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>1. Obey zchan's global rules. https://zchan.cc/rules.html
>2. You must be a male virgin to post on this board. Exceptions to the second part may apply in very unique circumstances, such as in cases of rape, child abuse, etc.
>3. You must be at least 18 years old to post on this board. If you admit to being underage you're retarded enough to deserve a ban.
>4. Refrain from posting low quality threads. Spam, roll threads, obvious bait, normalfag/cyborg shit, etc. will be deleted.
>5. Posts made with the intention of derailing a rule abiding thread will be deleted.
>6. Check the catalog for similar topics before posting a new thread. Repetitive threads will be deleted. 
>7. Keep blogposts in a FTDDTOT thread unless they're interesting enough to stand on their own and generate real discussion.
>8. Keep meta discussion and feedback in the sticky. This is for convenience more than anything.
>9. Namefagging, tripfagging, and avatarfagging is prohibited unless necessary for a specific thread. This also applies to moderator capcodes, which shouldn't be used outside of meta discussions.
>10. No instigating violence, ie: "You'll never do anything" posts or similar. /r9k/ is a board of peace.
>11. No "/r9gay/" posting
>12. No roastie/e-celeb worship, including "vtubers"
Rules and how the board is ran are always up for discussion. Remember that posting on these small niche imageboards is a privilege and not to abuse it or do something that can ruin it for everyone.

Contact: arobot@cock.li
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I'm gonna try and repost the hobbies thread now since we had some good shit on that. Might take a few minutes if done manually
Replies: >>26
I bumped up the PPH trigger so people can dump threads they feel like easier.
The hobbies thread didn't pass the word filter. Whats up with that?
Replies: >>28
Simp is in the word filter and I think it's being triggered by the use of the word "simply". Try it now and tell me if it works.
Replies: >>33
Got it to work
Replies: >>34
You could have left simply in the OP, it was triggering because I didn't have strict filtering enabled.
Replies: >>37
My (redacted) still gets blocked
Replies: >>40
Captcha keeps triggering for some reason. Think it was the TPP maybe, testing to see if it's off now.
Alright, the word filter has been changed to just normie/normies so it won't interfere with pasting posts from balkanchan.
Replies: >>53
Alright I'm done. I got rid of some more meta discussion that was going on since it wasn't really relevant anymore.
Can you hide yourself or something robot? It's getting obvious.
who hurt you
literally shaking
Time to up the filter dude.
Replies: >>147 >>149
>>3 (OP) 
BO, what made you jump to this website instantly?
Replies: >>149
Some of those would have colateral damage.
For example
>tho: though
>based: based, on based in etc.
>toxic: used by normalniggers but has too many other uses
Also that is more of a meta discussion so its best you bring that up there rather than here.
Replies: >>209
>no name BO
Am I the only one who appreciates this? I honestly feel its the way it should be with all BOs
Jschan is significantly easier to moderate on. Lynxchan.net's post histories were broken (though they're broken here as well for some reason), lynxchan doesn't have a word block function and Stephen Lynx said he wouldn't implement it because he didn't believe in "rule cucking", Jschan has great mod tools like a recent posts page which displays the recent posts across the board and any reports made underneath them. Jschan has a PPH trigger which is necessary to combat dolphin's spam effectively, lynxchan might get that feature eventually but as of right now only has a TPH trigger. Not having proper anti-spam tools is an added stress for me and very annoying since I'm constantly checking and worried about someone spamming a thread into bump-lock like happened on anon.cafe way back. As for this site specifically I was a little hesitant at first but seeing the spaghetti /v/ BO come on board and vouch for it made me more confident in it. This site also is much more likely to join the webring at some point, whereas Stephen Lynx flat refused to.
I need to do testing with filters since some anons were reporting issues with words like "simp" being triggered by "simply", which should not happen if I have strict filtering enabled but seemed to anyways. Might have just been an issue of refreshing the page. I'll do some testing today to figure it out and get the filter list more fleshed out.

Probably not going to filter unironic and unironically though.
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What happened to Julay? I tried looking up a board there and i got nothing
Replies: >>152
This is the new domain
Replies: >>208
Black people should be changed to nigger. 
homosexual --> tranny
furries -->dog fucker
Replies: >>154
Jschan doesn't have a word replacement feature.
After some testing it seems like strict filtering feature is broken so the filter list will stay small for the moment as to not block posts with otherwise innocent words.
How long till we have to move home again? I'll say 3 months until this website gets shut down from email complaint and /v/ bringing in all sorts of destructive trolls. We ought to make better plans for the future. Having a dedicated refugee thread ain't gonna cut it unless we don't have a choice. Which other imageboards aren't cucked so we can ask around for a new /r9k/ board?
Replies: >>172
We have a board on balkanchan/lynxchan.net, so it's not just a couple of refugee threads. A single full board on the official Lynxchan instance seems adequate for now. Other than that my hope is that eventually Antareschan will accept us as a board in the future if they ever decide to open up board creation. A single bunker and two camps has me comfortable with our fall back plans. But feel free to suggest other imageboards you think would make sense, if you come across any.
Replies: >>173
If balkanchan went down we are dead fish with no where to go. We used to have anon.cafe and fatchan until both fucking died and we were homeless for weeks. There should be two more alternative boards. It has to be board, not containment thread.
Replies: >>176
Well if you hear about any new options let me know. I'm all ears.
Replies: >>190
We should lurk around some imageboard lists and see which ones allow board creation. That's how I found out about balkanchan anyway.
What happened to julay? I've been away from imageboards for a bit.did they close down to reopen for that rebirth they were gonna do?
Replies: >>208
Replies: >>214
Will it work if you put in the filter "th0 " instead of "th0"?
Replies: >>210 >>211
Fucking "th0ugh" is blocked as well. Ghey.
Replies: >>211
Sorry I was testing the filters and forgot take the test words out.
Do you know what happened to the webring? There doesnt seem to be the rainbow tab from before, and the boardlist only shows 4 different sites. Specifically im looking for /k/ to see if they could help with hermit innawoods
Replies: >>215
Nevermind, i found it in a tab of one of the sites they do have posted.
We have a spammer posting nude 3DPDs. Can the BO remove that?
I wonder who he is.
Replies: >>242
Is balkanchan down or am I just retarded?
Replies: >>241 >>242
Nope, looks like it's down. 
Also, when is BO gonna get rid of that shitpost?
Replies: >>242
Had computer troubles so I wasn't available for a bit.
It's still up at this domain
I'll change the OP to direct there.
Shit, I didn't realize it till now but we're finally on the webring. Nice.
Replies: >>337
Or maybe not. Clicking the Webring icon just sends me to the boards list. Maybe I'm just retarded and doing something wrong.
Replies: >>353
I think it's just bugged or the site hasn't linked with the rest of the webring yet.
Replies: >>361
Alright we're actually on the webring now it seems.
Hey BO. I got some questions.
Do you think that this board will grow in the future, stay the same or shrink in regard to the amount of users?
If we do grow, chances are we'll end up on the same boat as we were on 8ch where the posts of nonrobots were in the minority however, still a fairly regular appearance.
If we get to this point what is your outlook on shitting on these nonrobots if they show themselves? Do you believe that this is a good way to maintain board culture or would you rather we just ignore and report them to then leave the rest to you?
I would like to hear the answers to these questions so that we could perhaps discuss the topics within them.
Replies: >>403
It's a little bit difficult to analyze growth for /r9k/. As I remember it /r9k/ on anon.cafe stagnated quite a bit, partly due to 8kun fracturing the webring and partly due to the lack of a consistent BO/moderation. /r9k/ on fatchan was slow to start but seemed to be ramping up in activity quite a bit before /v/ migrated and the place shutdown. Then obviously things died out and now this place seems to be getting quite a bit more active by the day. But what triggers and maintains growth is hard to pin down with all these crazy migrations and shit.
>If we do grow, chances are we'll end up on the same boat as we were on 8ch where the posts of nonrobots were in the minority however, still a fairly regular appearance.
I think the webring is inherently going to be quite limited in just how much growth any board can see. I doubt it'll reach a point where we struggle to keep normalfags out. 8ch a year or two ago was insanely popular IIRC and had a ridiculous amount of active users that the webring will hopefully never reach.
>If we get to this point what is your outlook on shitting on these nonrobots if they show themselves? Do you believe that this is a good way to maintain board culture or would you rather we just ignore and report them to then leave the rest to you?
I guess it depends on what you mean by non-robots. If you mean non-virgins then they'll just be banned on sight. But if you're talking about something more nuanced like people coming in and pushing ideas that kind of rub against the standard robot world view then it would need to be addressed case by case.

Vtubers for example I felt needed to be banned because it was an easy way for roastie worshipers to come in while falling back on the fact they're pseudo-2D. As much as I don't personally care much for weeb shit I respect the 2D/3D barrier and waifufaggotry, but that was a clear case where the vtubers were a grey area and not quite truly 2D and were allowing an anon to unironically white knight for what essentially was just a roastie streamer "thot". 

To answer your question I think maintaining board culture is half the responsibility of users to berate each other for saying stupid shit and half the responsibility of the BO with swift responses to reports and board settings with good word filters which are unfortunately broken on jschan at the moment. Though some posts are worthy of being berated but not deleted, and some deleted but not responded to at all. I think the difference between those kinds of posts is going to require robots to be able to distinguish when someone is acting in good faith but just a bit of an idiot and when someone is acting in bad faith and is either clearly just shitting up the place or has expressed no intention to conform to the boards culture.
Seems like we're getting more posts around here and thankfully I haven't noticed any drop in quality. Nice.
Even though this is extremely unlikely. If one day there were to be a targeted attack on this place by an overwhelming amount of people what should we do. 
More specifically I was wondering if there was any way to make a private bunker board? I don't know exactly how it would work but I feel like having something like this would be important as a sort of "break glass in case of..." option. 
As I said I doubt this would ever happen, but it still could happen and if it did I feel we are currently unprepared for it.
Replies: >>453
There's a bunker and multiple camp threads in the OP.
Replies: >>454
Maybe I should clarify.
When I said
>a targeted attack on this place by an overwhelming amount of people
I mean a situation in which it is the goal of the invading party to wreck either us specifically or the webring in general. Imagine something like a bunch of dolphins in scale. All of our bunkers are right here on the meta thread known to all, meaning that if we do suffer a targeted attack we could simply be followed. 
That is why I think we need some sort of private bunker in which only the current users of the board are allowed. As I said I'm not very technologically literate, so I don't know how possible that is but, if it is possible, I think that it would be a pretty good last resort in a particularly dire situation.

Again such a situation is very unlikely but, put very simply "Better to be safe than sorry".
Word filter test
see the
I don't mean neccesarily taking down our current bunkers. Just any sort of targeted attack which would make the boards unusable and that a small board could not handle. Things like spam or an overwhelming shit posting from the attacking party for example. I don't want to bring up any specific examples as to not give anyone ideas but there are a few ways I could see this happening.
> how you would expect to make robots aware of this super secret bunker while also keeping bad actors out of loop
The point of the bunker would be to minimize the damage. Lets say that this private bunker was ready now. We could wait until we are relatively healthy and allow people to be able to join the private bunker for a week or 2 and then close admission. This would stop attacks from any parties who discover us thereafter. This would stop a few freak scenarios which I will not mention as, to not give anyone any ideas.

Again all of this is unlikely and I don't know how it would be done technology wise but, to reitterate my previous point, I feel it would be a useful last resort.
Replies: >>462
*This would also stop a few
I feel as if there has been some misunderstanding so to better convey what it is I mean I'm going to use an analogy. Hopefully, this makes as much sense to you as it does to me.

So let's say /r9k/ is a family, right? That would make the imageboard in which we reside in our house. Zchan being our current house. (Hopefully you're still following me) Now, what I want is a proper bunker. A real bunker, not what we have now, which are really just other houses.
So hear me out. Currently what we have had experience with is akin to our house being caught in a fire. In this kind of scenario, moving to another house is an appropriate action to take. You just pack your bags, move, and go about your life the way you did before. However, the situation which I mentioned before is different from that.
What I've been talking about is something like an angry mob hell-bent on hunting you down. With our current methods, we would not be able to survive something like this. If a mob comes here and burns down our home we've basically got a sign telling them exactly where we'll be next making our current "bunkers" useless. All they've got to do is just walk a few steps over to our other house and burn that one down all the same.
But, if we have a proper bunker, one which is as private and secure as a true bunker should be, we'd be able to easily survive such a situation. All we've got to do is hide in this bunker for a while, wait for the mob to become disinterested, and rebuild our house.
Again what I want is a real bunker for these situations, not what we have now which are more suited towards other issues.

Hopefully, you understood this autistic analogy and I would like to reiterate that I understand how unlikely this situation is. Perhaps I'm being paranoid but, I'd prefer to be overly cautious rather than underprepared.
Replies: >>465 >>466 >>477
*Zchan's /r9k/ being
I understood what you meant perfectly. I just don't think it can be achieved in the way you're describing it. As I said before, the only realistic way to achieve something like that with what I have available is to essentially have a board claimed and unlisted on another site, then only reveal it after the fact. I don't think it's reasonable to expect to be able to announce it, then delete all posts about it and expect secrecy about it and cross your fingers someone like dolphin wasn't lurking when you dropped the link to it, and hope no one ever mentions it again.
Replies: >>467
So then how would we protect ourselves in such a situation? Do we just lay down and die? The situation may be unlikely but I don't think it would be in our best interest to just sit here and hope we never get the attention of an unsavory group of people. Maybe my idea doesn't work but what I want is just anything that would be able to mitigate or prevent such a situation so that we could protect this place for good.

Also while we're at it, could you tell me your grievances with my idea before, specifically the timed admission one? Hearing specifically what you believe is wrong with it might make it easier for me to try and think of something better or more appropriate.
Replies: >>468
>Also while we're at it, could you tell me your grievances with my idea before, specifically the timed admission one?
"Admission" is not technically possible. As far as I'm aware there aren't any imageboards with open board creation that have some sort of password protected access. The idea of a password protected imageboard isn't itself bad, but it's just not something I have access to. Also admitting individual people in sort of implies some degree of user account creation, something I am fundamentally opposed to from an anonymity perspective.
>Hearing specifically what you believe is wrong with it might make it easier for me to try and think of something better or more appropriate.
We can think of all kinds of cool concepts but it's not going to be all that useful if I can't put any of them into practice. What I described to you was the only thing I could see being capable of accomplishing that comes closest to your idea of a "secret" bunker site.
>So then how would we protect ourselves in such a situation? Do we just lay down and die?
The boring answer is that I do what I did before. Hobble around begging various webring boards to host /r9k/, or find an oddball site like lynxchan.net that has open board creation and not a totally glow in the dark admin. If I was more technically capable I would do more but this is all I can muster.
Replies: >>469
I guess a private bunker is just impossible then. Oh well. Maybe one day there will be a robot who is technologically literate enough and trustworthy enough to be able to open up some options for us but that day may likely never come. For now I guess having these more open bunkers will do fine enough. 
Lets just hope we don't catch the attention of a large group of ill willed and determined people.
Something that's worked on other places is to have the BO give a contact email in case something goes wrong. I suppose that it would be fair to have the address up for a week or so to make sure as many robots as possible have it written down somewhere, then delete it. Then if something happens to the board we can contact the BO with a bunch of throwaway emails and regroup somewhere else. I guess there's nothing stopping someone from using the email to find out where we go, but they'd have to be here when the email is up and they'd have to be dolphin-level autistic. Luckily dolphin nigger types tend to work alone rather than in a mob, the sort of SJW type that I think you're worried about tend to be normalfags that would get bored after shitting up one board. The chances of the board getting attacked like you described are already really low anyways. It'd be good to be prepared but for now I think all the retarded mobs are too busy looting local businesses to pay any attention to us.
Replies: >>481
There is a contact email in the OP. Also some of my posts were caught in a global deletion of a tor poster unfortunately.
Replies: >>485
Read right over that because I'm a retard. My bad.
(17.7KB, 500x500)
Finally found the bunker
I missed you coobers.
Replies: >>514
>cuckchan filename
Replies: >>517
wtf ban him now, there's no possible way he could have saved that ages ago, or from a webring board that uses that same format
Replies: >>519
>wtf ban him now
All I said was that it was a cuckchan filename. I didn't explicitly say he needed to be banned or anything like that. 
Maybe he's a cuckchan nigger, maybe not, I just found the cuckchan filename suspicious so I pointed it out
>saved a long time ago
Do you even know how time stamp images work?
>saved from webring
Also no. I'm not an idiot. All you have to do to figure out if a file is cuckchan originated is search the specific timestamp. If cuckchan or one of it's archives shows up, the file originates from cuckchan.
Replies: >>524
So yeah, ban him now.
Replies: >>526
Is this supposed to be some retarded sarcastic quip?
shut the fuck up and be glad a fellow Robot found this place you autist
Replies: >>529
Calm the fuck down. Don't know how long you've been here but being suspicious of people is the way we've survived so long. If we belived everyone who just waltzed in here calling themselves a robot we'd have already been overrun by now.
The term robot is one of the most bastardized labels outside of this place and so coming in here and posting a cuckchan image will reasonably raise suspicions. The only one bringing up taking any permenant actions on these suspicions were the retarded sarcastic strawmanning pieces of bullshit that were the previous replies. 
He very well might not be a cuckchan faggot but no harm is done in being reasonably cautious and suspicious.

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