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Site-wide meta board >>>/z/

(217.7KB, 600x600)
Time to post some banners to celebrate our new board. 

Suggested dimensions: 300x100
size limit: I think it's the same as for regular posts, so 30MB. But please don't overdo it. 
You can see the current banners over at https://zchan.cc/v/banners.html

Get creative!
Addendum: "get creative" means don't go taking banners that are used on dead boards or recycling what we had on fatchan.
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(77.3KB, 300x100)
Should change the current stalker banner with this one. I added periods between letters like in stalker, plus some subtle vignette.
Replies: >>151
(54.7KB, 301x267)
Updated, I saw the Costanza one you made too, that was pretty gud honestly, if you could update that also I'll keep it and add it later when we have more banners, adding it now would probably make it look a bit redundant
(58.5KB, 300x100)
(73.4KB, 300x100)
I tried, but I'm not an artist.
Replies: >>170 >>186
I'd say to just have the Zchan in the todd one on a single line, even if goes over the hair (use the size the "chan" part is at). Stroke, glow, or drop shadow to pop it as a higher layer.
(24.8KB, 300x100)
(41.3KB, 300x100)
Every day is repost day. And another reworked classic.
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(21.8KB, 300x100)
Wait, is gif not supported?
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(686.4KB, 300x100)
(802KB, 300x100)
(1MB, 300x100)
(543.7KB, 300x100)
>>109 (OP) 
Well shit I can't believe it pastanigger is back,should I remake these banner or make new ones ?
Replies: >>186
Thumbnail doesn't autoplay them, if that's what you mean.
(31KB, 184x184)
Who is the man in the second? He looks very handsome. Could you try another font on the first? That one's a bit bland. I added the second for now, I'll add the first later too in case you're too lazy to update.
First one was on 8chan/8kun wasn't it? I'll say what I said on fatchan, let's leave the baggage from that place behind. I added the second.
It is, but either I'm blind or yours has one frame only, let me know if you got an animated one, also who is she?
New place, new banners, don't worry, fatchan's spirit and your banners live forever in anon's heart. especially after all the iterations that Bob one went through, also sorry about cutting the silent hill one a bit short in the compilation I made

Related, on fatchan we mostly themed the banners about fat people because obvious reasons, but what about zchan? zombies? Zulus? Last but not least, as usual, thanks for the contributions.
(74KB, 540x558)
>fucked the spoilers a third time in a row
Replies: >>194
(988.9KB, 300x100)
(25.5KB, 300x100)
>New place, new banners
Damn. I wanted to rework the KoF and Metal Slug banners I made for Fatchan.

Replies: >>198 >>215
(69.6KB, 842x848)
Well I knew you'd say that either way I'm too tired to brainstorm something today i'll see you tomorrow also the letter Z always gives me the feel of something sci-fi or strange maybe will focus on that. also get bullied nerd lol faggot can't spoiler
zchan as a name seems harder to work than fatchan, as far as a themed name goes. It might be better to just go with a general vidya theme than trying to find things that fit "z" while being related to video games, of which I only had a few idea for myself.
ayy it's you again are you going to work on banner for here and /geimu/ ?
Replies: >>212
Spoiler File
(225.4KB, 300x100)
Spoiler File
(20KB, 300x100)
I offered my banners on /geimu/ but people didn't like the idea of using the banners of a dead site, and someone even brought the idea of saving them for when a successor of Fatchan appeared. 
I also made a couple of banners for smug /vg/, but the only response I got was that A Hat in Time is SJW garbage.
I just like to make banners and don't have favoritism for a site, so if somebody wants my banners they're free to use them.
Replies: >>214 >>215
Holy shit that's good
Replies: >>249
(72.3KB, 279x279)
That MS one and the Reimu one were probably my faves from fatchan
Fuck you.
Those are pretty damn good anon, wow.
Replies: >>228 >>249
Its a old 4chan banner that has one frame only. With this I also know what thread not make, because Yandev is irrelevant outside of laughing at badly written source code.
Forgot to mention, I'm not a fan of scavenging either, that said there were a few banners which went unused on fatchan because I was waiting on anons to update them before adding them, I wonder if they'll come back.
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(125.8KB, 800x565)
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(40KB, 300x100)
(42.9KB, 300x100)
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(1.8MB, 300x100)
(1.8MB, 300x100)
Just as I said before, if you want these banners (and the fatchan ones) I can edit them for this site.

I made another banner, in case you don't want want to reuse previous banners. It has two variations, one with a longer end.
Replies: >>255 >>354
Nice. As for the banners, I think either one will do.
(89.2KB, 300x100)
Replies: >>354 >>2158
(95.7KB, 300x100)
I made 12 of the banners for Fatchan, might as well beat my record here!

Zero, you say? Here's a WIP, I just need to figure out how to make the gunfire fit to the rest of the banner properly.
Replies: >>301 >>314 >>354
Fuck, the fade-in effect isn't working. Anyone know how to fix that in GIMP? I changed the mode to RGB. Here's the .xcf if anyone wants: https://files.catbox.moe/o685yc.xcf
(46.9KB, 300x100)
(40.1KB, 300x100)
(319KB, 300x100)
Well, made a couple of more. Which variant of the Zygarde one do you guys prefer?
Replies: >>354
(64.9KB, 300x100)
(5.7KB, 300x100)
Remade the Mara banner I did for Fatchan and also made one of Kaneko in the flower fields. Any changes needed?
Replies: >>310 >>354
(7.3KB, 300x100)
Fucking shit I exported the Mara one as a png instead of a gif. I should get to sleep now.
(44.1KB, 300x100)
Last one for tonight.
Replies: >>354
(88.1KB, 300x100)
I made the lasers fit the banner.  If you want to tweak it some more, go ahead.
Replies: >>354 >>546 >>585
(53.5KB, 300x100)
Would like to know how to improve the text to make easier to recognize from the background
Replies: >>317 >>350 >>354
(96.5KB, 300x100)
bah what gives
Replies: >>350 >>354
>Could you try another font on the first? That one's a bit bland.
That's the default Animal Crossing font. And I focken deleted the image when I posted it, so do whatever you want with it.
(337.5KB, 300x100)
Here's an Ace Combat one
Replies: >>354
Does that someone have that webm of Initial D arcade game where the does a spin ?
There's a few easy ways: Applying a stroke, an outer glow, or a drop shadow. Which is apt to look best varies my the background. In your case though, I'd say the motion element draws attention to it on its own.
(99.8KB, 797x141)
(515.4KB, 512x512)
The font on the second one is spot on, very nice. Added both.
That's some really good shit, I went with the shorter version, any chance to shave off some KBs and get closer to 1 MB?
Are you the same anon who made the nigga stole my bike banner on fatchan? Either way good shit, added.
>I made 12 of the banners for Fatchan
Wasn't it more something along the lines of "half the fucking banners of the board?" It's good to see you back, anon. Anyway I added in order the second Zygarde version because I don't know who the guy in the first is, the Yume Nikki one, both the static Megaten ones, and the edit of the Mega Man one by anon. Lastly I chose to discard the recycled one from fatchan, let it go anon.
"Excellent problem solving skills" put that on your resume. Added, nice. Game is pretty neat for an RPG maker game, what's your high score? Mine's 54
That looks very cartoony, which Ace Combat is it? Anyway it's bretty gud I added it.

Did you know that we're already nearly halfway to how many banners we had on fatchan? You guys work fast.
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You know what, posting that cap made me realise it could very well be worked into a banner.
(61.9KB, 300x100)
(38.6KB, 300x100)
(84.4KB, 300x100)
(70.7KB, 300x100)
(32.7KB, 300x100)
I've made/adopted a bunch for julay, I'll post whatever is neutral or easily editable.
Replies: >>364 >>718
(17.7KB, 300x100)
(78.1KB, 300x100)
(73.5KB, 300x100)
(63.8KB, 300x100)
(58.7KB, 300x100)
Replies: >>365 >>718
(57.7KB, 300x100)
(71.1KB, 300x100)
(26.2KB, 300x100)
(57.1KB, 300x100)
(87.9KB, 300x100)
Replies: >>718
It's ace combat 3 the intro scene the devs at that time watched ghost in shell and got inspired by it and hired the studio that made it's great game.
Replies: >>3433
(345.1KB, 300x100)
cuphead one
Replies: >>546 >>718
(295.8KB, 1200x1450)
>Mine's 54
I can't remember, it's been a while, but I think it was somewhere between 48 and 51. It really is a great game for what it is
(259.6KB, 300x100)
(259.7KB, 300x100)
>That's some really good shit, I went with the shorter version, any chance to shave off some KBs and get closer to 1 MB?
Oh fug, I didn't notice Photoshit exported them with huge sizes. Is this better?
>Are you the same anon who made the nigga stole my bike banner on fatchan?
Replies: >>718
(47.2KB, 300x100)
(10KB, 300x100)
(10.3KB, 300x100)
I can't believe that nobody had the Idea for the first one earlier.  Here's also a better Animal Crossing themed one and a joke counterpart..
Replies: >>718
(33.6KB, 300x100)
(88.6KB, 300x100)
I tried.
Replies: >>526 >>718
Stroke your text.
(3.7KB, 300x100)
(4.3KB, 300x100)
(50KB, 300x100)
(49.1KB, 300x100)
(32.1KB, 300x100)
Made a couple more.
Replies: >>538 >>718
(59.8KB, 300x100)
Last one for today is a EYE themed. I hope you like any of the 3 suggestions I have posted so far.
Replies: >>538 >>718
(32.3KB, 300x100)
(85.1KB, 300x100)
reworked one and added one I'm not too proud of
real nice, but I would suggest making banners non-major board specific. What with all the migrations/exoduses and all.
>tfw you lived long enough to see yourself become the jews of internet
Replies: >>718
(296.9KB, 300x100)
(305.3KB, 300x100)
(755KB, 300x100)
(78.5KB, 300x100)
Made some more banners, with a huge side of MegaTen.

Excellent work! What font did you use?

Thanks a million! How'd you make the lasers fit?
Replies: >>547 >>709 >>718
here's the link https://www.dafont.com/gin-and-soda.font
Replies: >>551
(40.4KB, 300x100)
Made another as an homage to the share threads.

Replies: >>718
(301.8KB, 300x100)
(944.5KB, 300x100)
(22KB, 300x100)
(24.4KB, 300x100)
(24.9KB, 300x100)
I know you don't want used banners, but look at what I did.
In the case of Fio's banner I wasn't sure which font filter looked better, so pick the one you like the most.
Replies: >>562 >>597 >>718
>look at what I made*
(100.7KB, 300x100)
(100.7KB, 300x100)
Added the fade in effect I wanted to the excellent edit in >>314
(937.3KB, 300x100)
Where did you get the Metal Slug logo font? I'd like to use it in this banner I'm making.
Replies: >>623 >>718
Replies: >>652
(13.2KB, 300x100)
(13.8KB, 300x100)
(24.2KB, 300x100)
(396KB, 500x366)
(77.7KB, 300x100)
Some lazy Splatoon banners.
I had wanted to use this Hotline Miami gif, but I had to open GIMP to even consider working on a gif and all my suicidal aspirations started rushing back to me.
Replies: >>645 >>718
I’ll upload I’m making in the morning when my computer is working and I can get the dimensions right.
fucking great
(76.6KB, 300x100)
The alt version is my favorite.

Your last pic gave me an idea.
Replies: >>718
(168.7KB, 300x100)
Thanks a bunch, how's the finished product?
Replies: >>718
(29.6KB, 300x100)
Replies: >>676 >>718
what game is this? the UI tells me binary domain but there's no wallet there
Replies: >>677
Vitrua Tennis 4.
Replies: >>989
(56.4KB, 300x100)
Why was this banner removed? It's Zed from Wild Arms.
Replies: >>684 >>718
Seems like an accident, I'll ask pastabro to make sure
(491.1KB, 411x408)
I went into photoshop and spent a gorillion hours manually extending the lasers fit based on how many pixels long the edges were.  Frame by frame.
Replies: >>718
(19.3KB, 432x264)
No scavenging, and no recycling.
That framerate is abysmal, thank you graphics interchange format, and thank you Steve Wilhite, added.
>any chance to shave a few KBs?
>filesize annihilated
Very cool, anon.
Added first and second, very cool  not sure what the animal crossing ones are referencing since I've yet to play a single game from the series, the most recent ninty console I have the first version of the NDS
Good ideas, especially the innocuous plant pesticide one, but the text is as good as operation "Sea Lion".
Sweet, added second, third and fifth.
Your legs are ok. I like Jian armor better
Kept the original you posted here >>531 I think the extra A makes it look too busy also added the UT one.
Wew dude how many have you fucking made already? You're gonna break your record in like 1/5th of the time. Added all of em, good job.
While I am going to stick to what I said "no recycling and no taking from dead boards" I didn't want your efforts to go to waste, so I went on smug/vg/ and let the banners cycle for a while and it doesn't look like they used either after all, so there, added both the Yume Nikki one and the Hat kid one. The fatchan ones will stay out though, in fact, I'm going to edit the OP to mention this. Just let it rest, we Zyklonchan now.
What's the difference between the first and the alt? I'm guitarded and don't see any.
It's fantastic, also best MS after X
That Chef Boyardee one is so subtle, I like it, added along the first and the HM Biker one.
>shekels lost
>minor accident
Least kosher of the bunch, added. 
Basically I was on the shitter playing Skyrim on my Nintendo Switch with my left hand, eating a drumstick of chicken with the right one and moderating on my phone with my third, when my fat, stubby, greasy fingers slipped and I deleted your banner, wiped your post history and banned you for 1 year. It's ok though it was just a mistake. Thanks for bringing it up, I added it back.
>I went into photoshop and spent a gorillion hours manually extending the lasers fit based on how many pixels long the edges were.  Frame by frame.
Absolute fucking madlad, we need more anons like you.

I'd like to note that we now have 36 banners, which is 2 more than how many fat/v/ had, only 2 days in since anons started joining again, thanks to everyone who's contributed so far. Also let me know if I missed anything, this was a large batch of them and I might've forgot some along the way.
Replies: >>721 >>746 >>759
The Zchan logo in the alt version of >>585 lingers longer than the first one before it loops.
(35.6KB, 300x100)
(35.4KB, 300x100)
Replies: >>1010
(414.6KB, 300x100)
(414.6KB, 300x100)
(414.6KB, 300x100)
>The fatchan ones will stay out though
Damn, and I hoped you'd comment something about the KoFZ logo.
>That framerate is abysmal, thank you graphics interchange format
Not the guy who uploaded it, but here's the gif at 1.5, 1.75 and 2x the original speed. Pick the one you like the most.
Replies: >>748 >>1010
(562.9KB, 300x100)
A DMC one
Replies: >>796 >>1010
the first one is better
(229.9KB, 1175x657)
If my memory serves me correctly, they only used the ones I crossed out. Knuckles was just crap.
Replies: >>1010
(25.8KB, 300x100)
(969.8KB, 300x100)
(2MB, 300x100)
Just realized that there's no JSR banner, might as well fix that. Is this any good?

10/10 work lads!
Replies: >>801 >>1010
(28.6KB, 300x100)
(1.3MB, 300x100)
Alternative version in case the first one wasn't clear enough.

I compressed the right one a bit to reduce its size. I hope it doesn't look too bad.
Replies: >>802 >>1010
(215.1KB, 300x100)
Made a DQ one, though I feel as if the Zchan logo could've been implemented better.

The compressed version looks good! I just hope that Pastabro won't mind it being a bit over 1MB. Also, I prefer the Zyklon variant of the PSX boot screen banner.
Replies: >>843 >>1010
(104.1KB, 634x482)
Very nice, Anon
You could always go with writing it out in an appropriate font instead. A quick check suggests that Garrick Bold is what Dragon Quest VIII used for ingame text, or at least is similar enough.
Replies: >>1010
(55.5KB, 300x100)
Made a Strange Journey banner, I think it turned out well.
Replies: >>1025 >>1170
(90.2KB, 300x100)
(83.2KB, 300x100)
Last ones for tonight, a MMBN banner and Danganronpa banner. Tomorrow I wish to tackle a Ghost Trick and Ace Attorney banner, unless any other anons want to give them a shot.
Replies: >>1010 >>1025
(9.7KB, 379x451)
I knew it was Virtua Tennis 4, damn anon, nice.
(724.1KB, 640x360, 00:13)
Went with SNES colors, added.
That's better, 1,75x speed looks the best.
>Damn, and I hoped you'd comment something about the KoFZ logo.
Anon, you know I liked it, but this is a fresh start again
That's pretty great, I should dust off my PS triple and replay the DMC HD trilogy, it's been a while.
Well if my memory serves me correctly, the only ones I don't remember seeing on jula/v/ were 2nd row 3rd one and 3rd row also 3rd one.
Fucking ace, this should be the official moniker.
Very nice, are you keeping count?
I'll keep the original for the first, good fix on the second. Good job.
>I feel as if the Zchan logo could've been implemented better.
I recommend following this >>843 anon's suggestion, I added it anyway, will replace if you update it.
First one is fantastic, I love the subtlety of the logo. Added both.

That's a lot of banners, lads.
Replies: >>1025
(65.1KB, 300x100)
Looked into my old man game collection and a  banner with the Boxart of the US version of Gynoug emerged.
Replies: >>1025 >>1170
thumbnail looks like Thanos in yellow lipstick
Replies: >>1021 >>1025
Now I want to see Thanos with his chin consisting of nothing but teeth.
Replies: >>1025
(193.3KB, 300x100)
Made the Ace Attorney banner I mentioned in >>969. Should I change the timing of anything? I manually fiddled with the timing frame by frame until I got something I would deem acceptable.

In the meantime, I'll be working on the Ghost Trick banner.

Glad you liked them! What do you think of >>963? Is it too basic?

Good work! I've never heard of Gynoug though, is it any good?


First of all, where the fuck do you see purple meme man? Second of all, please leave.
Replies: >>1029 >>1078 >>1170
Its phenomenal. Also known as Wings of Wor in America. If you have  Genesis and you are willing to pay moronic scalper prices, get yourself a copy. Otherwise emulate it. Used vidya shouldn't cost 99 benis. 

'gameplay footage'
Replies: >>1062
(13.4KB, 300x100)
Finished the Ghost Trick banner!

Looks pretty cool, I'll see if I can snag a ROM and put it up on the share thread.
Replies: >>1109 >>1170
Do you have access to Charlemagne Std as a font? Because that's the official one that Ghost Trick's English logo uses.
Replies: >>1110 >>1119
I don't have access to it. Do you have the ttf or otf file?
Replies: >>1119
(15.5KB, 300x100)
Nevermind, I found the font! Which variant do you prefer? Should I change anything?
Replies: >>1120 >>1121 >>1170
(15.2KB, 300x100)
Fuck, site ate my picture.
Replies: >>1121 >>1170
I think having the text forward looks better, but it's kind of a matter of preference. For curiosities' sake, maybe see how it feels if you obscure only the left leg of the H with the coat flap.
Replies: >>1122
(15.4KB, 300x100)
Here's the version with the edit you requested. I think it looks good!
Replies: >>1128 >>1170
That effectively positions the depth of the name at the same level he's sprawled at. And yes, it does look quite nice. You might want to get the shadow from the right leg of the H to go over that part of the coat below it though.
Replies: >>1136
(16.6KB, 300x100)
Replies: >>1170 >>1326
(631.8KB, 300x100)
(14.4KB, 300x100)
Made a 2hu banner with Marisa and made another edit to the shadows on the Ghost trick banner. Apologies for uploading way too many variants of it!
Replies: >>1170 >>1326 >>1468
(67.8KB, 300x100)
Last one for tonight. This one's more of a joke shitpost than anything else.
Replies: >>1170
(26.6KB, 450x450)
Cool texture on the logo, did you knit that yourself, anon?
>Should I change the timing of anything?
I don't see anything wrong with it, how long does it take you to make one of these? I can imagine a while having to edit shit frame by frame. Regardless, nicely done, added.
>What do you think of >>963? Is it too basic?
Not at all, friend, I just missed it. Good thing you brought it up, I added it now.
So huh, which one is the ultimate definitive legendary edition of that banner I should use? Also the font in the Marisa one is kinda lame, consider using kana or something "oriental" looking.
Gah, the mighty ZCHAN nobody's ever managed to summon HIM!
Replies: >>1226 >>1326
Scrooged together from the Internet, because the original logo had a similar idea going on. In theory, I could have taken a shot at knitting it myself, but meh, couldn't be arsed.
Replies: >>1468
The variant from >>1136 or >>1141 gets my pick. Depends on what shadows you prefer.
Replies: >>1468
(895.8KB, 1000x600)
I could ask my grandma to give you some lessons, she made me a lovely pink hat.
Went with the one in >>1141 because, you know, newer is better, right?

Either way, we officially crossed the 50 cap, good job everyone and thanks again for the contributions. This was twice as fast as fatchan, outstanding, really.
Replies: >>1697
(233.7KB, 300x100)
(463.8KB, 300x100)
Are you still accepting banners? I made these two.
Replies: >>1731 >>1789
(6.4KB, 240x240)
It'd be a crime not to accept those sweet banners. Added both, well done nerd.
Replies: >>1732
(14KB, 300x100)
Here's a brand new, not recycled banner.
Replies: >>1806 >>1893 >>2147
damn, that's great
(113.6KB, 922x692)
If BO doesn't add this banner than he is a burger hating faggot and should be dealt swiftly where the entire U.S. Army invades his house for committing one of the greatest crime possible to achieve that democracy has every known.
Replies: >>2147
(13.1KB, 300x100)
Subtle. I like it!
What's the name of the game? It's been a while since i formated my notebook and lost it before playing it.
Fucking fantastic anon
(512.7KB, 300x100)
Made a ridge racer one, is the text centered enough ?
(808.3KB, 300x100)
Made an FE7 banner, does the text need to be moved?

The chan is centered, but the Z isn't so it looks super off center.
Replies: >>2024 >>2029 >>2147
(285.3KB, 300x100)
Optimized it and shifted the text a bit.
Replies: >>2029 >>2147
Try making the "Z" a bit smaller, give it some breathing room from the both edges of the banner, and then move the "chan" up in turn.

Might just be me, but it feels pretty awkward having the figure walking both not be starting at one end of the frame nor finishing at one end.
Replies: >>2038
(13.8KB, 300x100)
Hell yes, that's what it should've looked like from the start. Here's without the logo.
Replies: >>2054 >>2147
(285.7KB, 300x100)
I implemented your suggestions. How does it look now?
Replies: >>2050 >>2147 >>2436
(887.8KB, 300x100)
better version I think
Replies: >>2054 >>2147
Better, but maybe make the "chan" a bit smaller as well so it clears the guy's head.
Replies: >>2147 >>2427
(98.3KB, 300x100)
Added more contrast.

As the other poster said, it would be better if the gif looped correctly and the person appeared from one side and disappeared in the other.
Replies: >>2056 >>2132
I dunno about that, I prefer the original contrast, it's easier on the eyes.
Replies: >>2100
(832.7KB, 300x100)
(1.2MB, 300x100)
Ok, I'll leave the burger alone.
What about these two banners. Do you like them?
Replies: >>2105 >>2147 >>2298
>seamless looping
Nice wizardry.
(882.8KB, 300x100)
(38.2KB, 300x100)
>>109 (OP) 
Replies: >>2147
Well in the intro the woman doesn't start in the corner so I can't do anything about that just hiding the original  text took me fucking hours
Replies: >>2147
(28.3KB, 500x463)
I said no recycling or taking from corpses! that said the Z on the top bun was a really nice touch
Nice, consider doing this >>2050, added your latest for now.
Too bad about the looping, but it's ok, it's still pretty good, added.
Wew, both are ace, my dude.
The w in "Woman" at the end is slightly out of frame, might want to reduce text size by a point. Good ones either way. He's right, squid women would be terrifying
Replies: >>2153
(110.4KB, 800x800)
*terrifyingly hot, maybe
Replies: >>2158
(6.7KB, 300x100)
I'm a bit late to the party, but very happy to see the other banner anons getting back, since recycling my old one would be lame I made something new for you lads, good luck with the board.
Replies: >>2158
(129.5KB, 1181x864)
Just terrifying.
That's too good, anon, almost too good. I thought you were the anon who made this one >>284 it's good to see you back too.
(57.8KB, 300x100)
I accidentally posted this on /b/.
Replies: >>2298 >>2443
(117.3KB, 300x100)
I tried.
Replies: >>2365 >>2443 >>2446
What are you using to make gifs?
Replies: >>2354 >>2365
i imagine he used the timeline in photoshop or krita and drew it
(223.4KB, 600x600)
I like it. Is the Z supposed to blink?

Photoshop + cool or cute gifs that loop well + random fonts I download online.
Depending on the gif I only have to downscale and crop it to fit in the 300x100 resolution, but in some cases (like the Link one) I put a custom background to hide empty spaces and even edit individual frames to make them blend with the background.
Replies: >>2366 >>2372
Oh, and if the resulting product ends up being too heavy I use ezgif.com/optimize to reduce its size.
Yeah, as if it's faulty or something, not sure if it was a good touch.
(72KB, 300x100)
(19.9KB, 300x100)
(72KB, 300x100)
New shitty banners incoming. What do you niggers think?
Replies: >>2427 >>2443
(31.4KB, 500x500)
Since the designfags are here, we're probably gonna need a new logo so we don't get sued by a kiwi billionaire gas station. Adminfag is requesting original one to be made.
Replies: >>2403 >>2417
Nah, m8. The current logo is a fucking gold mine.
(4.8KB, 378x417)
(2.8MB, 1920x1088, 01:11)
Sure man, here you go.
(45.2KB, 300x100)
New banner since we're a gas-station now.

Here's a better, /v/-centric one. Those banners are still good though! Try getting them on /b/ or /z/.

I tried resizing the text, but no matter what I did it scaled like ass. If you want, I can send over the .xcf.
Replies: >>2433 >>2443
I like that one.
Replies: >>2434
(45.2KB, 300x100)
(45.2KB, 300x100)
Glad you do! Just in case, I made another variation with a lighter shade of orange on Izanami's uniform, along with an alternate position.
Replies: >>2443
Oh, also the .xcf for >>2038. It's from an older revision because I forgot to save the .xcf when the final variant was done. The text size is still the same though: https://files.catbox.moe/lfmcuo.xcf
(5.7MB, 961x633)
Guess we'll have to share then, nicely done.
Ah, yes, a textbook illustration of the "rolling thunder" technique, I see. Pretty good shit.
Last two are pretty good, I think they're more /b/ material though.
Nice, went with the first lighter alt.

We now have 61 by the way, 39 slots left.
Replies: >>2746
(83.9KB, 300x100)
I tried even less.
Left it without any logos because of what's going on right now
Replies: >>3038
(422.8KB, 300x100)
(841.5KB, 300x100)
>39 slots left
Make them 36.
Replies: >>3038
(18.8KB, 300x100)
Replies: >>3038
(59.6KB, 540x720)
I think I'll keep the one where you tried, besides, no point in having two very similar ones.
Did you predict the future? Added both, bretty gud.
What game is that, tripsman? Is there any good Zorro game actually? I only know about the Wii one.
Replies: >>3041 >>3058 >>3074
Not this guy. Its the same game which Boxart he has used. Zorro for C64.
Replies: >>3044
Figured it must've been one of those old ass games where the western cover art looks nothing like the actual game.
Have not played any Zorro vidya to be honest, but I used vidya box art.
Replies: >>3059 >>3071
(1.2MB, 574x866)
(278.8KB, 420x500)
fuck, images didn't go through
Replies: >>3062 >>3071
(20.1KB, 300x100)
Shit now I realize this image has better quality, just fuck my shit up.
Replies: >>3071
I miss zorro on tv bros,i used to watch it with my grandpa every afternoon,
Replies: >>3071
(58.6KB, 610x480)
>but I used vidya box art.
figured so.
Don't you trick me like this again, updated.
>I miss zorro on tv bros
Me too actually.
(38.9KB, 480x474)
Yeah that last one was a shitpost, don't worry about it.
I played the one on GBC, it sucked.
(882.6KB, 300x100)
Made a typing of the dead one hope it's good
Replies: >>3094
(881.4KB, 300x100)
>the black box doesn't fully fit in
here's the fix
Replies: >>3101
>"Your not Alexander"
Typo intentional?
Replies: >>3166
Pls no bully I will fix it right away
Replies: >>3171
(911.1KB, 300x100)
I hope I didn't fuck it up again
Replies: >>3184 >>3187 >>3587
(64KB, 300x100)
Replies: >>3281 >>3587
(69.6KB, 842x848)
you forgot a space after your comma
Replies: >>3587
(750.8KB, 565x510)
>this twisted game needs to be reset
Yo buddy, still alive?
Spoiler File
(504.8KB, 300x100)
Fits better on /b/
Good luck finding the admin there. I'm still waiting to see if he liked my Spongebob banner.
(24.8KB, 300x100)
fresh oc, simple and clean
Replies: >>3587
(2MB, 300x100)
Does /z/ have a mascot or figure we can rally around yet?

It is indeed a good game. Very ambitious compared to the rest of the series.

I also made an ace combat banner back in the heyday that never got used because it was well over the size limit and it was pretty rough. Is it worth renewing efforts?
(63.7KB, 300x100)
(33.1KB, 300x100)
Which do you anons think is better? Transparent or not? I also need a suggestion for a font to use for the "Got ya now, z-chan!" quote
I like the transparent one
>that quality banner
Try to blend the colors where it loops so as to make a smoother transition.

I prefer the first. As to fonts, you might consider Mokyo, Edo SZ, or Yozakura, but those might not be "modern" enough for Yakuza
Replies: >>3587
>Does /z/ have a mascot or figure we can rally around yet?
Yes. Check out the meta thread.
Replies: >>3587
(373.8KB, 414x499)
>I hope I didn't fuck it up again
>you forgot a space after your comma
Embarrassing but added, it's pretty good.
It's good but it's not video games is it?
I like that one, however, last time I checked the Z button on my controller was orange, might want to rectify that, added it anyway.
>Does /z/ have a mascot or figure we can rally around yet?
Not exactly, the ones this >>3486 anon mentions are the closest we got to that.
Size limit here is 10MB per banner though it'd be better if we kept it around 1 as to not clog the admin's shit.
>Is it worth renewing efforts?
Well it looks great so, absolutely, might wanna try what anon here >>3444 suggests, seems like an easy enough fix.
You could use the transparent one and put the board in the background or some shit along those lines, otherwise just use the non transparent one. Did you remove the bg yourself? That's pretty good
Replies: >>3627 >>3660
(1.8MB, 1648x1321)
Here's a higher resolution one for anons to use as some kind of template. At a higher res, you can see more of the flaws. I also have a rough Kiryu one but it's a vertical orientation and unsuitable for a banner.
Replies: >>3628
Damn, who changed spoilers to no longer be asterisk?
Replies: >>3632
JSchan feature™
(55.9KB, 300x100)
(55.2KB, 300x100)
How does this look? Is the orange or white text better?
Replies: >>3660
(2MB, 300x100)
(72.9KB, 300x100)
I've quickly thrown together a banner from the New Vegas comic. Opinions?

I've made the smoother transition. I just need a logo suggestion. I suppose I could also change the message too, but I can't think of anything at the moment.

Damn anon I'm not sure which I like more. The white has nice contrast and suits the game, but the orange looks cool nonetheless. Small tidbit though, the subs do say "ya" instead of "you".
Replies: >>3761
(55.7KB, 300x100)
(55KB, 300x100)
Made the correction.
Replies: >>3767
I find white works better, but you could also try a red like the Yakuza logo.
(218.2KB, 300x100)
Made a Touhou Luna Nights banner, should I change the text font?
Replies: >>3778
(154.8KB, 300x100)
Increased font size
Replies: >>3780 >>3786
Move the text a bit down and to the right.
Personally I'd make the text more pixelated to fit in with the rest of the banner properly
(71.8KB, 830x738)
(113.6KB, 627x554)
>2nd pic
(68.5KB, 300x100)
>put some subtle writing reading zchan on the signs
Done. Just need to add the logo to the gif one now
Replies: >>4087 >>4165
(113KB, 307x246)
>that subtle
That's EXACTLY how I envisioned it, perfect.
(1.6MB, 300x100)
I've gotten it down to 1.62MB and added the logo. It's still pretty heavy as far as banners go
Replies: >>4485
(288.9KB, 300x100)
Devil Engine banner,
Replies: >>4485
(52.3KB, 300x100)
(49.6KB, 300x100)
Hotline Miami 2 banner with 2 variants.
Replies: >>4485
(13.3KB, 306x335)
>I've gotten it down to 1.62MB
20% off is good enough, added it, well done.
>still shitting out quality
About the HM one, maybe you could add "zchan" or just "/v/" somewhere, using one of the fonts in the game. They're still good as it is, usually less is more. Added both, very nice my dude. Can you post the edit without filters? I want to give it a shot at animating it

We're at 72 boys, 28 to go.
Last edited by asddf
Replies: >>4540
I'll do you one better, here's the .xcf: https://files.catbox.moe/dzqkgb.xcf
Replies: >>4754
(21.4KB, 300x100)
A simple banner, but I'd like at least one with Teagan
Replies: >>4754
(333.7KB, 300x100)
Made OutRun one
Replies: >>4670 >>4754 >>4761
Make the radio say Z.chan.14.88 and it'll be perfect.
Replies: >>4760 >>4761
(26.5KB, 300x99)
SMT banner.
Replies: >>4754
(58.8KB, 300x100)
Disgaea banner, is this one any good? I feel like I couldn't get the text right.
Replies: >>4722 >>4754
Try a different shade on the stroke so it stands out a bit more.
(1.6MB, 300x100)
Been making a little something. Not sure as to if I've got the correct Japanese text there for cohesion though in that I'm not sure how they write out their equivalent to "imageboard". Machine translation suggests "画像掲示板", but that could well be more along the lines of "graphics card" than a discussion format.
Replies: >>4754
(592.7KB, 1280x720, 00:02)
>well that's something I've never heard before
>photoshop can't open it
>paint.net can't open it
>look it up
Less is more, added.
>scrolls from left to right
Fucking Aussies. Added, nice
That was on 8cuck and I'm pretty sure it's on 8cake as well, so no.
Text looks good to me, I'll just change it if you decide to update it. Is the series good? I've been sitting on the PSP version of Afternoon of Darkness forever and I've yet to try it
I'd say don't fuss too much about the runes, the text isn't very clear and it fades out rather quickly so I doubt anyone will bother reading, besides, you can't learn Japanese so. you could also just use katakana I think something like イメジボード perhaps? Well done anyway, added.

Over 3/4ths of the way, lads. Thanks for the contributions again.
(4MB, 864x480, 00:57)
>wait a sec I already done that
Please be patient I have autism
Replies: >>4761
(370.6KB, 865x756)
(98.6KB, 1004x709)
I like the cheeky 14.18 more, thought it was also a nod to Chase H.Q.
Replies: >>4764
(333.6KB, 300x100)
well I'll leave it for the BO to choose
Replies: >>5275
(923.8KB, 300x100)
(1.3MB, 300x100)
(10.7MB, 432x240, 00:18)
Made an EDF one, should I replace the Ranger with Fencer and here's the original video I made from it
Replies: >>4894 >>5275
Nice Hitler trips and nice banner! Only thing that needs to be changed is the text. I'd say it needs a border along with brighter colors to pop out from the rest of the banner properly.
Replies: >>4895
(923.4KB, 300x100)
Better ?
Replies: >>4900 >>5275
(355.6KB, 1280x720, 00:03)
(62.9KB, 762x768)
I was wondering if it was a mistake in the previous one, good fix.
REMOVE BUG remove bug you are worst alien. Added, nicely done.

77 out of 100 now.

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