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Any advanced automata present to serve up the task?
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>>8 (OP) 
No. It has been years since we've had that and we don't need it anymore.
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Back on fatchan I discussed it with tom and some anons. If it was added to jschan I'd consider enabling it unless robots really were opposed. I like the uniqueness it gives the board but it would be experimental. But you'd need to pester tom about implementing it in the first place.
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traditions need to be respected, the board was named after it after all
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We're past that now. Robots will post unique things on their own and so using the robot again would just be bringing back an inconvenient relic of the past which gets in the way of shit like the wallpaper thread we had or any other image-based threads.
Shitty traditions from a shitty website (cuckchan) are still shitty. It's the same reason we don't have women hate threads consistently anymore. The community has grown and to impose old rules would only serve to tie us to our less than ideal past.
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>gets in the way of shit like the wallpaper thread we had or any other image-based threads.
That's a good argument against it, fair enough.
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You seem upset, there is no point in calling this place /r9k/ if the robot is removed. May as well call it /lounge/ or /b/ at that point
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Don't be silly. /r9k/ is much more nuanced than just "/b/ with a originality filter". I think the filter is interesting but as that robot argued it does legitimately impede on the ability to make good text-less file posts. Maybe if it could be applied but ignore text-less posts it could work. But I'm not going to apply something to the board that I think sacrifices post quality just to appeal to tradition.
You clearly haven't been here long then because we've been doing just fine without the robot for the better part of half a decade
It's a different audience though. If we changed the name it would attract those audiences instead of our own. Besides, as others have said, we haven't needed the robot for years and it more often gets in the way rather than improving posts. Just look at cuckchan's /r9k/. In the end the robot leads to a bunch of posts with variations of the word "original" pasted on. I don't think it would effect us much in that way since we have fewer posts and way fewer normalfaggot retards posting the same shit, but it would definitely effect textless posts.
In a funny way, it's almost like we've become the robot, since we end up chasing away any retard who would make short and similar responses or other shit which would get caught by the robot. The robots become the robot.
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>In the end the robot leads to a bunch of posts with variations of the word "original" pasted on
Which only leads to call them out, the robot does help add content and makes you rethink what you say so that you expand your vocabulary a bit more. Plus you're leaving space for one word replies that contribute nothing.
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>rethink and expand vocabulary
Sure, that'll work on a board with 3 posts per day. 
The robot is an outdated relic from the past. For a small board like this it is simply a useless inconveniece which gets in the way of image based threads and likens us to cuckchan. We haven't had a need for the robot for 5 years now and we likely won't be needing it ever again, especially now when we're so small.
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>it is simply a useless inconveniece which gets in the way of image based threads and likens us to cuckchan
A bot now changes culture and userbases to another site that uses the bot?
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>and likens us to cuckchan
If I recall correctly cuckchan removed /r9k/'s robot9000 filter many years ago. If it could be applied while ignoring textless posts it might be alright.
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It likens us to cuckchan as in it makes us share a quality with cuckchan's /r9k/. No other meaning behind what was said
I haven't been on cuckchan in years so I wouldn't know. If the pinned thread is still up with the robot on it, chances are it's still there.
But really the point I'm trying to make here is that "if it ain't broke don't fix it". The robot on cuckchan was made specifically to combat the increase in unoriginal shitposts that the website had experienced and to that end it was succsessful (for a certain time). Quite simply, as we are now, we don't need the robot. Not only do we not have the issue which the robot was made to combat we've gone 5 years now without it and we're doing just fine. We've not had a need for the robot since we left cuckchan and we will likely never have a need for it ever again. We're a small board with only a few posts per day and no shit posting, for what reason would a board like this need a robot, other than for some appeal to tradition?
>Which only leads to call them out
You missed my point. We already call them out ourselves. The robot would only ever do anything on a much more active board.
The purpose of the robot was to cut down on copypasta and shit, which it does decently well. As for expanding vocabulary there's only so much that it could add. For example, lets say you wanted to respond with "I agree" but that was already used. Would you now have a better post because you were forced to word it slightly differently? Perhaps you say "I agree with you" or "I think so too" or even worse, "I agree (original post)". That's surface level quality, which we've moved past the need for. Posts on /r9k/ have rarely even had the same ideas much less wording, the only time everyone is likely tosay the same thing is when someone like Eunuch-anon or dolphin nigger pops up, and even then it's rare for people to use the exact same wording even without the robot.
The robot doesn't add anything, it's a tradeoff. You trade having copypasta shitposts with no inconvenience to posting, to having no copypasta shitposts with an inconvenience to posting. And all of that is besides the point because like I already said in the post you responded to, it's unlikely that there would be a situation where it would even effect us. We have few posters and we have higher quality posters, meaning that there's a very small chance that the robot would even catch anything. Just think about how unlikely it is that all you have to say on here is "I agree" or something similar.
It's still around I just checked to make sure, it's really awful seeing what that place has become. I seem to remember there being a short period when it wasn't in use but that might just be my shit memory.
>If it could be applied while ignoring textless posts it might be alright
I guess it wouldn't necessarily hurt, but what would be the point? All it would do is give very few posters a very small chance to have a very short two-second waiting period to make a very slight change to their wording. It's an unnecessary change not worth the time it'd take to implement. The robot is a relic from old forums and an experiment that overstayed its welcome. While it did make it so that we were able to avoid spammers and shitposts for a bit in the old 4chan days, we've moved past the need for it. I think it would be like moving backwards if we put it back in place.
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From what I've heard r9k got shut down by moot once, i think along with pol for whatever reason. People wanted it back so he brought it back, but without the robot. People wanted the robot back as well (to avoid being /b2/ I guess) so after a while later he did.
>>8 (OP) 
A decent bot could be alright, they tend to be fun in irc if they adapt unique phrases.

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