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What are you crawling? As I said in the wiped /vg/ thread I've mostly played Nethack in the past but am recently trying out Brogue. I've been thinking about getting into Crawl for a long time but the reports of them constantly removing features dissuaded me. In the last thread someone mentioned trying 0.9, from before they started stripping out stuff, another later version I don't remember from before they started stripping out the major stuff, or the Extra Hearty Edition fork that sought to preserve features while adding updates, but unfortunately hasn't been updated in  7 years and now requires a bunch of fiddling just to compile.
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Yeah, I suppose that's what I get. I don't think it's because I was overconfident though, I just forgot about that drawbridge interaction. The second game is going okay, I found an unattended altar on the level attached to Sokoban and just got Magicbane, but nothing like the first one. I actually did end up finding a magic lamp deeper in the mines but it was a dud, no early wish for me.
It's the most classic of roguelike interactions: having a good feeling, then saying "oh, right."
So there is the aftershock  mod for Cata, it contains all the sci-fi elements that was cut from the base game because the devs are no fun faggots. Its even got a faction you can run through a story with too which is neat. I am liking it but a lot of the robots seem like they can shit on you hard. I saw some tripods fighting a fungal tower with flamethrowers and I just got out of there. So far its neat.
>Play fucking angband
Honestly prefer vanilla Angband to lolrandom forks
(24.5KB, 245x272)
This illustrates a major difference I haven't noticed many appreciate between older RLs such as NetHack/ADOM/etc. and newer RLs such as Crawl/Infra Arcana/etc.

In Crawl, there is less obtuse YASD bullshit lurking in wait to fuck you up, but when the game's RNG does roll snakeyes, you have fewer means of bailing out your sinking boat, which demands a more cautious playstyle to avoid situations that are inescapable even for lategame PCs. In NetHack, contrariwise, while comprehensive metaknowledge is needed to avoid YASD, anything that's not instantly fatal is also something the player can weasel out of via an expansive reservoir of aces in the hole the game provides (Prayer, Elbereth, teleportation, lifesaving, etc.)

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What do you think of the new technology from UE5? It is speculated that assets for future games made in UE5 will be massive because of confirmed 8k textures and models being millions of triangles.

Specifically the single statue model from the trailer, even with heavy compression, can be as large as ~1GB (33M tris, lossless at runtime, 2x 8k DXT5 compression for PBR). This translates to maps and games potentially reaching hundreds of GB in download size. In the Sony development panel, it was verified that the PS5's SSD is optimized for these massive workloads. Patches and updates could be dozens of GB large as well now.

AI and raytracing might be shilled far more now that it is slowly snuggling into the laps of AAA developers. Do you think there will be actual uses for AI or will it remain a tool for production? (Asset preparation, texture composition, denoising, etc.)

Why is it that every time we improve technology and take 2 steps forward, we become complacent and take 3 steps backward?
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It's more like the people who know shit worth a damn tend to do graphics because it's what's most in demand on their level, and thus pays best.
Anon does have a point to some degree, the industry does push a fuckton of money into graphics and little into gameplay resulting in advances in gameplay being mostly secondary. If you write an interesting audio system but it takes more than the 2% of the program's total CPU usage allotted to you you're forced to rewrite it or replace it with conventional stuff. Funnily enough this does mean there's a lack of skilled audio programmers and that section having rather nice job retention rates if you're willing to work under those constraints.
Replies: >>4177
>2% of the program's total CPU usage allotted to you
The demand is mostly on the GPU side these days. If the game isn't emulated or built on incredibly shitty scripts you should have tons of cycles to play around with.
Replies: >>4181
I admit my superficial knowledge of audio programming is from like 8-10 years ago, but are you sure you're talking about actual game audio used in production?
Last I checked FMOD was still popular, still mentions how they use mostly CPU in their documentation ( https://fmod.com/resources/documentation-api?version=2.1&page=white-papers-cpu-performance.html ), and VRAM was still limited enough that no one would just dump audio in there for easy access. "We could be using that VRAM for more textures, are you mad?"
I mean it'd be smart, to do the 3D audio calculations on the GPU. But searching "GPU" on FMOD's documentation only results in 3 mentions of it when talking about convolution reverb.

I do know there's been some mention of using RTX cards for raytraced audio, and I'm pretty sure that godawful ppatent from the Thief days either has or is about to expire that pertains to it. Certainly haven't heard of it being used in any actual games though. I also heard some talk about AI denoising using RTX, but that's more on the production side of things and for chat apps than realtime playback I think. But that's where my distant knowledge about recent audio programming advances ends, it's not my field.
Replies: >>4190
The A3D patent has expired. Positional and reflective effects can be calculated for each sound on the GPU without storing the sound itself and sent back as a streamed filter to the CPU or audio chip where it's added to the sound mix. A lot of PCIe bandwidth goes unused most of the time, even during asset load, so there's no bottleneck there. As for FMOD, it's popularity is not because it's amazing, but because it just fucking works when a lot of libraries are finicky or have limited compatibility.

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(3.2MB, 640x368, 01:30)
Amid Evil, fantastic so far, leagues above Dusk. Probably the best "throwback" FPS so far. Although I'm keeping my eye on Maximum Action, but that has the bullet-time gimmick going for it so it's kinda different.
Garo: Vanishing Line
Varathron - His Majesty At The Swamp
kettle cooked chips
probably won't tonight
Pretty ok, I've got alcohol, games and a nice /v/ to shitpost on while the country goes up in fucking chimpout flames 
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Replies: >>4171 >>4179
I don't think I can help you with Aeon, if you seem to be liking Amid Evil way more than Dusk, since I have the opposite experience. At the very least, all of these games are way better than both Doots.
>xbawks d-pad sucks for old 8- and 16-bit games
And I suck at them too, what a perfect match! I prefer Playstation layout, though. I finished Adventure Island III with my family once, using save states, and even then it felt really satisfying, because we were playing this game since I was a little shitter.
Spoiler File
(1.6MB, 368x720, 00:31)
>>3735 (OP) 
hoi iv
confederate music 
imaginationunfortunately i've started fapping again
not good the (((government))) is really showing all they care about is not being racist toward nogs, they don't care if white homes are burnt down or if those apes vocally want to go out and kill whitey, makes me feel blackpilled
>Probably the best "throwback" FPS so far.
If you care about Descent in the slightest, try Overload.
>Make a video of Wrath on bitchute
>30 views for no reason
People are pretty desperate there. The vid's first 20 or so minutes of the newest map. Haven't found new gun yet. The good is that this map seems to have generally better level design, with more shit coming at you than usual. The bad is that fang spitter holds only 100 rounds now, which is fucking ridiculous, because 200 it previously had was too few to last in an engagement, unlike retcher and shotgun. Oh, and map designers love to spam that blue shooty guy a lot.

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(1MB, 3840x2160)
(83.7KB, 636x357)
(1.9MB, 1324x929)
Alright faggots its time for an EDF thread. I know we had one back on fat/v/ and that was pretty good so lets do it again.
Whats your favorite...

I like the levels of 4 better but 5 had so much good shit its hard to choose. I would ultimately choose 5 I think.
Favorite gun is the vulcan hammer and the giant shotgun for fencer. The hammer takes some getting used to but its strong and the shotgun is great for deleting bugs in small places.
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Are you playing on hard mode right, it will get difficult sometimes but you will get some rad ass weapons
Yo if you want we can play together, but this time using steamworks fix but you need to have steam for this to work just extract these files here >>2227
Are there ANY buyfags here? Because at this rate I'm just going to start a legit room on steam.
Replies: >>3502
I am but i'm burnt out on EDF for now.
Sorry about that.
Finally bought 5 yesterday after playing it pirated for a couple months. I'm going to try clearing it on Hard with every class before going online.

(2.4MB, 2383x2383)
(1.6MB, 2000x2000)
(195.2KB, 470x470)
I'm going to be honest, I just finished a 100% pokedex run on Pokemon Clover and it was far better than anything coming out of cuckchan has any right to be. I went in completely blind and it was incredible. For a game full of fakemon it's shocking how few were outright terrible, the majority are either funny or unironically well-designed (Clovenix comes to mind, but so do Praestish and Elephas as well). The experience system made grinding up new team members incredibly easy while not allowing you to steamroll gyms by over leveling. Almost all notable trainer AIs were competent and their team had an actual coherent strategy (I can only remember one AI fucking up by spamming Shell Smash constantly while I used Snatch repeatedly). The story never takes itself too seriously while still being perfectly in line with the type of tone pokemon games try to maintain. For competitive autism there's also an area postgame for grinding EVs and even adjusting IVs with the right items. Game was indeed not perfect though.

As with any game relying on "meme culture" references, yes, some of the jokes were a bit stale. I can forgive this though because it's pretty obvious from the beginning that most of the game is and is based on being a reference so it's to be expected. Some of the postgame areas were just tedious to traverse to, only two particular come to mind, but it was noticeable just how hard it is to go to and from these areas. The game still isn't finished so there's still some bugg
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(1.9KB, 64x64)
(1.4KB, 64x64)
(1.6KB, 64x64)
(2.3KB, 64x64)
(1.1KB, 64x64)
The concept art is far worse then the sprites to be fair.
Replies: >>2848
(128.2KB, 388x388)
(1.7MB, 1945x1945)
(16.9KB, 250x250)
Yeah, I figured the in-game art would look better than the official artwork, but still, most of the designs are generic pokemons with cuckchan/imageboard inspired elements or "haha look it's a pikachu with a vagina". The good designs aren't the norm, and the few good ones aren't pokemon-like, or at least, aren't like anything Pokemon would even try to do. Most of the best joke designs aren't even fucking trying to be pokimans and that's what makes them funny.
Replies: >>4066
I could see the butterfly in a game if the design was touched up a bit (it'd probably look like Mothim though), and I can't help but be a bit fond of the edgy Nurse Joy Head Ghost. The mimic triggers my autism though -- we already had Voltorb/Foongus as the series item-monsters.
>>2834 (OP) 
I haven't beaten clover yet as I generally play rpgs half way before I go and take a several month break before I start them up again. I agree with everything you've said for the parts I've experienced so far. I really enjoy how I generally can't steamroll a gym or something with only one mon. Several time's I had to find a new mon and level it up to kill a mon on their team to win a fight. They even made the grinding to level up that mon with the rest of your team way easier due to the clever exp system. The "meme culture" stuff can be annoying at times but overall it's charming in the same way a cringy little brother is.
>All in all it was incredibly fun and I was wondering if there are any other pokemon games that manage to balance the difficulty so that a run is interesting.
As far as I know most pokemon rom hacks are autisticly hard or stupid easy so they can focus on a shitty dumb story nobody cares about. I've heard really good things about pokemon prism though so you might want to look into that. Also to note that with the pokemon diamond source code getting leaked recently on 4chan and with pret in the process of reverse engineering it somewhat legally before somebody says pret is retarded for working on this even after the code drop happened, this is good because people can develop tools for the illegal source and claim it's fo
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Replies: >>4176
God damn it I forgot about the stupid spoilers on this imageboard. I will never get used to this.

(242.9KB, 1920x1080)
(4.6MB, 540x360, 00:42)
(2.7MB, 640x360, 00:36)
(4.1MB, 02:05)
(5MB, 03:36)
I've been playing Sonic Adventure games series and man I was hocked.
I liked sonic before and his games were my childhood but these days there isn't a great sonic game and what happened to the tone of Sonic back then he was cool guy with an attitude but now he's just a fucking memeand not just sonic too they butchered many characters especially Tails.
In the adventure games he was a clumsy kid who relayed to much on sonic but he hated that fact so he tried to change himself to be more courageous and more useful but in the modern games he's useless and annoying,and don't forget Eggman that guy was an actual threatening villain who had some badass moments in the adventure series but now he's just a shitty comic relief character.
I could go on and on about how they ruined every character in the sonic series and how the Sonic Team plays too much safe but I think you probably know that so let's discuss which is your favorite game and why.
>Favorite game
Sonic 3 is my favorite in the series,the level design is so great,the powerups are nice and the music is top tier
>Favorite OST's
Sonic Adventure 1 for me has the best OST just because it has jazz
>Favorite Character
Tails not because of a certain comic
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(1.8MB, 2500x1767)
(1.3MB, 2500x1767)
(1.9MB, 2500x1607)
(1.5MB, 2500x1767)
(1.5MB, 2500x1767)
It's called "Fan and Official Sonic GIRL Super Arms Project", I don't know what you'd expect from that. Like, with a project name like that, you're going to get Shadow being turned into the Ultimate Wifeform and shit like that.
Replies: >>4082
I missed that bit. And jesus fuck, I don't even know how Cream's slingshot is supposed to work with her in the way what the fuck.
Replies: >>4092
(1.3MB, 2500x1767)
(1.6MB, 2500x1767)
(2MB, 2500x1767)
(2.1MB, 2500x1767)
(1.6MB, 2500x1767)
If that's your biggest problem with all this, when there's a clear diagram with a tube, then I'm not sure if you're better or worse off than me.
Replies: >>4097
(18.2KB, 486x311)
I mean, with most of these they're retarded-looking, but you at least have an idea of how they're supposed to be used conventionally (shit like bladed weapons and Microphone-shaped Bazooka are straightforward, ram people over with mobile wheel, do kung-fu bullshit with the pole dancing, I'm even able to suspend my disbelief with Espio's gun dress since the idea's to shoot-while-you-move if you ignore how you don't shoot yourself). Even Chaos' spiked inner tube bullshit I could AT LEAST see being used in conjunction with his shapeshifting and if nothing else you can tackle people.

But Cream's one seems directly flawed in how it's supposed to be used -- the slingshot would have to move AROUND her she didn't want to smack herself. And it'd be impossible to hit anything that wasn't directly above her and only if there was some cliff or something to sling it downward first and IT'S SO FUCKING RETARDED AAAAAAAAA
(2.2MB, 1280x720, 00:15)
What could Yuji Naka do if he had programmed more 3D games post-NiGHTS?

(82KB, 1024x683)

>PlayStation adventure The Last of Us Part 2 seems to have been blocked from release in multiple Middle Eastern countries.

>The game is due to launch globally on June 19, but currently does not appear among the listings for the Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates versions of the PlayStation Store.

>One Reddit user, spotted by VG247, reports that PlayStation Support said any game that does not appear in a regional store has been "banned by the competent authorities of the country and we can not do anything regarding that."

>No reason for the ban has emerged yet, although it's most likely due to either the nudity and sexual content mentioned in the ESRB rating -- as can be seen on the official website -- or the LGBT themes that often lead to entertainment products being banned in the region.

Funny how Soyny and Naughty Poz tries to pander to the mudslides to show how WOKE they are, only for their shit to get banned in the Middle East.
When will SJWs realize that they don't like gays?
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This is hilarious
What IS the reason for forcing sex-changes, culturally? Just to emasculate the fags and make them sorta-particiapte in normal heterosexual society by forcing them (in a roundabout way) to fuck a >woman?
Replies: >>4129 >>4142
I thought it was some weird islamic thing that allows it while being a homo is always banned.
Simple, it's torture. Fags that cut their dicks off smell like poop and all the other fun side effects for the rest of their lives.
The Chinese are autistic, they won't pozz themselves due to conformity.

(8.2MB, 3980x2240)
(111.4KB, 340x267)
I recently got a PSP and GBA SP for dirt cheap, and I'm looking for some actual good games to play on these two pieces of shit. Right now I've got Pokemon Leaf Green, Pokemon Ruby, Metroid Zero Mission and Metroid Fusion for the GBA and Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters, Secret Agent Clank, God of War:Ghost of Sparta, Medievil and Daxter for the PSP.
Right now the only game I've actually really liked is Metroid: Zero Mission, none of the PSP games except for maybe Medievil are doing anything for me. So,
>What are some good PSP and/or Game Boy games that are actually good?
>What's your favourite portable system?
>What's your favourite portable game?
>What was your first portable system?
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Alright lads here's a question for you what should I get a PS vita or a 3DS, I want a system that can play every JRPG know to man and sadly the PS vita doesn't have any SMT titles.
Replies: >>2060
(220.4KB, 871x1500)
In my opinion this is the best nippon ichi SRPG game both in terms of story, gameplay and music. Played it on my phone having a blast.
I'd say 3DS, but since you like JRPGs (I really don't aside from Etrian Odyssey) - the Vita is full of those.

For me, a lot of the value of 3DS is from being able to emulate regular DS. So you get Contra 4, Donkey Kong games, Ace Attorneys, etc. but again, those are not JRPGs.
Replies: >>2442
>the Vita is full of those
The only type of JRPGs Vita is full of are those shitty shovelware dungeon crawler where the developer wanted to just make a VN but stapled a shitty dungeon crawler to call it a game.
>What are some good PSP and/or Game Boy games that are actually good?
Persona 2 Innocent Sin and GTA:VCS on PSP are good. The later half of P2 is available on PSP through a PS1 eboot.  For GBA, Wario Land 4 is fun, only thing that really sucks is the fact that hit points are brought back but you still have transformations. I liked what Wario Lands 2 and 3 had going for them on that end. 
>What's your favourite portable system?
PSVita, the homebrew came at the end of its life but it still had its own share of fun games, as well as PSP and PS1 titles playable on it.
>What's your favourite portable game?
SMT Strange Journey, the original and not the 3DS remake. 
>What was your first portable system?
GBA. It had a nice launch window too unlike every other nintendo console. Mario Kart SS and Fzero  were the shit

(85.5KB, 550x550)
Previous thread 

Currently using Arch as my daily OS driver. Recently installed a RX570 and I love it. I mainly use Wine for the majority of my windows applications, but use a Windows VM is something doesn't work properly. Anyway:
>Recent games
>Deal with Wine or use a VM
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>notebooks are shit
Yes I know that, but sometimes it's convenient to have a computer like tool that you can take with you.
Plus even with Nvidia, you have this optimus shit, which only took something like 10 years to get proper official linux support. (Power management is still a joke though). So yeah, use a normal desktop PC if you can.
(1.8MB, 1920x1080)
Update, laptop does fine but boy does it have shit cooling.
No wonder laptops shit out all the time regardless of quality.
Now I'm managing STALKER CoC highest settings (Beta 1.5 so no interesting mods except for Dynamic Anomalies which doesn't seem to work right.)
Laptop mang, this shit can be upgraded but it doesn't have those luxuries.
With enough use in a VM and enough hardware passthrough you can trick certain spergy anticheats. They can't actually tell the difference from what I've read
(1.5MB, 1280x960)
(1.8MB, 1280x960)
(1.8MB, 1280x960)
(1.8MB, 1280x960)
(1.8MB, 1280x960)
Welp I got C&C Generals Zero Hour to work now as well getting "The Power of the West" mod to work by just using the .big file only and ignoring the other .dll files it comes with. I had to make a new wine folder and reinstall the game to fix the stupid "you have encountered a serious error" message I did tried finding solutions regarding this but all it gives was related to options.ini at the C&C Generals Zero Hour Data directory fiddling around with different options.ini didn't fixed it. 

So far aside from the mod fucking up my game mysteriously I think its pretty lackluster in content to justify its big size (over 1.2GB) which makes me wonder where all the remaining shit are of it. I don't think I am going to bother playing this mod any much longer despite it fixed the tank combat with the stupid RPS balance that puts me aside from the C&C series. I will look at various modding site and try a new mod and report back how well it went. Also the JSGME mod launcher is pretty handy to manage various mods.
Replies: >>3647
Generals mods tend to make the mistake of thinking more = better.
Replies: >>3679
(3MB, 1680x1050)
(3.1MB, 1680x1050)
(3MB, 1680x1050)
(3.1MB, 1680x1050)
But I like having a large roster of units, quantity is a quality of its own. I tried out the tiberium secrets mod for tiberium wars eh it doesn't seem to have that many changes to the units, the predator tonk got replaced with a titan mech which I could note and the refinery + harvester got replaced with a combo unit that does both which can also be used as a forward operating base but it will be fixed when its done so, the mod didn't gave me a gud impression.

(19.6KB, 647x450)
Post things you remember vaguely but want to play again.

First request, can someone remember a mecha game?
Its a very well detailed game(At least, as far as I remember it) where you're in a mecha and you're wrecking down buildings. Enemies try to take you down, it becomes harder with time.
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Replies: >>2057
>>2039 (OP) 
Which system/console/PC ?
Brigador maybe?
Replies: >>2063
PC. I found it somewhere in Armor Games or Newgrounds. Places like that. More than 7 years ago, or so.
(232.5KB, 256x364)
Ok, this one was from one of those CDs that had 300 demos in one.
Main character was a fat guy wearing striped trousers (red and yellow iirc), you had a jetpack, blocks that obstructed the way needed to be destroyed in particular manners (timed bombs or fixed rockets, and the artstyle was similar to that of earthworm jim. It was a 2d game.
The only other thing I remember was that in that demos CD there was a demo of pic related as well. There were probably others but I can't remember
2D sidescrolling platformer that had turnips with shades (or something looking like that)  as one of the enemy.
Dunno what platform except it's Gen5 maybe 4, could even be not one of the main system of the time or one of those "joystick plugged into TV" ripoffs "consoles", fairly sure it wasn't a computer, but yeah picture something that has a chance of existing in a dentist  waiting room  in western yurop circa 1998.

I'm honestly just curious if the first game I ever played was garbage or not.
Some shitty flash game that I played for like a whole day then dropped. 
there was a claw on a chain in the center of the screen and you had to fly around and avoid it picking up these things. although thinking about it I may have gotten it confused and you played as the claw chain and had to avoid the monster homing in on you while trying to grab the pickups.
The interesting part was that everything started out very clean and metallic but then over time as you kept going everything almost imperceptibly changed from clean metal to rusty to bloody to some sort of organic. but it was right around there that I lost, and being frustrated that I spent hours only to have to start from the beginning I exited the game and never found it again. 
I do not know why this one rinkey dink flash game from the halcyon days of my youth has lodged itself so firmly in my memory but I do wonder if anybody else has ever came across such a game or if I have somehow confused a fever dream with an actual memory again.

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