j00s". Never mind the nuances of geopolitics and that the Tribe is only a fraction of the mess even in the case of WW2, no, everything must be black and white. Typical plebeian attitudes and behaviors.
Robots should seek to become nobles, being independent against the Mass Tide, and becoming noble means being noble. Rationalize standards and stick to them. Put high ideals like truth (ideology != truth; men are fallible, and so was the NSDAP) above the material. And so on.
Replies: >>546
>expecting any sense of intelligence from nu8gag, especially nu/49k/, in [Current Year]

(14.5MB, 06:06)
(15MB, 06:20)
For those who resonate with it more than anything else.
Is anon coming back to music he used to hear years ago?
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Heil Koronba
(26.3MB, 11:28)
(14.6MB, 07:18)
(7.6MB, 03:55)
(2.5MB, 1280x720, 02:29)
The tears won't stop.

(7.3MB, 4444x1919)
Feel free to dump wallpapers that you think look good. Also, feel free to repost any wallpapers from the other thread.
This time without typos
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>they just slow down performance
That's untrue on any machine you can use as a multi purpose machine to begin with, if you have problems try disabling fancy effects of your window manager.
Replies: >>434
>wallpapers slow down performance
(577.6KB, 1920x1080)
(804.7KB, 1920x1080)
(1.5MB, 3200x1800)
(266.7KB, 1920x1200)
Replies: >>436
(945.1KB, 1920x1080)
(164.1KB, 1678x1048)
(358.9KB, 1600x900)
(2.8MB, 1920x1080)

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