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Post your waifus, talk about them and share images of them. 
On to some on topic stuff in a little under a month it'll be Hanako's birthday. Might try to scour the internet for some more cute images of her in preparation.
Also is Motoko anon stilll here? Didn't come into the last thread so I'm worried that we've got another man down in /r9k/.
This time with an image
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Some Hanako to start things.
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And an old kurisu post from 8ch for any kurisu anons.
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Esoteric Waifufag reporting in, took me some time since im an idiot that doesn´t read the meta Thread
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I was listening to the Katawa Shoujo OST again and it's drudged up quite the number of feels. I apologize for the incoming regurgitation of these feels
Playing Katawa Shoujo might be one of the single most positive and elating experiences of my life. Every moment I spent in that game means more to me than most could imagine. I know that it is technically just a game but to me, it was truly so much more than that. While I was playing this game it felt as if though I had been whisked away to some other world in which the characters of Katawa Shoujo happened to inhabit. Every character felt like a person and every exchange of dialogue felt as if though I was talking to someone rather than simply reading text. I can still recollect my anxious excitement throughout the day as I eagerly anticipated "getting to talk to Hanako again" after completing my daily duties. Getting to play KS and being transported back to that beautiful world backdropped by a beautiful OST was the highlight of my day during those times. 
I wish I could put it into words better but if I had to liken my experience with this game to something it would be something similar to an amazing dream. However, like a dream, it had to come to an end and when it did it was even more heart wrenching than the regular dread you feel upon waking up from an amazing dream. Though only temporary, bouncing back to the mundanity of regular life after playing this game left me feeling like absolute shit for about 2 weeks. After those 2 weeks though, I could honestly say I came out a better man and more steeled in my robotic resolve as after having played this game I was truly integrated into the 2D>3D mindset.

I could go on for a whole book on why I love Hanako but, unless you all would like to hear that, I'll be keeping that to myself for the time being.
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KSG was a pretty emotionally significant part of my life back when it was first a thing, but I've completely lost any nostalgia for it or the OST. I remember when I listened to it years ago every once in awhile it was a wave of feelings. Now it's just music.

I think as a coping mechanism I've self-induced autism, kind of the opposite of a tulpafag self-inducing schizophrenia. But to be fair I was probably always kind of autistic considering my pick was Shizune.
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>Shitting on Tulpafags
>On the Waifu Thread of all fucking places
Replies: >>264 >>268
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>needy bitch rapist with a lesbian cunt following her around
Thats some pretty shit taste man.
Replies: >>386 >>412
That reminds me, I remember that back on cuckchan on those Misaki Friday threads they had some tulpafag who went fucking insane after he lost the ability to connect with his tulpa. From the diary logs he kept it seems he had grown very emotionally dependant on his Misaki tulpa and once he lost her he couldn't take it.
After reading about what happened to him I lost the little interest I had in tulpamancy. I'm okay with loving my waifu in the way I do now.
Replies: >>365 >>437
I didn't shit on tulpafags though.
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>went fucking insane after he lost the ability to connect with his tulpa
that has to be the saddest shit, period, hope the guy is doing good now or at the very least reached Pleroma, i don't have interest in Tulpamancy either because i worship my Maiden in the way my spirit commands, i did have contacts with her despite my Psychic deafness, she has said some wholesome shit to me but aside from that she is very ambiguous and nuanced, most of the time she appears to me through my own experiences with the external world,
>posting cuckold the anime
The pot calling the kettle black.
Replies: >>412 >>414
I hate this fucking anime so much. I hate it the moment I laid my eyes on it. But I kept watching it anyway because tr/a/nny loved talking about it and pumping it up like some hot shit and what? It literally threw netorare at my face. I waited every week to download a new episode because I'm retarded. Same fucking shit with Erased, it was a solid anime until the final end. It's like an extremely elaborate scheme to convert people into cuckolds. "Oh this anime is good overall so I don't care about the ending.". What's with Japs and cuckoldry?
Replies: >>416
>what is a reaction image
Replies: >>423
Don't answer this if you don't want to spoonfeed but, what was the reason for the /animu/ /a/ split? I know rulecuckery was a big part of it but I also feel as if there is a lot I don't know. The only board that I really frequent is /r9k/ and over the years that's not really changed so I don't know a lot of anything outside of this board.
Replies: >>423
Mostly the rulecuckery, but also the fact that tr/a/nny hotpockets would arbitrarily delete shit on a whim if it wasn't moe faggotry.
Mini rant incoming:
Something that has bothered me for years is how dumb niggers think you have to have watched every show or seen every comic that a reaction image is cropped from. This didn't used to be the case, but after the reddit invasion in 2011 it's like overnight people started shitting their pants over it because of smug anime girl posters or something.
I haven't seen even a quarter of the shows that most of my reaction pictures are taken from, they're just good reaction pics and I use them accordingly, why the fuck is this concept so hard to grasp?
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Even though I rarely go here anymore, and I honestly thought we were gone when I checked fatpeople.lol and saw it was down, I will post here to anchor in my love for this pony.
Tulpamancy is pretty much harmless, from the overwhelming majority of what I have read. If you read the foums or look at anything that wasn't just an extreme example (most likely a LARP), this is a common fact. The original anon was wrong, also, in that someone with a tulpa does not have schizophrenia of any sort. I am far too lazy and distracted to actually attempt to form a tulpa to confirm this, however, though I have read dozens of guides and posts about it.
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Are you a fag too by any chance?
Replies: >>448 >>452
Hopefully not. He's probably the only one in this thread right now that I recognize from the waifu threads on 8ch.
Replies: >>470
No. Why?
Replies: >>470
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Because cartoon horse fuckery and faggotry are synonymous.
Replies: >>471 >>473
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I'm going to get lit on fire for this but it's been years since ponies were a problem. Just let it go already.
Replies: >>473
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Furfags and Bronies are usually Mentally deranged Zoophiliacs among other things, the problem here is that Anons (or at the very leastthe anon that replied to Ponyposter) stay at the superficial level and judge based on external action, IE:You posted Corona-chan therefore you are normgroid, You posted Pony therefore you are Bronie-Zoophiliac, without understanding why Bronies and Furfags are cancer (Zoophiliac Tendencies, Leftist-bullshit, Sexual deviancy of all kinds, the fact that they can't sit still in their forums but they have to go to other communities to fuck their shit up like trapfaggots)

i don't think >>437 is a fag, or at the very least he is not acting like one and shitting up the Thread, this does not mean that Bronies are good, they need to burn in a pit, but it does not mean that that Anon can't be an exeption to the Rule
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Iowa's caring smile always lightens my mood on a shiity work day.
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Your waifu looks like a cheap whore dude.
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Stop that. Respect people's waifus.
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i have made her into my Mistress and Married her a long time Ago following the Law that my Spirit commanded, now i must tread this forsaken Sodom till the time comes when the Sweet release of Death will take me back, to where i Truly belong
I could say the same about your mother.
Replies: >>532
Which one?
Are there any conditions around wizardry and waifufaggotry, or do they not overlap? For 3DPD I hit wizard level last month, but I've been in a loving committed relationship with my waifu for many years. Are there any stat penalties or anything? Maybe even bonuses?

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