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Any robots here partake in/ used to partake in some sort of hobby? 
I myself used to be big into origami and photorealistic art when I was younger, but since then I've stopped doing both altogether. It got to a point where it wasn't very challenging and it was more a question of how many dozens of hours I wanted to spend on a drawing rather than if I could do it or not. As for origami paper, it got too expensive once I got into the higher skill territory. I recently tried drawing something again and half-assed it after about a third the way through due to boredom. If you robots would like to see any of these feel free to ask.
As of right now, it seems like games and anime are where it's at. As for gaming, I'm planning on getting back into Majora's Mask after recovering my save files from a dead PC.
I doodle a lot, and when I actually sit down to practice drawing a specific thing I can improve at it relatively quickly, only problem is I can almost never concentrate long enough, so I have never come close to approaching photorealism. Got any tips for that besides chug meth adderall and practice?
Don't know if this counts, but I've also taken to writing stuff down in cursive because I felt like improving my penmanship for the hell of it and I really enjoy writing down swear words and vulgar thoughts in fancy letters.
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It's hard for me to recommend ways of improving patience since it came naturally to me. I could sit down and fold a large piece of fucking paper for 7 hours if that says anything about my patience for these things. Don't take my word for it since this is just conjecture on my part but I think that gradually increasing the time you spend on something maybe a good start. If it's photorealism you're after then find something you really wanna draw, in my case, I drew animals a shit ton, and start drawing 3 hours per session for a few days. 
Do this for a whole project (one small in scale so you're not drawing for 2 weeks) and then on the next project add an hour or so more per session. You can spread projects out however you please but it's best to not take a whole day off a single project since you might lose the motivation to continue (unless you're working on a really big project which you have enough motivation for to be sure that you will complete it).
As for penmanship, it might help if you're doing more cartoonish/anime art but there aren't actually a whole lot of lines in photorealistic art and so if that's your goal then I don't see any point in using it as practice for that. If you enjoy doing that though there's no reason to stop so continue if you find it fun.

Since it's good for these threads to have some OC would you perhaps be comfortable in posting some of these doodles?
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its not that much
i can sit watching a fucking train video for 4h, in fact even more (its just better to not overdo this)
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the recent thing i did is a blueprint for some sort of computational economy
its only a blueprint but its already soviet-union tier, tho its in a no way copy of soviet shit, it just have similarities

it doesn't have fine details, because fuck them, they're by definition so complex that cannot be computed or even analyzed

instead there are few different things

1. resource-based:
every product has resources, usually the constant amount (or at least minimum amount)
2. approximation / evaluation / classes:
things that can be produced (redacted) get analyzed and typified (kind of like in SU, but instead here they're not centralized),
for every thing (whats not superb complex) theres a model that describes very roughly from what it was made and
which resources it contains

theres a class for a (minimal) typical thing (like typical truck, or complex things like blast furnace) thats used for (automatic) calculation/planning. its very approximate (think of minecraft graphics) but it allows you to compute this, instead of saying something like: durr that another steel pipe has 10 more atoms in it, every atom costs money, sorry the price is different now lol, every pipe has different price due to imperfections

3. prices are recommended minimal values for elements/things/items, they can be adjusted by the seller (ie not fixed)

4. work can be evaluated either

5. production / resource chains can be evaluated (you automatically get absolute price of a thing of any complexity, as long as its built from models)

6. (voxel/3d) models can be directly composed from material "bits" (voxels of resources)

currently there are only two major problems:
- cannot calculate transportation cost (its an important cost but in my fantasy economy it even can be rejected, if too complex, or approximated really roughly)
- complex things like R&D / art / lawyers cannot be evaluated thus its considered non-essential

example how a (redacted) truck model can be evaluated:
(in the engine this is actually done more automatically)

one "bit" unit is 10cm x 10cm x 10cm block (like a voxel)

is it gommie?
no it isn't, there is no central planning, no fixed prices and everything is decentralized to some point
it is also relatively (redacted) (edit due to word filter)
It may not be much for patient people but I was responding to an anon who needed to work on his ability to focus and be patient and so the example fit. I could probably fold origami for much longer than that since I never really felt burned out after a fold, even the very long ones. 
Also what you are describing is a more passive patience while I'm describing a more active patience. There's a pretty big difference in the kind of skills needed to (redacted) wait for or watch something happen and those needed to continuously work at something for a very long period of time. Though I do agree that being good at one makes it more likely that you will have an easier time being good at the other.
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i agree

train videos are just special and (redacted) usually freaking when they think how long and boring they're, still those videos have millions of views on youtube including the most boring :)

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I dont really have hobbies, guess my brain is too fried from videogames. I would like to get into architecture/minecraft in real life and agriculture, but I cant really go out and practice with no car and my mom monitoring my movements. 
Reminds me about that interesting website thread /tower/ had, it had some cool links
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I spent a lot of time growing up trying various DIY projects. I took a special interest in making homemade guns like potato gun, crossbow, air gun or match gun. Not much success, but I had a lot of fun playing with them. Almost lost an eye trying to catch an arrow I shot to sky, blew my eardrum trying to listen closely to the potato gun or got my shit kicked in because I fired the pototo gun at my dad's neck. Me and a friend kickstarted my class to play with match guns which burned everything. Fortunately no one snitched. Now I wish I wasnt so lazy and had dived deep into computer. I have no fucking clue what dudes over at /tech/ are talking about most of the time.
Reminds me of how normalfaggots are freaking out about the quarantine and going nuts.  Without 24/7 stimuli it seems that they simply cannot operate.
>gradually increasing the time you spend on something maybe a good start
This may sound retarded, but I genuinely never thought of that, sounds like a good idea. 3 hour sessions doesn't seem so bad either, when I actually sit down and concentrate that amount of time is nothing, though in the span of 7 hours I'd have to get up to piss or something and I'd lose concentration. I'll probably begin removing myself from any nearby distractions.
>As for penmanship, it might help if you're doing more cartoonish/anime art but there aren't actually a whole lot of lines in photorealistic art and so if that's your goal then I don't see any point in using it as practice for that
The penmanship is unrelated to the drawing (at least I didn't intend to connect the two), I seem to be improving just fine with that, or at least my cursive is legible now when just a couple of days ago it looked like toddler scribbles on a wall.
>Since it's good for these threads to have some OC would you perhaps be comfortable in posting some of these doodles?
I don't have a scanner, or even a goyphone, and all my autism drawings are on a sketchpad, sorry. Though maybe I should pick up a drawpad and do some requests here. Even if my art is deviantart tier it might be god for a laugh.
>but I cant really go out and practice with no car and my mom monitoring my movements
Is getting a plant trough out of the question for you? You don't need a fuckhuge yard for something like that, and you can get smaller ones that'll fit on a windowsill if you don't have a yard at all so you can just grow a couple of herbs or something to at least get a feel for what you're doing.
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We have a backyard garden which i sometimes help with. Its alright but the space is taken up by herbs and salad plants and the like. I want to try something "mass production"-ish, like a few rows of potatoes or onions. I think i should research things that would make moms cooking nicer
Any anons want to post any OC? We haven't had any in a long time now and I feel like this is an appropriate thread. Even a screenshot from a game would be nice, really anything works as long as it is hobby related It might bring some more life to the board.
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i can shitpost various things but none is interesting imo

its mostly experiments like picrel

this isn't art just byproducts :\
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Spoiler File
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Here's an okayish drawing I did a year ago on a shitty drawing tablet I borrowed from someone. I lost the complete work after my PC temporarily bricked but I managed to recover this.
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I've been making little pen sketches of varying quality varying as in different levels of shit on a stack of index cards I found laying around, it's pretty therapeutic and helps pass the time while I'm backing up files.
OP here, gonna try an attempt at a drawfag some time in the future (as in not soon). Anybody got something they want to see? I'm not terribly good but with some somewhat cheaty tools I can probably dish something out. 
I might just draw whatever I want in spite of what is said. That's not to say I'm not going to consider drawing what I see requested.
I might also lose motivation and randomly stop but if that happens I'll just post the unfinished results
I might post some examples of some half assed shit I made later as proof that I am somewhat competent at drawing. Don't expect much though.
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do you still draw or did you give up? looks decent
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What if you make an unfinished drawing and we just keep building on top of it over time? Does that sound like a fun idea or is it just gay?
I'll probably join in with my own drawings regardless, I have a 2 in 1 laptop that I need an excuse to use because it just collects dust otherwise.
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I made the OP so as to not be a broken record, I draw sometimes but I've gotten bored of it. I had a much more complete version of that one but as I said my PC temporarily bricked, which is a shame. 
If I end up making something unfinished you guys can do what you wish with it. Might be fun.
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I have metric tons of manuals and shit /tg/ related but no friends The few who have agreed to play with me over the years usually dropped the games in 1-2 Days in and the idea of playing over the internets with random people who may or may not be normgroids and also me having a irregular schedule/motivation have led me to say "Fuck It" and start playing solo campaigns, i track all shit on a .txt file and play out the encounters on Maptool, currently playing a Sandbox campaign where i play as a random Outlaw in a Fantasy setting, i havenĀ“t been playing in a while though, but since its all recorded in my .txt files i just have to grab my dice and get on with it at any time
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Ghost Mayoker
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That's some entertaining software. You the one who made it?
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No it's Onisan Numba 2.
(1.5MB, 01:35)
Alright update on the drawing thing. I'm going to try my hand at digital art and try to make some sort of practice piece. 
Photoshop piracy isn't just a single file replacement anymore so I'm going to have to take some time with this
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why would you want to use that Over-Bloated piece of junk with a shit UI, aren't there really any better alternatives, i know that Paint.net is Limited in comparison to both Gimp and Photoshop, but still i'd rather use that than any of those 2 Hot pieces of Garbage
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I remember one anon here playing electric guitar as well, post some riffs dude.
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Does anyone here play touhou?
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I've been wanting to play them. You got a reccomendation for where and how to start?
I'm stuck on the fourth one
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Do you play it in public?

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