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Gas the  

Yes its time once again to raise littleboys in a ranch for their meat, get crushed to death by gravity, quaff vomit, watch your little girl get pregnant, enjoy dragoncheese, feed your weapons blood, worship the best goddess, and copy NPC with a magical pen so they can become your wife. 

>what the fuck is this A jap roguelike with an overworld, no permadeath, has a bunch of sandbox elements. Its tough to nail down. Can be played a ton of different ways like being a farmer who grows crops and magical items, a piano player who gets stoned to death for being a bad musician, a valiant warrior who breaths fire, a magical caster who can nuke the entire map and then explode from overcasting, or just be charismatic as fuck and get lots of pets. It can be a bit challenging at first but the game is much nicer to new players then it used to be. There is a main story to follow across 3 acts but you are never rushed. 

>That sounds neat, where can I get a download? 
https://pastebin.com/FDv2ATAa This is a paste bin lovingly stolen borrowed, contains links for all of the downloads. You will want the base game Elona+. Now be aware that there is a mod called custom that adds on translation 
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I'd say get everyone's equipment sorted out and then start on the Void immediately.
Replies: >>4341
Prob do that then. For pet armor I normally just find something with nice PV and change the mats. Guess I'll finish up that and start EHNHANCEing
>void license 73 metals 
Replies: >>4657
Since you're in Act 2 you should have fairly easy access to over 160 small medals by my count.
Replies: >>4658
(13.2KB, 204x228)
But I don't WANNNNAAA go get them. I really shouldn't bitch considering I just banged out 50 thinking that was how much the license cost.

(993KB, 1280x720)
(199.7KB, 1083x931)
Let's get this one rolling. Last time we left off, Nature Day and the Mayday Labyrinth with Rover inside were around the corner. The next event coming out is International Museum day were you can earn the very plaques that are in the museum by collecting stamps according to some half baked digging.

So how was island life while Julay went up in flames?
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Code is 9GR4H. Anything you want in return?
Replies: >>4625
Any items you have from the cute set would be good.  If you happen to have a violin or cello I'd like to catalog that as well.  Give me a couple minutes to gather my gnomes and I'll head over.
Replies: >>4626
Shit I literally just sold the cute bed I bought from my store today to catalog. I have a vanity thing though.
(111.7KB, 901x1107)
Thanks for the gnomes, I mailed you the bed.
Replies: >>4634
You're welcome.  Your Able's had a bunch of new stuff for me too, so thanks for that.

(211.8KB, 835x1080)
Just finished it. Like:
>remixed music
>nice animations
>good skill system
>chain abilities
>can finally actually avoid enemy attacks
>it's long with a lot of stuff to do
>different playthrough possible due to 6 playable characters with different stories
>story is kinda good tbh, does not tack on too much and is revealed at a proper pace
>can skip cutscenes if you want to
>fights are too easy, don't have to care about enemy weaknesses
>hard mode is not actually hard
>money is effectively unlimited; not that you need to buy much except for the last few bosses
>for most of the game's story, you end up doing the bidding of the bad guys thanks to the faerie's sage advice
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Calm down, you spazzes. What I say won't shatter your fragile egos.
Replies: >>4570 >>4615
>immediately goes to "u mad"
Are you one of the voice actors on this? Did you get paid for the trainwreck that is the voice acting in this game?
Replies: >>4571
Imagine being this mad at a children's video game.
Replies: >>4572 >>4615
>already saging
Looks like I hit the nail on the head.
>The English voice acting is poor
<I respectfully disagree, here are my reasons why
>Fine, but it's still bad overall
Why do you even get out of bed in the morning if you're going to put in this little effort?

(2.3MB, 1920x1080)
(2.1MB, 1920x1080)
(4.5MB, 02:21)
I just downloaded Kirby's Return To Dreamland and just like I remembered a fun action platformer with some cute ass fuck characters, and also listened to some of kirby OST and holy shit I forgot how blood pumping that shit is and the Kirby final boss music of Triple Deluxe is soo good god damn.
Man Kirby is for me the best nintendo game series ever.

>Favorite Game
Kirby Super Star Ultra is the best game in the series
>Favorite Character
Galacta Knight, he's soo fucking cool and his interaction between him and Meta Knight is also cool
>Favorite OST
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Crystal Shards' main problem is that it's the third game in a trilogy and there were only minor changes. Dream Land 2 was kinda simplistic but had the animal buddies and the excuse of being on the GameBoy, Dream Land 3 is similar but the art style is fantastic and Pitch is the best animal buddy don't fight me. Crystal Shards has a slight burnout factor, the 3D isn't amazing, some of the double copy abilities are garbage, and I'm sure at the time people expected Super Mario 64 but with Kirby. It also doesn't help that the movement is really stiff sometimes. I saw some guy on youtube complain you can't crouch to the music, which while a minor gripe is just really the problem with the transition to 3D. Thankfully the rest of the game is up to HAL's standards and most of said complaints are minor. I think the good generally outweighs the bad, unless you really prefer the modern Stuperstar-esque gameplay (like I do).
Replies: >>4441 >>4592
Thank you for actually elaborating, I don't know why it's so hard to get an answer beyond "it was shit" out of motherfuckers.
I miss the comfy style of Crystal Shards and Dream Land series, I love me some action in Kirby games but I like the comfortable style of those games and it had one of most disturbing imagery in the game
Wait the Extra modes aren't canon why do you mean by that because most of kirby story revolves around them.
Replies: >>4611
(646.2KB, 1260x3770)
According to the director of the most recent games (and therefore the games where Extra Modes have had plot relevant information) 
>It's basically an alternate storyline. Meta Knightmare Returns is a kind of bonus mode that you unlock after finishing the main game, but that alone doesn't hold much appeal for a player so we made it into a "what if" scenario. Kirby games tend to be quite deep and have lots of content, and this game is no exception. There are two sides to the story: one for players who just want to casually play it from start to finish, and another for those who want to delve deeper into the game world. This mode fully realizes that two-sided method of development.
>The True Arena is like another "what if" scenario, so you can't really consider everything to be connected. Furthermore, the extra-dimensional road that opens up when Galacta Knight appears transcends space-time, so it's difficult to give it a concrete place in the timeline. But if you consider the stages in which Galacta Knight appeared in the past three games, I think that will give you some food for thought. Also, once Galacta Knight has shown up, it should be clear why he cuts down Star Dream: it forced him to travel through time and space and so he considers Star Dream his enemy. That's why Galacta Knight appears as an antagonistic sort of character.
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(135.3KB, 1680x1050)
(231.5KB, 1406x1003)
(442.1KB, 882x1218)
S4Max Gamenight: Where we at edition. 
We try to do these at the end of the month when no other game nights are going on. Get in on the fun nerds. 

Download & Mirror:

Start time: 
I'll log on around 6:00PM EST, but feel free to make a room ahead of time although it could be sooner depending on my schedule. Keep an eye on the thread and feel free to make a room sooner. 
Most of the time anons will tag out with hosting which is fine, the only thing to remember is if you get host you cannot pass it maually and have to leave the room if you don't want it. If you DO host remember, you need to set the password every time you change a map. 

How to set up:
Just run the executable and it'll do its thing. Once you're in you can choose a username and password and then you'll be set.
See pic related for a guide on what to equip. Play some tutorials, there's one general tutorial (on the lobby page), and a tutorial for each weapon class (in the shop).

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3 now
Replies: >>4480
now its down
Replies: >>4479 >>4480
Almost 12 hours. The sessions keep getting longer and longer.
Replies: >>4480

Thanks for keeping it up. Good gamenight and see you all next time.
(639.6KB, 819x574)
Was fun times. Thanks everyone for bein' my battle buds.

(835KB, 703x510)
>What is Summer Game Fest?
Bringing the world together to celebrate video games from the comfort of home. Summer Game Fest is a season of digital video game events from publishers, select playable content, in-game events, and more to be announced.

>What is Summer of Gaming?
IGN is proud to announce our new Summer of Gaming event, a global, digital event set to begin this June to bring you the latest news and impressions around upcoming games and the next generation of console hardware.

>No but really, what the fuck?
Two different attempts to replace E3, one by IGN and the other by Geoff Keighley. Basically they are just aggregating whatever streams companies are doing but there is supposedly original coverage. The most interesting stuff seems to be happening around June, but Summer Game Fest is spread out over four months.

>Where can I find the Summer Game Fest Schedule?
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E3 had Squilliams, and this is an opportunity for people to get creative
Always with the excuses. I become more confident that Microsoft and Nintendo will be winning this generation and Sony will be dying. Hopefully it is an actual death now that the entire Sony company is hemorrhaging cash.

On a different note, I'll be skipping the Guerilla showcase since it'll be shit. PC gaming show and the VR showcase are most likely to be boring, but I can just play vidya and listen.
Replies: >>4597
(291.9KB, 640x480)
It's not E3, JJ. It's not worth the effort.
>Always with the excuses.
They probably realized they'd be overshadowed by all the chaos going on and decided to frame it as a conscientious decision.

>I become more confident that Microsoft and Nintendo will be winning this generation
Yeah I have a feeling Microsoft will impress. They've been buying up so many studios that purely by numbers there will be some interesting shit in their first party line-up. Also their consistent push of quantity (game pass, 50 GAMES etc.) makes me think they are going to tease a lot of stuff.

>On a different note, I'll be skipping the Guerilla showcase since it'll be shit.
Showcases, there are three of them.
Any idea what's being shown in the PC gay show?
My guess is Total Warhammer 3 footage.

(182.3KB, 800x1146)
Post about your favorite horror games here. 

Why does Silent Hill 4 never get any recognition? I only ever see people talk about Silent Hil 2, but I loved 4. Everything about it was fun, and the peephole scenes where the other apartment gets crazier and crazier was a fun little touch
Replies: >>4315 >>4588
>>4312 (OP) 
>Why does Silent Hill 4 never get any recognition
Recognition from who? Retarded ecelebs who can't even finish games?
Replies: >>4322
I never see any discussion on SH4 on forums or imageboards. I don't give a shit about ecelebs.
Favorite spooky Horror game music?

Replies: >>4588
(3.6MB, 03:30)
(3.5MB, 03:03)
(1.9MB, 01:19)
(1.9MB, 01:24)
(1.2MB, 01:02)
If you haven't already and are reading this, go play some fucking Fatal Frame / Project Zero / 零, preferably the XBOX undub versions for the first two

>>4312 (OP) 
>Why does Silent Hill 4 never get any recognition?
It's starting to get pushed on a few places because "muh 2spooky apartment" not that I disagree with the sentiment to be entirely fair, the hauntings and FPS camera did provide a slightly different horror style from what SH was about previously
But it will most likely never be as popular as the otehrs simply because of how badly they fucked up the gameplay side of things.

I have a hard time thinking of one I like over the others so here's a bunch I really like
And I know SS2s soundtrack isn't that spooky even going with the same genre of music you can find stuff that definitely feel spookier like say "Dom & Roland - The Vandal"and actually quite a bit of stuff from the same people have that vibe to it but it's still pretty nice as an ambiance to that particular area
Would fear and hunger count as a horror game? Its been a while since a game put me on the edge that much. I think it worked out a lot with you really not knowing what an enemy can do when you first meet them and since so many horrible things can happen it made me nervous.

(20.2KB, 721x779)
You know how some games you play once, maybe twice, but the feeling of playing it or the story will always stick with you, for one reason or another?
>play katamari damacy for the first time at release
>this is dumb fun
>keep playing and eventually finish the game
>decide to check out the home planet
>find the records that show your best stars
>looking at a sky full of stars and planets that I made
>mesmerized by the music
>suddenly dawned on me that I had never seen a starry sky
>only ever see one or two stars at a time
>almost twenty years since
>still haven't seen a starry sky
>still think about it every few weeks
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Replies: >>4566 + 3 earlier
(4.5KB, 510x590)
I've always said that the best stories and characters are the ones that cast a reflection. First game to do that to me hardcore was Hotline Miami
>mom had medical issues midway through my teens
>give up a lot of what I enjoyed to take care of her
>still play vidya and go to school and such
>Hotline Miami 1 comes out
>holy shit this is fucking amazing
>kill Richter because he killed Jacket's girlfriend
>wants me to think we're similar
>nah, you're a shitbag
>years later
>play Hotline Miami 2
>oh shit, I'm playing as this asshole?
>find out he didn't want to do all this dirty work
>only did it for his mom
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I still remember picking up Legend of Mana from the shelf in Blockbuster. It felt different because up until then I had been on a steady diet of western games RPGs like Nox, and Sim games. I hadn't really played much back then, just messed around aimlessly. But something about Legend of Mana, between the lively music, the feeling of being in a storybook brought to life, and the mysterious nature of everything happening. It just stuck with me. I'd even go so far as to say it opened me up to games as more than something to just do. I'm not trying to sound faggy, and I know I'm failing, but I really owe a lot of my current hobbies and interests to Legend of Mana turning me onto those sorts of things.

I played it for five days, but because I was bad at games, never finished it. But it stuck with me. But the thing is, NOBODY I talked to about it had even heard of the game. I was a poorfag kid so I didn't really have internet at home. So after a while I kind of thought I had dreamed up the whole thing. That I was so isolated that I had somehow imagined an entire game. So, naturally, years later when I see it on the shelf of a local game&movie shop I flipped my shit and bought it immediately. I DID beat it then. All three routes and basically spent my summer living in that game. I haven't really played it since, but I have a buggy copy on my vita, and the original physical copy somewhere around here. With Trail of mana gaining popularity, I can only 
Message too long. View the full text
(193.6KB, 369x270)
(2.9MB, 1280x720, 02:54)
(885.9KB, 550x550)
This may be a meme response but pic related may or may've not changed everything since I played it when I was 13 and I was still a pretty dumb child back then. The final boss stuck with me a lot and I always come back to it, though I think I frankly enjoyed it much more when I was 19, since I didn't notice the cozyness of it when I was a child.
It did at least give me way too much interest in abstract visuals, the psychodelic backgrounds and moveset, and some of the music was the shit
(42.6KB, 432x323)
Final Fantasy VI. I first played it on the wii virtual console's SNES release. It's what got me into role playing games of both the video game and board game variety. My reaction to the world getting fucked was one of shock and amazement. Up to that point I'd gotten used to the characters and the world, but then Kefka opened pandora's box and fucked everything up. Later half of the game was a dreary and bleak mission on challenging kefka, which made winning in the end all the better.The woolsey translation is not all that great in retrospect, but since then I have played the GBA version and the story is still good. But, as with all games, the most fun part was the gameplay, and all the autism you could do with magicite and all the characters playing completely different added to the solid SNES era ATB gameplay.
(3.9MB, 640x368, 02:36)
(3.8MB, 640x368, 02:35)
(9.6KB, 480x720)
>>3341 (OP) 
This is the gayest thread on the board right now.
Here's mine:
Agent Black's entire story hits home too hard. Constant headaches, hates the company she keeps, seems to be the only to act on something instead of dillydallying and letting the situation get worse, can't remember the good past she had, with only one memory remaining and she holds onto it with every fiber of her being.
I felt fucking bad killing her. As much as this game is filled with annoying and downright infuriating characters with bullshit drama, this one stuck out as a real one.

(113.7KB, 884x884)
Tired of making these in multiple bunkers but glad to be back.

>What are you playing?
Strange Jouney Redux,i know
>new art
But i find the new notamala labyrinth introduced in the remake good and now all characters have portraits.

>Game you are looking forward to?
Xenoblade Chronicles DE.

Now that i think about it the only worthwhile games this year that i played were all remakes,really makes you think.
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Thanks,i'll check out the link
I thought they shared the alchemy thing,i already have mana-khemia in my switch to emulate anyway.
Isn't Iris nothing like the later games?   It's the only one I played.  I liked it a lot, but it's much more like a regular JRPG.  Also, Iris 2 and 3 are trash that no one should ever bother with.
(9.6MB, 640x368, 02:39)
I'm finishing some leftover mementos request right before steling maruki's treasure so at most like 5 hours left of already 126hs clocked but i can't find myself doing it,the same thing happened to me with TMS.
I'm suspicious of OP being a faggot refugee, but I'll bite.

Playing Code Vein currently. It's alright. DLC was a waste of money, but it has been scratching that itch for a souls-ish game when I couldn't find my copy of bloodborne.
Well now it's not a (1) anymore, fag.

(38.4KB, 200x200)
Some noteworthy games and servers for discussion and potential game nights:
Game Servers 
/v/ Pacific Server Status 
/v/ Atlantic Server Status
>TF2 Vintage
>Doom multiplayer
I don't have a link to the .wad files. If someone has a link to all of them handy post it and I'll ask BO to edit them into the OP when tom implements post editing.
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Open fortress is pretty good let's pray namefagin drama doesn't destroy it.

I installed it following a guide online and it also said you could update it the same way I installed it (just calling the repository), I haven't had to actually update it yet but doesn't seem like you need dicksuck.
Replies: >>3503 >>3583
It's the place where they post their updates when they happen. The server host is pretty diligent I suppose, he does put the revision number in the server name so if you notice that the server name has changed, you can run an SVN update and be fine. Or you could just run a script that updates the game before every time you run it (although then you risk being ahead of the servers)
It's a question of when, not if. I might check it out nevertheless.
(169.6KB, 600x483)
The specific point of dispute given was UT4, which  (due to debug/profiler-build overhead) in spite of being poorly optimized for a game of its time (including other UE4 games) ran rock solid on a GTX 760/Ivy Bridge 3GHz, which during the playable alpha's primary dev phase was already a few years old. And for those of us in CY+7 that is indeed a toaster built on nearly decade old hardware, so if you're having trouble running it, then yes, it's time to pony up a couple hundred bucks on some low-end upgrades to go from potato to toaster.

Like, think back to UT3 or '03, your complaint is akin to "UT '04 runs bad on my V2/K6 waah". Also
>medium-high settings
If anything, one of the genuine faults of newer PC games is that they are built and benchmarked targeting "ultra", without enough scalability to actually either exceed the capacity of any current PC on launch by a significant margin with amazing new effects for the future, nor to strip out enough major features to run adequately on much lower-end hardware while remaining playable. Here's a good 8 minute video on the subject:
I'm definitely down for that anon. Does cheatengine still work? I remember all the good times grenade spamming enemy spawn

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