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Came across this one and figured out this place had a thread for these
Keep them up
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Saved these before 8chan was kill
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>>395 (OP) 
Are only pictures with sad vibes allowed, or can I post sad comics too?
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By the way, does this board force users to add text to their posts, or can I dump pics without including anything else?
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I just find that first pic oddly comforting.
I'm probably going to get eaten alive for this, but is there a story behind that 4th pic with the rifle at a crime scene?
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Is the room of Adam Lanza, better known as Sandy Hook's shooter.
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Is it just me or does the magazine look small for the gun
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Ah I see, thank you.
It's a .22 from the looks of it, it's a tiny round, though that doesn't necessarily mean the rest of the gun will be proportionally as tiny.
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>that pic
My spidey senses are telling me thats shooped
is that the same flinstones comic that the "we committed a genocide barney" image came from? I was planning on looking it up and reading through it, seems interesting enough
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It is. I read it a while ago, I found it pretty enjoyable. It's a very cynical take on modern living from the stone age perspective. I think there's something in there about gay marriage, but I can't remember all the details. I don't recall it being very preachy, though.
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Oh whoops, I keep forgetting about the markdown
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You could have tried deleting your post.
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Recent games reveals have all been trash. Indie games (one which was literally a clone of harvest moon friends of mineral town for the gba), weebbait, and remakes. Everything has degenerated to sensationalism. "Cutesy" games, lewd anime girls, nostalgia baiting with poorly done remakes. Doesn't the game look good goy? Doesn't it make your peepee feel good? I was expecting the jew dystopia to bee more brutal, not this empty, soulless manipulation of lust.
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You are thinking it all wrong dude. All female characters in recent games are ugly whores.
I forgot to mention, even the secret of mana remake that came out not too long ago redid the females to all be busty nubile women with scanty clothing. 
>niche game
>cult classic
>lets try to bait more people into buying our product with sex
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Is it good though?
Replies: >>989
The /v/ here says they made it too easy, but the combat itself is good. I might pirate it as anime boobs aren't atrocious, but I feel like i have to go through the original snes one in order to make my own opinion on it
What world are you living in where the jews are pushing for more attractive anime girls?
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>pushing for more attractive anime girls
come on anon, its obvious they are doing that just to get their sales up because the Masses are a bunch of psycopathic Animals that can't fucking keep it in their pants, they have neither Substance, nor they make for good Blank Slates to stimulate your creativity and bring her to life, they are not even Good for Erotism since the nignogs that designed/wrote them have little to no fucking idea of the Difference between Animalistic pepee in popoo and the Passion and feelings of Rapture one feels when in deep Love with his Waifu, let alone understanding what Eros as Power is
Replies: >>1019 >>1036
As long as they keep making good games, I don't really care which tricks the developers pull to up the sale. They gotta eat too you know. And given the deliberate western approach to destroy games with ugly whores, I'd take Jap's titties abuse any day.
Replies: >>1021
I'd prefer a world with neither, but anime boobers arent as bad as western roasts projecting themselves into characters to feel good.
One could argue that western games being so degenerate is for sales as well, to appeal to the mentally ill whales that populate the lgbtabcdefg peoples. I dont think the game would flop without fanservice or agenda pushing, but that greed to want more, to get as much as possible out of every little thing is what encourages this jewery. We wouldn't have a fanservicey trials of mana game if square didnt have the idea to make a cheap remake of a niche game for easy money. I don't even think lewding up the characters was a decision out of desperation (necessary to get enough money to survive), but something someone thought up to throw in because some sales stats or something said that sex sells.
>its obvious they are doing that just to get their sales up
They're not doing anything other than pushing for more ugly lesbians and calling people bigots for not buying their games. Is there an event or something that you're referencing? I didn't bother watching the summer game fest or whatever it was called.
>little to no fucking idea of the Difference between Animalistic pepee in popoo and the Passion and feelings of Rapture one feels when in deep Love with his Waifu
So you want more visual novel esque stuff? That's way more time consuming than just adding nice looking girls, and the idea reminds me of what happened to the Shin Megami Tensei series.

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