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Holy cow, we're back! >>18190

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Lets talk about some DIGIMON and how schizophrenic the series is when it comes to games!
I beat World not to long ago, or I should say I beat mugendramon and don't feel like going through the rest of the bullshit. I have no idea how kids beat this shit because I had a hard time. My mon died right before the final boss, turns out I had his weight to high to digivolve so I rolled back and lowered it a bit. Analogman's face when he gets deleted is one of pure terror and I did not expect that
I had gotten cyber sleuth/ hackers memory a while back too, beat CS and got a little ways into HM but put it on hold for now. The gameplay really gets better in Hackers memory, it could be a bit of a slog in cyber. ABI is kinda a bitch to grind but its not as bad in the second game. I didn't mind the gameplay but it can be a bit dry, I think it needs a bit more to really become fun. I also wish there was more ways to interact with the digimon in your party, they email you when they are on the farm but eh, its not really interacting with them.
As for up coming ones I wonder what survive is going to be about. I recall they pushed it back because the combat sucked but its supposedly due this year. 
I wonder when monster raising sims are going to make a comeback in general. Its genre has been kinda barren.
>>12505 (OP) 
Doesn't count unless your first run was on hard. Makes bosses a bitch to fight; even if you're using a team of max level digimon if you aren't optimized for that boss fight you'll get your ass handed to you, and there's a ton of boss fights up until the final one.
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>you will never give Nokia the big sniff
>Lets talk about some DIGIMON 
Games are chore simulators
Games are generic RPS rpgs that play themselves
Games are boring highschool themed garbage for the ironic weeb crowd
Monsters are so unorganized they just remove ones willy nilly, certain evolution lines don't even match up with their counterparts (angewomon angemon)
The -mon suffix is retarded. 
Only people that want to 'talk' a bout it are people (OP included) that post fanservice, furry or humanoid, because they lack confidence to talk about the series based purely on quality of the games because they know they suck and they think posting fanservice constitutes a conversation, they rather have people spam images of whatever low-effort pg13 suggestive content they can find than actually talk about the games.

The entire Digimon concept worked in the 90s when adults were mostly tech illiterate and every 10 year old kid didn't have a smartphone in their pocket. To see the concept being pushed in today's setting is highly desperate.

The anime is also trash. Toei is one of the worst studios. They literally do not give a fuck and turn out the lowest budget adaptations of whatever they can get their hands on. And as far as the original season (1) goes it wasn't planned out after episode 12.

The entire IP is good for one or two movies and some designs. Nothing else came out of it. Just looking at this thread and already half the posts are about porn. What a great discussion! Mechanically the games are boring dry chore simulators without any depth.
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>chore simulator 
You take that back.
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Sorry anon. Believe me I've tried to like Digimon and I enjoy the Digimon vs Pokemon mod on showdown quite a bit. Wake me up when they mod DW3's encounter rate so I can officially recommend it to people.
Chore simulators can be fun. Unfortunately, DW1 is not one of them and I haven't played any Digimon games past DW3.
Replies: >>12557
Yeah, tried it and didn't feel like I wanted to keep playing it. I wanna try some other Digimon games though as I like the anime a lot.
Oh yeah you fucking nigger? Guess WHAT? you are not wrong about a lot of that
A lot of the games are a pile of shit. I have a fondness for DW1 though and enjoy the games that are similar to them. Cyber sleuth was kinda eh but I enjoy Hackers more, it seems like the figured out that having only mons with pierce be useful is a shitty idea. 
As for the anime? I have only seen a few so I can't give a hot take on that. 
I wonder if digiautist is still alive
Replies: >>12695
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Those are some sexy pantsu
Replies: >>12954 >>12962
DW1 had a good kind of jankiness to it. Although come to think of it, I'm not sure I ever actually finished any Digimon game. They always wore me down eventually. I remember the DS games were particularly grindy. And Data Squad was just weird; the combat screen eventually got flooded with tons of the hexagons. I still don't know what the idea there was.
I should check out the more recent games at some point. I've been meaning to try Cyber Sleuth for a while now.
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I want to cum inside Nokia so bad.
Who hasn't?
Replies: >>12734
The only girl in cyber sluts I wanted to fuck was Kishibe because her voice made me hard. But she has almost zero lewds and also the game plot happened, so overall cyber sluts is a shit game.
It is a shit game but the girls make my dick rock hard
Replies: >>12852
Her entire character revolves rounds being slutty, how does she have the least amount of nudes?
I think I'm going to hope back into HM again, I remember I ended up getting a digiharem without trying. I wanted to avoid it and just let the go with the first mons and digievos that I got but a lot of them ended up being ladymons.
Replies: >>12849
The more lewd a character is the less porn there shall be.
Why do you faggots talk like you're one of those embrassing DeviantArt profiles who weird shit in the comment section?
Replies: >>12869 >>12895
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>Games are chore simulators
If you're talking about Digimon World 1, feeding and shitting are hardly chores. Even in the first few days, unless you spend all day at the gym, you'll naturally pick up enough food through exploration. And you unlock porta-potties less than 1/4 of the way in. The only thing that I could conceive as a chore is fishing to keep extending your mon's lifetime.
>Games are generic RPS rpgs that play themselves
That can also be said about other mon-collection RPGs. Also, if you took 2 seconds to look it up, there's also a card game and some SRPGs. There are other non-rpg games (e.g. 5 fighting games, kart racing game, ARPG) but they aren't exactly good.
>Games are boring highschool themed garbage for the ironic weeb crowd
The 5th-6th gen games have none of that.
>Monsters are so unorganized they just remove ones willy nilly
The franchise has over 1300 mons. What else do you suggest? Even Rehash: The Game started doing that too.

>The entire Digimon concept worked in the 90s when adults were mostly tech illiterate
I always liked the aesthetics of Digimon's digital world(s). The environments in DW1 and DW3 are very aesthetically pleasing, what with the little touches like cables, circuit board traces, plugs, wires, etc. that serve as reminders as to what the world is made of. Also, I digged the premise of raising a mon and 'going on adventures in the digital world' from DW1 (minus the seemingly random evolutions) which has a very small niche, and the VR world DW3 is set in (minus the excessive grinding). DW2 sucked though (bad RNG can fuck you over, slow as molasses, loading screens everywhere, game-breaking moves, etc.)
>The anime is also trash
There's always worse in mon franchises, like a world with legalized cockfighting without a plausible in-universe explanation, and parents being ok with sending off 10-year-old school dropouts into the wilderness on their own, completely ruining suspension of disbelief.
>Nothing else came out of it
<The DW1-style games have gained a cult following and see discussion to this day. There are even 2 fan remakes of it in UE4 in progress aiming to remain faithful to the original
<DW3 and the PS1 card game are also well liked. I've seen people wanting remakes of both
<The DS Story games are meh (clunky menus, too many encounters, a fuckton of fetch quests), and not as well known since around that time Frontier had killed Digimon in the west and savers data squad went by largely unnoticed
<Cyber-Sleuth and its sequel were very well received
You can unlock porta-potties less than an hour in for fuck's sake (recruit Centarumon and Meramon, then Unimon; or even earlier on, 6 prosperity->Great Canyon->Monochromon, no need to fight anyone).
The pet mechanics draw inspiration from the Digimon virtual pet keychains, one of which the game's protagonist is sucked into which makes sense.
Replies: >>12893 >>12984
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shit forgot 1 pic
First time on /v/?
(128.7KB, 1685x1214)
If nobody else is going to dump some lore, I will. I'm no expert unfortunately, and this is the only one I saved. It's a modern classic though.
Replies: >>12954 >>12958
I dumped some important lore right here >>12666
>The anime is also trash.
that's because digimon anime, much like pokemon and yugioh, was basically one big advertisement for their gay products
Replies: >>12985 >>13038
I used to think that Digimon was pretty stupid. Now I know that it's very stupid.
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>feeding and shitting are hardly chores
<going back to your starting area after 20 minutes of having your digimon auto battle is hardly a chore
Then what would you call it? Because I'd certainly not call it an interactive video game.
>but you unlock insta potties
So you unlock a get out of jail for free card, does that justify the jail?
>less than 25% the way in
So it's only a chore 25% of the time?
>that can also be said about other
Not an argument, one in your favor anyhow.
>the 5th-6th gen games have nothing of that
So we should focus on those? Maybe you should've started the thread with that then rather than be as universal as you went.
>what else do you suggest
Proper organization. Key to any good game design truly.
>but pokemon
Is a good game with a sophisticated battle engine. I love seeing you take potshots at a franchise so heavily critiqued as if you could somehow get me to disagree on bad game decisions just because Pokemon does them. I love Pokemon by the by, the actual game that is and calling it a rehash is just a dishonest simplification (generalization) of something that isn't by definition a bad thing. Just calling it something doesn't prove you actually have an understanding of the thing you're critiquing. More of the same =/= the same. And I'll defend the core mechanics of Pokemon to death. You can continue to show pretty pre-rendered art assets but I'd like to see some gameplay. Some well crafted boss design.

<The entire Digimon concept doesn't work in a modern setting
>I always liked the
Not really sure why you quoted that line. But okay.
<the anime is trash for its below-standard budget as Toei is a company that is known for being bottom of the barrel
>there is always worse
Not really.

<cult following
Cult as in religious fanatics that sweep logic under the rug in favor of emotions? 
<I've seen people want remakes
Yeah, nothing more shallow than people wanting remakes of things rather than new things. Or you know, people want the remakes because the issues are too glaring to ignore. When I said nothing came out of it I did not expect you to respond with people's desire to get something out of it, that fucking proves my point.
<here's my opinion (not a review) on the DS Story games, I'm not quoting anybody though but the text is all red and shit
Thanks for proving my point that nothing came out of it I suppose.
<Cyber Slut was liked by the ironic weeb consoomers
Yeah I know. That's even addressed in the 3rd greentext you quoted. You've got the memory of a goldfish. To imply no one has ever critiqued those games for their gameplay, story, censorship, DLC or being for said ironic weeb crowd by say, the majority of OG digimon fans or simply people with standards or to dismiss it by saying some people said they liked a game I suppose that makes sense in your world. Selectively ignoring shit just because it doesn't fit your narrative.
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(835KB, 710x480)
All anime are ads. Digimon is often praised for having a good anime. It does not. Yugioh is actually verily underrated and one example of a good long-running anime. 
Just here to bust some myths. Yugioh's was actually almost squandered by Toei but some people rightfully so made sure that contract got nulled. I'm actually an expert on the matter. It's truly a fascinating piece of history. YGO is a good ad, an actual enjoyable watch. It's a show where you could easily watch 5 episodes in a row thinking you've only seen 1. But many people rather judge things based on their vague memories than make a concrete comparison.
I digress but to say that an ad has to be bad or an ad can't be critiqued or ignoring the fact that literally all anime are ads in one way or the other is simply something that I can't ignore.
(888.7KB, 756x715)
>All anime are ads.
What do anime without a manga source or merchandise advertise?
Replies: >>12994 >>13149
>More of the same =/= the same.

Amazing level of retardation. Did you come up with that by yourself?

>Games are chore simulators

Rich coming from a pokefag. How is ev training and pokemon breeding coming along? Or you are talking about the amazing, utterly boring main stories of the new pokemons, which you have to follow and enjoy each line of the boring ass dialogue written for literal children?  Besides, the poop mechanic actually has a point to it, as it serves multiple functions:

First, is part of resource management. You have a base, you have freedom to explore whenever you want, but you have to take into account the care of your digimon. That means you pace yourself depending on what items you have, and avoid wasting time or you evaluate what risk you can take. As you progress through the game, you find better ways of taking care of poop, meals and injuries on the go by using items, which in turn allows you to explore furthers. This is basic RPG design, you could compare it to the Resting mechanics of old TT Rpgs, while at the same time it translate a mechanics of the virutal pet to videogames.

Second, it actually plays a role in evolution. Failing on purpose can lead to alternative evolutionary path, so it actually gives the player options to experiment to discover new possible evolutions. Furthermore, once you reach the higher levels, digimon either poop less, or stop completely, both as a reward for good care, and as indication that there is no more reason for it, as it has reached its definitive form, and it cannot influence the evolution anymore.

>Some well crafted boss design.

You first. What well crafted bosses does pokemon has? Certainly not the first generations that were so broken it was a miracle how they could even function. Nor the newer ones you can beat without fucking effort. The core mechanics of pokemon are just SMT lite, not that different from the new Digimon games, nothing more nothing less, and since the gba generations each new iteration has been focusing on adding gimmicky shit with the exception of the fairy type, while types like plant or bug are, for the most part, still underwhelming.

If you want some nice bosses, Cyber Sleuth and Hacker's Memory has Ebemon, who fucking changes your type mid battle to fuck you up, Gankoomon and Jesmon, a dual boss designed to support each other, buffing themselves while negating your damage, that without mentioning the amount of bosses with bullshit resistances that love to spam status effect on you. 

>The entire Digimon concept doesn't work in a modern setting

Why the fuck no? AI becoming sentient, using data from the net to develop new forms, giving origins to weird as shit creatures? If anything, it is even more relevant now a days as the age of information goes on. Hackers Memory is practically cyberpunk lite, with hackers using intelligent programs to fuck people up. Or how almost every aspect of our life is controlled by computers, which are little more than mere toys for digimons. This is one of the reasons it has survived so long, the original concept is actually pretty good, and it has spawned some decent animes and good movies (particularly Our War Game is a good example) which shows who catastrophic Digimon can be.

<the anime is trash for its below-standard budget as Toei is a company that is known for being bottom of the barrel
>there is always worse
>Not really.

The Pokemon anime

>Cult as in religious fanatics that sweep logic under the rug in favor of emotions?

Phew, what a faggot. Do you think before you write? This shit is fedora tier level. Even worse, considering you are talking about Pokemon, a mainstream series which uses "muh nostalgia" so fucking hard it gives you a new version of Charizard and Pikachu each edition, remake their movie not long ago, released a short animated serie Pokemon Origin,(which was pretty good though) when X and Y were close to release, and remakes all their past games again and again, including spin-off. And people keep buying them just for nostalgia (like almost every sequel/remake though).

>Cyber Slut was liked by the ironic weeb consoomers

Oh, and you are going to tell me Pokemon isn't, while also being beloved by normalfags and the worst kind of casual players? Or the immense amount of porn of the trainers on the web is no indication of the games being beloved by weebs? Fuck off with your double standards nigger.

Pokemon is alright, but you are just a colossal faggot.


>All anime are ads. Digimon is often praised for having a good anime. It does not.

Adventure and Tamer are decent, specially when it comes to the character writing and in Tamers case, the depression and suicide themes towards the end of the series. Yu Gi Oh is enjoyable, but it isn't that much better than digimon really, still good, both can be very autistic.
Replies: >>13051
You have to go back.
Replies: >>12995
Probably a tourism ad. Sometimes merchandise is planned only when an anime is successful. I'm sure you can find plenty of anime that don't strictly advertise anything though. But those are mostly sold directly, rather than being free.
What would you call a game made for people that purchase things based on how they can jerk of to it? I'm desperate for your approval terminology for things that already have existing words. Tell me what word I should use instead.
Replies: >>12998
>What would you call a game made for people that purchase things based on how they can jerk of to it?
That would be "coomer", if you really want to stick to that brand of garbage memes: "consoomer" is against consumerism, "coomer" is against porn.
Replies: >>13001
Consoomer isn't against anything. It's a mixture of Coomer and consumer, meaning both. It's used to describe a subset of people, it has no 'for' or 'against' attribute baked in. The word has a very real meaning. I did not mean coomer. I meant consoomer. But fair enough. I'll use coomer from now on. Less confusing.
Replies: >>13002
(281.1KB, 1433x973)
How about you don't use cuckchan memes at all?
Replies: >>13004
Because the word itself is universally understood and no alternative has been brought up that suits the situation better. To dismiss words without bringing up an alternative is silly. That's how language functions.
Replies: >>13006 >>13008
>universally understood
Apparently not if you've been arguing about the meaning of it
Replies: >>13007
Fair enough. I'll continue to use coomer though.
The word you are looking for is normalnigger. I just looked it up in a dictionary and it even had a photo of (You).
Replies: >>13009
Your originality persuades your jocularity anon. Well played!
I'm sorry you are so stuck on a children's game. Now if you excuse me I have to go train my literal shitmon to turn into a teddy-bear.
>play on emotion and insincere apologies
I guess OP really just wanted me to applaud him for his blogpostings. Very well. Good job OP. I skimmed through it to see if you brought up any original thought but I did not find any. Wordy as it may it did not contain much.
Replies: >>13034
Games are alright, I get bored of them about halfway through a lot of the time. 
You post in the wrong thread?
Replies: >>13035
No, but thanks for asking.
Replies: >>13036
>id change 
How many ids you got in this thread? Which post above were you referring to? I'm genuinely curious about your autistic train of thought now.
Replies: >>13037
Enjoyed the first season a lot and the third even more. The second was ok. After that it wasn't very interesting.
>>12505 (OP) 
>I have no idea how kids beat this shit because I had a hard time
I remember beating Mugendramon and Digitamamon as a kid, though I could never finish Factorial Town (always failed to sneak past the guardromon in time). I also didn't beat all the cups because I got sick of raising a mon for a cup only to have it die too soon so I gave up (I didn't know about lifespan extension).
If the game didn't fail to explain 50% of stuff it would have fared a lot better.
>I beat mugendramon and don't feel like going through the rest of the bullshit
100 prosperity points doesn't take too long. The biggest annoyances are Toy Town, the sanctuary and the mansion (attribute-specific), and the 3 RNG midgets (MetalMamemon, Mamemon, Piccolomon). Now if you're talking about getting all medals, that shit takes quite long, especially getting a 10 in curling, beating all cups, playing for 10 in-game 'years', and filling up the digivolution chart.
>ABI is kinda a bitch to grind
If you save right before the farm gives you an item you can savescum to get easy tactician USBs and you raise 3 shitmons the grind becomes trivial.
>I wonder when monster raising sims are going to make a comeback in general
When the niggercattle wake up and realize Pokemon has long fallen from grace, which shouldn't take too long if they keep fucking it up.
(227.9KB, 540x696)
Just by virtue of being a product they're advertising potential merchandise, but they're not necessarily marketing. You see what I'm saying here?
Replies: >>13042
replace that spoiler with italics, fuck this formatting
Replies: >>13044
Usually the fuckup is the other way around, idk how you managed to pull this off.
Replies: >>13056
>The entire Digimon concept doesn't work in a modern setting
Thats because Digimon is a science fantasy; now that computing technology has advanced and understanding of it has progessed as well, the idea of a "digital world" existing as something comparable to reality is nonsensical.
If anything, the concept becomes more tangible each year.
Of course digimon never dealt with that as sophisticated and mature as the Tamers anime did ever again which ended up being a remake of SEL for kids.
Replies: >>13057
(96.2KB, 1000x1426)
>>12505 (OP) 
Why not make a "Tron-like" Digimon series if they're looking for an explanation?

>a remake of SEL
Replies: >>13057
(101.2KB, 731x620)
My brain had gotten used to the formatting here but then reversed which character was assigned to which format in a characteristic moment of smoothbrain
Didn't he get shot down for a sequel?  I would like to see what he had planned next. 

Serial Experiments Lain.
Replies: >>13058
How is Tamers "Lain for kids"?
Lain is about an early internet cult forming around a girl that's a product of internet alien magic. Tamers is about the digital world and the real world starting to merge as the barriers between the worlds begin to break down thanks to a failed nuke attempt on the digital world resulting in the creation of a supervirus.
Replies: >>13059
Both was written by Konaka. And if you watch the mid/later episodes in which the backstory how the digimon were created gets explained, it follows a very similar scheme. The ending is also very similar.
Replies: >>13512
There's just no way to keep a digiworld a secret in modern society given everything is being recorded. It had more play when not every 5 year old had a smartphone in their pocket since they would just record everything if it were to play out in a modern setting and still have that sense of reality to it. That's what I meant. I never once thought the understanding of technological limitations was an important factor for this story to be realistic. But I see your point.
But in the anime the digital world end up becoming know in the whole world, and in Tamers the government actually took measures to avoid information being leaked to the public,which of course fails as more and bigger digimon appear, without mentioning the worldwide catastrophes later in the series. Also Digimon appearances in the real world fuck up electronic devices often time, so it makes them go haywire.
Replies: >>13088
>It had more play when not every 5 year old had a smartphone in their pocket since they would just record everything if it were to play out in a modern setting and still have that sense of reality to it.
That feels like such a cop-out of a response. Why is it so hard to write stories about extraordinary events happening in modern day? The "camera's everywhere" line doesn't mean jack shit because (1) there's already too much information out there to keep track of so there is the possibility of something slipping through the cracks (Not to mention just chucking entire hard drives of data because it would require too much time to even find the fucking thing they're looking for, which the NSA has been unironically doing for the past few years because the Patriot Act is giving them so much junk information that they're not even bothering half the time) and (2) it's made people lazy beyond belief. Before the internet, you had people actually investigating information; now, you have people who stop questioning something after a simple Google search. Then, that's on top of the fact that cameras are NOT everywhere despite the meme as you also have places that outside of the cities where some people (Unbelievably to the "modern man") actually live while still stuck somewhere from the 60's to the 90's.

>But in the anime the digital world end up becoming know in the whole world, and in Tamers the government actually took measures to avoid information being leaked to the public,which of course fails as more and bigger digimon appear, without mentioning the worldwide catastrophes later in the series.
Wasn't that the plot of Savers?
>Wasn't that the plot of Savers?

Haven't watched Savers, so I can't say, but in Adventures, 02 and Tamers the digital world stop being a secret towards the latter half of each series, or at least the existence of Digimons. So I wouldn't be surprised if it also happens in Savers. After all Digimon often times had quite a Kaiju flavor to it.
Replies: >>13307
I'm not trying to cop-out. It's just a sign of the times. Less rumors happen when more shit gets recorded. Things have less believably if you come home with a story you should have recorded. Same reason true crime murder mysteries peaked before they used science to solve all of them. 
>it means jack shit because there's too much information
That implies everything needs to be recorded at all times. If something happens and people are there to see it people will record it however. So nothing mysterious can happen without a billion of phones recording it from every angle.
>the camera's everywhere lines does not mean jack shit because it's made people lazy beyond belief
People aren't lazy. I'm not sure where you're getting this from.
>what about fictional place people's stuck in the 60s
Would get overflooded by tourists with cameras if any rumor where to ever come out. Not sure if I follow this one. If something gets out, it gets out for good. You can't have your cake and eat it, too.
Replies: >>13619
(604.4KB, 1200x1702)
So you're saying you prefer Appmon?
>Why is it so hard to write stories about extraordinary events happening in modern day
Cell phones have ruined storytelling.
So many tense situations can be defused by having a cellphone.
>Need the police?
Call them on your cellphone
Call for help/directions on your cellphone
>Have to warn a person about something but you are not near them?
Call them on your cellphone
>Need to meet up with a person and don't know where they are?
Call them on your cellphone
They are a blight to story telling. That said, with Digimon you could come up with a pretty simple excuse for a modern setting where cellphones are crap and don't work or even don't exist. The technology was tested but ultimately there was strange interference  caused by digimon that couldn't be removed that kept it from being practical.
Replies: >>13307 >>13312
>What do anime without a manga source or merchandise advertise?
The Blu-rays or DVDs of themselves?
Spoiler File
(2.5MB, 576x432)
Spoiler File
(348KB, 1453x1303)
Spoiler File
(297.2KB, 1456x1212)
Replies: >>13226
(16.9KB, 324x383)
Those weird hands and feet creep me out every time.
Replies: >>13251
Why, are you a big knees kinda guy instead?
Replies: >>13270
(131.7KB, 219x426)
Whoa, this is a Christian imageboard, buddy.
(745.9KB, 1096x731)
I could live with Mirei sitting on my face.
Replies: >>13318
>Wasn't that the plot of Savers?
No. There never was any revolt against DATS even after Kurata tried to take over the world. Not that there was any time for that anyway because they had to go back to the digital to stop Nigdrasil from eradicating the human world.
>Cell phones have ruined storytelling.
It's no excuse: just have every electronic device be insecure, always-online, botnet-infested IoT shit, and have the government/hackers/viruses/villains use exploits or built-in backdoors to delete everything people record or talk about, and calls towards certain people always give a busy tone 'for some mysterious reason.' You can even take it up a notch and have the good or bad guys manipulate/erase people's memories MiB style to keep stuff from leaking, and over-zealous AI (or machine-learning algorithms, filters, etc.) misflagging undesirable info for deletion (or getting subverted to do so)
Anyone trying to report unusual phenomena would be persecuted and decried as pushing fake news regardless of facts because they have no 'proof' to back up their stories while fake news gets around with fabricated stories and proof. There would be chaos and people would be divided and unable to tell what is real and what isn't, calling people would be impossible because bad actors can detect wrongthink, trace you and/or wiretap your calls, etc.

The above would be extremely relevant to current issues (chink botnet devices that spy on you, hackers and unscrupulous businesses exploiting said botnet devices for nefarious purposes, people's lives being at risk because of botnet data being used to determine what they can and can't do (e.g. traveling), government backdoors being abused and coming back to bite them in the ass, abuses of technology by governments to cover stuff up and silence dissenters, fake news proliferating while legit news are labeled fake news, unappealable, unsupervised automated filters wrongly flagging innocent stuff as harmful, etc.).
Other alternatives would be have stuff happen in an a small town in bumfuck nowhere without cell reception, an evacuated area, a warzone, or a repressive/technologically-starved state (think Best Korea, African shitholes), or the most glaringly obvious one, another world. Hell, they could even take the Rockman.EXE route and have digimon/viruses/whever make IoT shit, traffic lights, the transportation system, etc. go haywaire.
As I said, the 'muh cellphones' shit is no excuse, especially on more 'technologically-focused,' less 'realistic' settings like Digimon's.
Phones can be disabled by digimon or a core part of digimon. The technology doesn't ruin story telling unless you let it ruin story telling. Most digimon stories are about children who shouldn't have phones any way.  There is huge potential in a digimon story about childhood adventure being swallowed up by technology. You could explore how children are now surrounded by tech so often they pick digimon over reality. When digimon become real the kids can't hide any more and have to face a real adventure. In the digital world none of their devices will save them only maturing and learning to survive will. 

Alternatively just do retro series. Digimon series set in the early 90s. No need for digimon to be in the current world, it would work fine as a retro series. Include some history of tech growing and have them have to prevent Digimon skynet as more and more devices connect together.
Whats her deal anyway? Why does she get around so much? 
Also have tech everywhere would make digimon even more of a problem. If you have some evil digimon where are you going to hide? I don't think technology ruins the story at all.
Replies: >>13320
She's a human who got root access. Her story was in a digimon world game that didn't get translated. She's basically a server admin for the digimon world data center.
Replies: >>13326 >>13494
>sys admin
That explains being alone and the two cats.
The core battle system in Pokemon is perfectly usable. Not the best in the world but it can definitely be fun. Problem is Gamefreak doesn't do anything with it. The fact that you criticize Digimon for lack of good boss designs while defending Pokemon in the same breath is laughable. Virtually none of the gym battles are interesting or challenging at all, and mods and self-imposed obtuse challenges like nuzlocke don't count. If you want anything approaching challenging battles, you are required to beat the whole game and grind out the post game battle content, which varies in quality from game to game.
I'm playing HM and Yu wants me to demo his boypussy right? Or am I reading this wrong? Seriously this guy is a massive fag.
>Her story was in a digimon world game that didn't get translated
Replies: >>13508 >>13611
Lost evolution fucking never. Too busy jerking off in discord to translate it.
(88.6KB, 666x846)
Holy shit, I didn't know this. Now it all makes sense.
>Along the way, you stumble across Mirei, who has hacked the system to have two partners, an Angewomon and LadyDevimon.
>She was a scientist working at the GIGO Company, short for Global Information Global Organization. After an experiment goes wrong, she ends up getting sucked into the digital world, unable to escape.
So how are the other games besides Cyber Slut? It's such a daunting series to get into since there are so many games of varying genres.
China is the same and it doesn't have constant leaks now does it?

Cameras every where doesn't prevent super natural events from going unrecorded. You can argue it's all fake and you maybe right but there is undeniably events happening we can't explain and don't get recorded or only very low quality when they do.

The current digimon series uses dimensional portals in the real world. So the average person isn't seeing the digimon just experiencing the digital fall out.

More rumours happen. We're at an all time high of paranormal fucktards thanks to podcasts and youtube. It's not been this big since the 90s Xfiles craze. More information also means more whackos publishing infomation. You go from Art Bell talking to people selling books to thousands of videos every day on all sort of dumb shit. Then you get creepy pastas and reddit stories and urban legends increase even more.  True crime mysteries are bigger now than ever as well because of places like youtube. I often watch videos on serial killers and unsolved crimes.  

You think information only answers things instead or raises questions. Ask yourself how often you came across holocaust denial before the the 2010s? Now ask yourself why you're coming across it in a Digimon thread and you see how information didn't answer all the questions, it only promoted questioning more things. 

You're right that any hint of a monster brings in shit loads of people but this was true pre-internet. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OmnSCGr65Pk Small town monsters do documentaries on the fallout of monster sightings just like you mean. What happens is a bunch of fucktards turn up with guns, make a lot of noise, get drunk and then go home a week later. Then it becomes a steady stream of tourism and flogging cheap novelty gifts. Digimon would be no different because most digimon encounters last a few minutes at best. Someone might get a shaky video but most people will run away from monsters shooting fireballs out their buttholes.
(2.1MB, 2130x3319)
Digimon world 1 can be a bit daunting with some serious bullshit thrown in. I did enjoy my time with it though. ReDigitize is 1 with less bullshit thrown in. I haven't played the other games. 
Have some digigirls.
Replies: >>13939
(65.7KB, 320x320)
>So how are the other games besides Cyber Slut?
These are the ones that are usually recommended (discounting Cyber Sluts as you already played it). Pick according to your taste.
>standard RPG
<Digimon Adventure w/English patch (PSP). An adaptation of the plot of the 1st anime and the Our War Game movie, with a few extras. English fan translation: mega #!YoIzjabR!CuK2sK-dsf0VQo3InrczaKgaHtUnVIMr9Oan00JhMsg
<DS Digimon World RPGs (DS, Dawn/Dusk). Closest gameplay to Cyber Sleuth. Plots are nothing to write home about but gameplay remains otherwise enjoyable (discounting high random encounter rates). There are 2 more, but they're in nip, translation of one (Lost Evolution) is WIP
<Digimon World 2003 (the PAL version, US has no postgame). Takes place in an in-universe VR video game. Shortly after entering, everyone gets trapped in the game and you venture around the game world to find a way out. Gameplay is kind of meh; it's rather grindy and has quite a bit of backtracking (sidequests, auctions, card minigame) and no fast travel. You'll probably want to check a FAQ for sidequests and auctions as they're missable and the game doesn't tell you when they become available.

>RPG with pet-raising elements
<Digimon World 1 (PS1, US version. for PAL only UK works fine). You're sucked into a v-pet keychain by a white-haired midget to save File Island. You get your digimon and set off in search of recruitable digimon and investigate what's threatening the island's continued existence. Having a guide handy is recommended as the game fails to explain a lot of shit (care mistakes, evolution criteria and priority, what affects lifespan). Guide: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1aHHXZXjZNDabFTWUdF055M0oshyC57kff5NVc2BTYGE/edit (see sections 1-4 for explanations)
<digimon Re: Digitize w/English patch (PSP). More digimon, more stuff to do. Not a sequel of DW1. Kind of lacks the charm due to lack of field animations. English fan translation: mega file/TcRwEAJa#YZAb2AwXpplHB7hhBYDlaCMm17YpYviskAALtIfdeBo
There's an expanded version for 3DS (Re: Digitize: Decode) but fan translation is WIP.
<Digimon World: Next Order (PS4). A sequel to DW1. You raise 2 digimon now. Has a lot of QoL fixes that address long-standing player grievances (e.g. lock out unwanted evolutions). Battle is way better than the gym for raising stats in this one.

>Card game
>Digimon Digital Card Battle (PS1). It's no Yu-Gi-Oh, but it's still fun, especially building overpowered decks. Its plot has distant links to Digimon World 1 (or rather, the previous card game based on it that didn't make it overseas). Patch for US version that fixes Aquilamon's effect and a couple card descriptions: https://www.mediafire.com/file/7c90mgp7x26cbwo/DDCB_Patch.rar/file
Protips: try to avoid fusing cards (especially non-trash ones) until the 3rd fusion shop unless you have the max amount. the lower a card's number is within its type, the higher its rarity and the better it is for fusion (option cards do not always adhere to this rule).

There are other games, but I couldn't really recommend them. (e.g. the grindy and slow as molasses Digimon World 2 that can ruin a run if you get bad dungeon RNG, the super imbalanced Rumble Arena fighting games without blockstun, the punishingly difficult Digimon World 4 with collision damage and no mercy invincibility, and a spin attack that will likely get you hit more often than it will hit enemies).
Replies: >>13920
Digimon world 4 is one of the worst games I've ever played. It's designed as a co op game and then has the genius problem of 2 loading screens between being able to change equipment. If I recall evolution is locked until post game as well. It wants to be some kind of co op gauntlet clone but it's so miserable to play it doesn't even work as one. It's just plain bad. 

Digimon games in the west have a naming issue. In Japan digimon has different sub franchises like SMT/Persona/DDS but in the west they call everything Digimon world. So games like Digimon story DS/Dawn/Dusk are considered the same series as Digimon world 1/re:nigitized/next order and it gives people a sour taste in their mouth. They think digimons a mess because US naming was so lazy.

I hope we get a game where armor evolution returns and matters. Maybe if adventure Omegamon does well they will reboot zero 2 the same way and armor will be expanded on. Having to find eggs and use those to expand your exploration would be neat. Different partners giving access to different areas depending on which egg you find making each partner change the adventure order and maybe the plot because you meet NPCs in a different order.
Digimon World 2 is a passable roguelike, Digimon World 3 is a kinda shitty RPG, especially compared to the better option we have in CS. The DS games, including Dusk&Dawn have a very large selection of digimon but they're grindy and not the best, but not complete trash either. They're isometric view RPGs with 2d graphics in the same vein as Megaman Battle Network.
Replies: >>14049
(80.5KB, 236x255)
So I guess Digimon World 1 is the place to start, but there's no digital PSN version and it's super expensive on ebay for some reason.
Replies: >>14049
I know about emulation, I just prefer to play my games on original hardware when possible. Emulation isn't as comfy.

Also I wouldn't be playing that shitty localized version anyway
Replies: >>13983 >>14049
What if I told you with the magic of emulation you could play the japanse version you so crave.
>The game has been out of print since forever. Why not emulate or play a backup instead of giving scalpers money?
Because used Japanese games are usually really cheap for a mint condition copy, so I like to collect them. I got Xenogears for 7 bucks on Ebay so it's weird that Digimon is >$40. 

Either way I am not paying that much for a PS1 game so I guess emulation is my only option.
Posting again since last post submitted itself on its own as I was typing.
>Digimon World 2 is a passable roguelike
Yes, if you're willing to look past:
>~10-second loading screens going in and out of battle
>6 attacks in a battle taking ~85 seconds, and 3 taking ~35 seconds
>there are enemies that can move twice for each step you take even if you can one-shot them (it's hard-coded; stats and items have no bearing this). you can run away, but given the above, it's still time wasted (plus running away can fail too, forcing you to endure half a turn to try again)
>the same ear-grating 50 second battle loop throughout the entire goddamn game, and like 60% of dungeons use the same stale dungeon BGM. revisited dungeons don't change BGM through the course of the game either
>the level caps that force you to grind 2 digimon to max level and fuse them to raise them by floor(2nd mon's level/5)
>bad RNG can fuck up your runs real bad Using savestates to reroll floors is cheating you cunt
<when tackling a new dungeon, they often have stronger obstacles than you can deal with at that point in the game (e.g. lv 5 spore when you only have lv 4 mag. missiles). if one spawns in an unavoidable corridor due to bad RNG you can kiss that run goodbye
you're constantly invaded by a sense of paranoia as there are traps that your digibeetle's sensors may fail to pick up even with if upgraded, causing you to mash X to check every tile before you move
<items don't stack, and your (limited) inventory is cluttered by a fuckton of digibeetle items (at least 5 spore and drill missiles (wave missiles lag behind those), some ret. bug and fuel bug zaps, some fuel packs), but this is no guarantee as the game may spawn more obstacles or spores than you have ammo for. thankfully (or not), items are made obsolete by healing techs
<the game can give you dungeons longer than your digibeetle's autonomy at that point in the game
there's nothing more rage-inducing than not being able to clear a dungeon because you're out of fuel a couple rooms before the exit portal (it's a very rare occurrence but it still pissed me off immensely when it happened)
With all those flaws it's 5/10 at best if you ask me.

>there's no digital PSN version and it's super expensive on ebay for some reason.
The game has been out of print since forever. Why not emulate or play a backup instead of giving scalpers money?
>I guess Digimon World 1 is the place to start
It's one of those games that either clicks with you or it doesn't. Hence my suggestion above.

>I wouldn't be playing that shitty localized version anyway
If you're good at nip, there are several perks
<there are 2 untranslated DS RPGs (Super Xros Wars Red/Blue and Lost Evolution)
<In DW1 Giromon's jukebox doesn't crash the game, unlike the US version, and the game plays at 30 FPS unlike the UK one
<you can play DW Re: Digitize: Decode, which is a lot bigger than the original Re: Digitize
<you can play Digimon World: Digital Card Battle (the predecessor that is nip only), and DW: Digital Card Arena (the one that came out abroad) doesn't have the US versions's glitches and has instrumental arrangements from the anime that were removed in overseas versions
<you can play the nip-only Wonderswan games featuring Ryo's adventures and Millenniummon's shenanigans
thank you for your pasting unobfuscated links so that our bots can send takedo- I mean I can play that video game, go- I mean dude.
Replies: >>14055 >>14115
I was going to ignore it but now you made me paranoid.
What happened ITT? This thread get shat on or did some nigger hit the 'wipe posts by IP' button?
I deleted one of my own posts and I'm assuming so did another anon.
Replies: >>14098
That's annoying.
Replies: >>14103 >>14115
Ok, I'll tel you what you want to hear. Pastanigger BO came in and he was all like
And then he yelled BIGN'A BING'A WAHOO
and jumped on all our posts shattering them like bricks and then he gave us all some gabagool and ran off.
Replies: >>14126
(198KB, 1024x915)
We have never used the "delete by IP" button when it's just for a few posts. We only use it for literal spam or for total derailment in a thread.
If you read my post at >>14049 you'll see I deleted the previous one which had sent itself while I was typing it (probably hit a keyboard shortcut or something).
The other anon deleted his post in response to me telling him about bots scraping links off websites to send automated takedown requests, which I think is worth mentioning seeing as darkumbra, the entire motherfucking iso network, and even a little known FTP with several romsets shut down over the last few months. God knows who could be next.
(12.6KB, 480x360)
That's even more annoying.
(237.4KB, 650x662)
i just want to play Digimon Survive and cum inside terriermon.

that is all
Replies: >>14152 >>14526
(60.3KB, 427x261)
I hope its good. Also pic related.
(1MB, 1280x1810)
There are far too many humanoid digimon for me to ever want that.
Replies: >>14553 >>14619
(3.4MB, 2155x2233)
(447.5KB, 1200x1669)
(57.6KB, 360x480)
>you will never be 12 and get a slutmon as your digimon 

I got Tigevespamon finally in hackers memory and it ended up having a guys voice which was confusing because the other one in the story is clearly a ladymon. Its alright though, hes still my bro. I really wish the game didn't constantly throw just rookies at you when you are fighting ultimates in a boss battle, I tend to stick to smaller teams so maybe thing are thinking that you will have lower level digimon? I dunno its weird.
Replies: >>14563 >>14619
(104.4KB, 722x690)
>ywn turn your digimon into a digimom
the slutmons bore me. under all the armor and shit they are all essentially the same girl. rookie digimon are way hotter.
(26.2KB, 158x132)
Well you're a furfag so your opinions don't matter.
Replies: >>14624
The same hot girl.
Replies: >>14624
(14.5KB, 751x524)
yeah but i'd rather a qt terriermon whos smol and tight

ok hentailord
(753KB, 940x1285)
>he only like digimon for their bodies
I hate how the only people who talk about digimon are pedos and furries. Digimon has some fascinating lore, great monster design and a shit load of potential as a game series. Instead we get faggots jerking off over dogs and derailing every thread to be about their dicks. I suspect Digimon attracts a lot of trannies for that reason alone.

Has any one attempted to translate the wonderswan games outside of the one HK release?
Replies: >>14788
There is something I liked about the girls in digimon even as a 10 year old. Hikari fascinated me because there was something depressed and mysterious about her. But you are right, Digimon is much more than that after all.
Replies: >>14815
(233.7KB, 1699x862)
I had the big digiautists lore breakdown but someone already posted it I think. Here is the season breakdown too.
(235.2KB, 900x800)
Does anyone know of a way to get Cyber Sluts on PC to run in moon? It'd make for great moonrune practice with the added bonus of no butchered dialogue.
On a related note, is there a patch that re-enables pic related?
Replies: >>16146 >>16921
(10.7KB, 616x625)
If you have it on Steam then you change the language from the game properties like this. Dunno if it's possible to change the language of a pirated version of a game that doesn't have an in-game language option.
Replies: >>16158 >>16921
(190.4KB, 1410x822)
Unfortunately, it seems the PC version lacks the moon language. I was just wondering if there was a mod that swaps the assets with those of the moon Switch version.
Replies: >>16200 >>16845
That's weird that it shows Japanese on the store page but doesn't let you select it. At least I know not to buy it in the future.
Nah I'm currently playing Cyber Sleuth with the japdub.
I went through this issue myself.  I actually bought Cyber Sluts on steam just to check if it had Japanese.  It does not, so I refunded it immediately.

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