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>What is it?
Free IRL board games in a video game format. Comes with multiplayer. Grab games from Steam Workshop for free, link the rules in chat, read and play.

This Tabletop Simulator repack runs under SmartSteamEmu. Advantages over the old Goldberg build include NO MANDATORY VLAN and thusly decent ping. Disadvantages include no lunix support.

>Why play this, we just had a game night
/tg/ autism that doesn't need a full server to be fun.

ARCHIVE - https://mega.nz/file/Th4zwaoR#W6FG64RbvebukUMVnOjoE6gDSB-SZVfS9c-djBqxTI8
.INI - https://mega.nz/file/mhwASQ6b#_5OD6_oGoz0F0vgn3MFNZ6eNhbH4sDDUxfHOLKzJ6R0

Installation instructions:
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I don't think the steam thing is working, it downloaded all the updates but it's been stuck on extracting package for like 1 hour, is that normal?
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disregard this, I suck dicks. 

fake steam launches and I can connect to the friends network just fine.

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Sup nignogs, welcome back to /v/

1. ALL global rules apply, please read them at https://zchan.cc/rules.html
2. /v/ is a video game related board, keep your topics video game pertinent.
3. You must be 18+ to post.
4. Duplicate threads about the same topic will be locked and then deleted, check the catalog before making a new thread.
5. This is not a SFW board, NSFW content is allowed, just spoil it.

Additional stipulations:
a. Effortless threads and template threads will be met with ridicule and may be bumplocked. Put some effort when making a new thread.
b. Some off topic discussion is allowed, use your common sense and and try not to fill an entire thread dedicated to an entirely different topic with it.
c. If you get reported multiple times across multiple threads and your post history comprises entirely of derailing, shitflinging, and generally not contributing to any of the threads you posted in, you will be banned and your post history may be wiped.
d. Rolling for dubs in shit threads is allowed; this however won't grant you a free "get out of jail" card. If you alone get a number of reports because of it and/or are caught shitting up seemingly fine threads, actions may be taken based on your post history.
e. No one likes attention whores: namefagging and/or avatarfagging for no practical reason is frowned upon. If you are caught doing either repeatedly you may be banned.
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When /vg/ did their game book club I was the fag who put together the first few. You all have my permission to call this poster a kike and make whatever "rip off" of the idea I proposed back then.

Happy now queerbait?
Replies: >>6104
This was a thing on 4chan's /v/ long before you were likely even born, newfag

(27.5KB, 640x360)
(82.6KB, 635x908)
(453.8KB, 1156x891)
Starts in about 15-30 minutes, get in here. Features indies from Japan and around the world.

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They get 6k viewer on the nip side.
(600.8KB, 400x559)
The absolute state of vidya
Power went out, what did I miss?
Replies: >>6169 >>6170
A long talk about traditional board games.
What did you last see

(182.3KB, 800x1146)
Post about your favorite horror games here. 

Why does Silent Hill 4 never get any recognition? I only ever see people talk about Silent Hil 2, but I loved 4. Everything about it was fun, and the peephole scenes where the other apartment gets crazier and crazier was a fun little touch
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Replies: >>6006 + 3 earlier
Second game has multiple handguns, and they supposedly model and use every mechanical/moving part of a gun, although what that entails I couldn't tell you. The first game only has one, and it's sort of a roguelike, where it only lasts a few minutes and things are randomized.
>>4312 (OP) 
Silent Hill 4 gets a shit load of recognition. If you want to whine about SH games being ignored try Origins or Book of memories.
Point and click is underused for horror. I'm playing Sanitarium and it's great. My only complaint is the walking speed is so slow I considered just watching a lets play instead. Not like I would be missing anything if I talk to everyone any way and I can skip the walking speed. Tried it and didn't work at all, the atmosphere of the video is totally unengaging when the game it super comfy and creepy at once.
Replies: >>6164
We had a good horror thread on fatchan until the anon that posted webms had a sperg out,are you still there?
There are a lot of horror point and clicks though.

(72.6KB, 680x914)
Let's stay positive during these hard times. What is "new"? Let's say 2015+.

Played Cuphead again recently and I think it's just amazing. Everything just fits so well together. The game world forms a coherent whole. Everything is explained in terms of it - why you're doing stuff, why there are coins hidden around (most RPGs for example just throw treasure around without explanation). King Dice will tell you you can't progress without getting "Soul Contracts", instead of the usual invisible walls. Story is short, but fun and sets well the atmosphere for everything else.

The aesthetic is some of the best stuff I've ever seen, and again fits well together with the enemy variety, etc. Difficulty is high but managable and not just annoying like in Celeste for example. For more challenge you can try to get better ranks. Random patterns make bosses not fully reliant on memorization. Bosses are extremely well designed, with several phases and attacks which fit their theme. Though you sometimes seem to get a pattern that you can't avoid. They even throw around some funny dialogue.

Great game all in all. I could say more about it but I'd like to hear your recommendations now. If this thread gets active, I'll throw some other recommendations later too.
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(243.2KB, 464x320, 00:06)
(46.3KB, 480x640)
(24.6KB, 521x462)
> DeepRock
Good Tastes anon, rock in stone! I just beat mechanicus the other day, picked it up on release and finally finished. now sad that it's effectively the best WH40k game out currently.((I've played most the rest)

+1 to living the dream of living in starship troopers.

Hollow Knight is not all sadness and tears though. Pretty sure it has a happy ending(or at least happy enough). Besides, if so, then do you constantly ignore the existential quandary of life/existence?

This anon gets it.
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Replies: >>6011
I found Axiom Verge enjoyable but ultimately hollow. I had a much better time with Enviromental station alpha, which I would put as one of my must loved games ever. If you like Verge try Alpha but beware it has a DEEP end game which was supposed to be solved by the community. Once you see an ending you're no where near the actual end of the game. I went down the whole rabbit hole and loved the fuck out of it.

RE2 is my recommendation. It's exactly what survival horror was meant to be and has a terrifying mechanic that only a modern horror game could pull off. Claire's campaign is way better than Leons but both are worth playing through.
RE7 is great once you get past the opening thirty minutes where it's a bit too jump scare heavy for youtubers. I would recommend trying the demo which I find scarier than the main game at that time. Maybe it's because the main game cut some content in that area and you subconsciously notice it.

Streets of rage 4 is worth a pirate. Not very long and has it's issues but it's a solid beat 'em up for what it is. I wouldn't mind finding more of them.
Any opinions on Pokemon Sword / Shield? Or Rescue Team DX?
Replies: >>6159
Don't give Nintendo money, they kiked out to niggers.

Sword/shield is less handholdy than Sun/Moon but is still far from a good game. It's worth a pirate because it fixes some of Su/Mo's flaws and bongistan is a fun place to explore.

Rescue team isn't worth the money. Pokemon dungeon games have always been pretty shitty. If you want that sort of gameplay then get nethack instead.

(55.1KB, 616x353)
(1MB, 3840x2160)
(83.7KB, 636x357)
(1.9MB, 1324x929)
Alright faggots its time for an EDF thread. I know we had one back on fat/v/ and that was pretty good so lets do it again.
Whats your favorite...

I like the levels of 4 better but 5 had so much good shit its hard to choose. I would ultimately choose 5 I think.
Favorite gun is the vulcan hammer and the giant shotgun for fencer. The hammer takes some getting used to but its strong and the shotgun is great for deleting bugs in small places.
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Hey kid, wanna Hard Mode with me? Turns out MLRAs are good for bees after all, if there's a shitload of them.

Room: grand theft /v/imana
Password: zyklon
Replies: >>6065 >>6089
Well, I left the room open for an hour and nobody joined. I'll try some other time.
Replies: >>6089
(12.7KB, 255x255)
>expecting people to show up early saturday morning
o shit nigger what are you doing
Replies: >>6136
My schedule's been fucked for weeks now because of Corona-chan, pls no bully.
Replies: >>6139
(338.4KB, 1000x1000)
>no bully
you wish, kiddo!

(113.7KB, 884x884)
Tired of making these in multiple bunkers but glad to be back.

>What are you playing?
Strange Jouney Redux,i know
>new art
But i find the new notamala labyrinth introduced in the remake good and now all characters have portraits.

>Game you are looking forward to?
Xenoblade Chronicles DE.

Now that i think about it the only worthwhile games this year that i played were all remakes,really makes you think.
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I'm getting filtered by the mines boss,i'll try a second time tomorrow (today really)
Replies: >>6016 >>6019
(847.7KB, 810x400)
Ganbattry your best and line up Shulks few AOE attacks to clear out the trash mobs before they shred Reyn too much for the pitiful heal to keep up. I BARELY managed to beat it on my first try even though I've been railroading the story like wow so I'm sure you can do itt oo!
Pump yourself up to his level. Then fill up your bar with the trash and clobber Bronze Face only when your harmony bar is full. After you chipped away a third of his health, the plot shout kill him for you.
(45.1KB, 480x272)
>Atlus USA doesn't bring to the west weird shit like this anymore.
Worst timeline.
Replies: >>6111
Persona destroyed Atlus the same way Dark souls destroyed From.

(835KB, 703x510)
>What is Summer Game Fest?
Bringing the world together to celebrate video games from the comfort of home. Summer Game Fest is a season of digital video game events from publishers, select playable content, in-game events, and more to be announced.

>What is Summer of Gaming?
IGN is proud to announce our new Summer of Gaming event, a global, digital event set to begin this June to bring you the latest news and impressions around upcoming games and the next generation of console hardware.

>No but really, what the fuck?
Two different attempts to replace E3, one by IGN and the other by Geoff Keighley. Basically they are just aggregating whatever streams companies are doing but there is supposedly original coverage. The most interesting stuff seems to be happening around June, but Summer Game Fest is spread out over four months.

>Where can I find the Summer Game Fest Schedule?
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Don't know yet, but you should make a thread anyway so anons can use that. 

It's not an endorsement of any site, it's just trying to represent all the former 8chan communities since there is no single logo that represents all of those sites.
Very nice. All we need now is a last minute bingo board and the pieces will be set.
Can I ask why any one gives a flying fuck? Any good trailers you can watch after without 87 minutes of niggers dancing between each one.
Indie Live Expo starting now.
Replies: >>6043
Currently showing Record of Lodoss

(179.7KB, 948x948)
4cuck is having its alternative E3
Starts at 6:30pm EST, in around 2 hours
The good: will only feature agdg games and indies
The bad: they are /v/ga-tier corporate cock sucking scum that censors content they were sent, including a game called 'No More Niggers 4', because they are afraid of controversy. Oh, and they will ban you if you bring it up. 
They are supposed to have twitch and youtube streams, but can't be bothered to post them.
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Is there a front-end site like invidious instances for twitch streams and videos yet? Their site is so ridiculously bloated it's insane.
Replies: >>6095
Necrofugitive and Peripeteia look genuinely amazing, with Necro being something I had genuinely wanted to make if I ever broke my laziness cycle with GODOT. Train Train Train might be a good a puzzle game as Stephen's Sausage Roll or speebot is too. Genokids might be cool.

Seems like a load of  joke games to be honest.

>captcha isn't unreadable imperial runes
(61.1KB, 640x276)
Watched the recording.
That was some trully awful stuff right there.
>had a head honcho
Yes, the benevolent dictator for life (bdfl).
I use mpv + youtube-dl.

(1.3MB, 1200x690)
(968.4KB, 950x720)
(130.4KB, 1280x720)
(147.1KB, 1280x720)
(4.3MB, 1952x1112)
Lets talk giant robot games in all their varied forms. I haven't played that new one Daemon X Machina, I heard mixed reviews.
What I might start playing is Armored Core Nexus, I had downloaded it a while ago but haven't picked it up but I've started to get a hankering for some AC. I also picked up a copy of the Last Raven for cheap so I figure I should start working my way toward it. 
Mechwarrior 5 was shit UNSURPRISINGLY, I pirated it a while back and everything about it was just so very eh. Oh and more of it is procedural generated, but hey the map changes based on the year so thats kinda neat. The enemies spawn when you touch certain areas on the generated map, the issue was that they would spawn right on top of you. Thats the reason the radar doesn't work in the game, because then you would see the enemies pop in behind the building. Once in a while everything would come together and it would be fun but that was few and far between, I ended up deleting it, everything sucked about it. Maybe mods will fix if I hope down the line. 
I got back into MegaMek which is the battletech tabletop games shoved into Java. It has a campaign mode and I have to say is pretty fun as just like the tabletop you run the entire gambit of combined arms. Then there are all the rules from some 20 year+ books meaning you can tailor the game to how you want from engi
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I started playing living legends again. I wonder how good that would make for a game night. Hosting can't be that hard.
Replies: >>5663 >>5699
Aside from the Linux support it would probably work fine, it just needs a bit of a writeup because, at least I, found it easy to not know what to do.
Replies: >>5699
We already had a MWLL game night back on ‚ąěchan. Everyone just played on the public servers. It was nice, doubled the game pop for almost a week.
(23.7KB, 320x227)
(18KB, 480x360)
not one of you niggers named MechWarrior 3050 for SNES. now I feel like an old fag
Any good VR mecha games? I'm thinking of getting a VR set up and a decent open world mech game would sell it to me.

I hope one day we get a VR mecha game where you can do what star citizen and no man's sky promised. Having to defend a ship during reentry would be awesome

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