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>Jason Schreier has left Kotaku for Bloomberg News
>Persona 5 is censored, with both changes to the translation and some changes to the original Japanese
>EARN IT Bill would give government power to ban encryption and monitor all messages
>Marvel Comics Introduces New Non-Binary Superhero Character "Snowflake" (and partner "Safe Space") As Part Of New Warriors Line-Up.
>Love Live! Sunshine!! Mall Poster Removed Following Complaints of “Sexualizing Women"
>Nathan Grayson gave coverage to Game Loading: Rise of the Indies without disclosing he was filmed for it, though the footage wasn't used
>SJWs attack the fan-translator for Goemon 3 for translating "newhalf" as "tranny", may have driven him from doing any more fan translations:

Collect and catalog all of the various localization and censorship accounts of past video games into a single repository from these sources:

Sony's policies forces censorship; JP devs allegedly have to go through ENG approval process: https://archive.fo/awzFF
Japanese blog post about it: https://archive.fo/bF9bE
Sony Japan President Says PS4 Censorship Policy Is To Match Global Standards And Protect Kids
-Confirms censorship was deliberate https://archive.fo/XgAgP
-No rules for censorship policies, games judged case-by-case https://archive.fo/37DhK
-Marvelous partner starts petition against policy https://archive.fo/rxQtf https://archive.fo/84UHo
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C. Internet Censorship happenings: Spread the word about the dangers of FOSTA/CLOUD act/Article 13, etc.
D. OP End the Era: Dig into resetera and their connections to journos, devs, etc.

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>>406 (OP) 
>Summaries of #GamerGate:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wy9bisUIP3w - #GamerGate - If It's Not About Ethics
•https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5fnRSL3d_xU - #GamerGate in 60 Seconds
•https://archive.fo/23Fde - GamerGate: A State of the Union Address
>Background and Evidence for #GamerGate:
•The #GamerGate Dossier: https://archive.fo/nv1Fb
•#GamerGate Wiki: https://ggwiki.deepfreeze.it/index.php?title=Main_Page
•History of #GamerGate: https://www.historyofgamergate.com/
•View the timeline links in the Current Happenings section!

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•Key GamerGate Hubs: https://v.gd/LNJbat
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>>406 (OP) 
Apologies about the OP and post character limit, it's capped at 4000 characters, and I cannot increase it. That's another thing I'll have to bring up to the admin I guess.
Replies: >>421 >>430
The board owner can set it in settings, not sure if volunteers can. It's "Max Thread Message Length" and "Max Reply Message Length".
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Yeah man, that's what I'm saying I can't, thread count is also capped at 100, maybe these are the default settings and the admin never bothered changing them, because I recall fatchan having 20000 as character and like 200 max threads.
Replies: >>428 >>430
Why is it you faggots cannot stay on your fucking cake site. Finally there is a worthwhile alternative again and you queers just cannot help yourselves but shit this place up as well.
Replies: >>429 >>430 >>432
Yeah, it must be some admin setting then.
Alternative to what, Julay?
Replies: >>431 >>434
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It's alright for now pastabro, we can make due. Also, as a deterrent for when it inevitably comes up:


The thread already suffers from metashit enough, we don't need drama shitting up the thread as well.

> 20000 as character and like 200 max threads
Yeah, that was a good side of fatchan. But I think it's an easy handle

We don't like Mark a much as you, buddy. We just tolerate him and hope he stops coming to our thread. Either way, take it to >>114
cake chan, you dumb nigger, here's the (you) you need so bad.
Replies: >>433
>>406 (OP) 
Mark wignats shitting up the thread in 3...2...
Now. How about pepple finally want their /pol/ bonsai finally be free of Mark and Acid? Maybe getting back to DIGRA would be a good idea. Thanks to all the retarded drama this very thread missed the left shifting tactics.
That would imply he wants people to go back to where he came from himself.
Julay/v/ didn't allow a GG thread until the last few weeks so that seems unlikely.
Bravo, a GG thread is exactly what this board needs.
(515.2KB, 750x400)
Discuss this in the meta thread instead of shitposting here.
You've been fairly warned.
Replies: >>442
(28.6KB, 220x190)
You heard the man


Anyways, is it true that Buzzfeed is shutting down it's UK and Aussie branches due to the whole quarantine thing? Because it would be really great if it could go out like Gawker did.
Replies: >>443 >>444
Not entirely, they'll keep some of their employees for international news/commentary/faggotry. Their local branches as local branches are toast though. This might be embarrassing if it's changed from fats syntax.
>go out like Gawker did
Reminder most of Gawker's spawn continue to limp along under Univision's subsidy after The Onion was raped and had them shoved up its ass.
Replies: >>457 >>471
>>444  (trips of death checked)
Have any pozzed game or game news companies gone under since Corona?  I know a lot of them have been bleeding money and employees.  
>after The Onion was raped and had them shoved up its ass.
Haven't checked on them in forever.  I can't recall if they got pozzed and started pushing politics over joke articles.
Replies: >>471
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(194KB, 1554x887)
(152.4KB, 820x660)
(300KB, 910x1050)
'Islamists have taken over the Capitalist Meta-Infrastructure that Socially Engineered The West'

Gamergate was just a symptom of a much larger problem.
Replies: >>471 >>493
(112.8KB, 1024x837)
>Those trips

>Have any pozzed game or game news companies gone under since Corona?
I'm not sure about any specifics, but I do know that Disney is starting to hurt and has taken out at least two different over 2 billion dollar loans due to the government refusing to bail them out. If they're hurting, I'd put good money on company's like Sony or Bethesda are feeling this to some extent.

Is this saying that we somehow stumbled across a bunch of Jews, Arabs, and Traitors who were planning to subverting western society though the internet and video games?
>Social Justice is the religion of Jesuits who are Vatican agents who work for the (((Rothschilds)))
So to boil it down, the jews are behind it once again. But why add video games to your list of targets? Aren't distractions good for you when your trying to do something sneaky?
Replies: >>486
(1.4MB, 2000x1305)
Glad to see this board is GG-friendly, I wish it success and may come around to post more often when things start picking up.
have my favorite Vivian
Replies: >>488
Interesting. It now covers religion too. Time to say AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. These cover the degeneration of Western spirituality which is the root of the Jew and Muslim problems, the Religion of the future they are trying to cobble together and how a culture creation through a fake and gay scene like 2010s Indie Gaming works. Both books are of course worth owning physically. In fact I encourage you to get your own physical copies, because you may end up stuffing them with Post-its. 

Reminder the GG has successfully killed that scene that forced those faggots to switch their strategy and subvert corporate gaming.
Because the glow niggers want their invention back from the nips. It was a nice run, but they really want to shape culture according to their fucked up image. That their children refuse to take responsibility and rule only adds fuel to the garbage fire.
Replies: >>488
(525KB, 600x800)
I haven't seen that before anon, thank you for it. Hopefully it picks up, the spaghetti was a good BO on fatchan, and his only gripe was to keep threads relatively on topic and all meta discussion/drama goes in the meta thread. As long as we follow that, were good.

Alright, now this is way too off topic. It's interesting but this isn't /pol/, it's GG; Take this back to the mlpol.net thread if you want to discuss this.
Replies: >>493
See >>463. I admit that these are supplemental material and frankly not worth discussing yet, because I am like the only person that had read these. The most relevant of these in my opinion is Weird Scene inside the Canyon, because it retells the story of how the Hippie was manufactured inside Laurel Canyon. I say start here and compare with Indiegaming.
Replies: >>497
I did look at it, and this is /v/, not /pol/. Just because it is associated with /v/ and GG doesn't mean something of this manner/caliber this should be discussed here. In fact, why haven't you posted this on 8moe if you want people to talk about it? People are still deciding if they want to move so theirs more anons there for now.
Replies: >>499
The reasons why I am not posting on Acidchan should be rather obvious. Look; We don't have that many boards at our disposal anymore. So there is no way of posting that shit on something like /pdfs/ and link it. Besides: That shit is sadly politics. Culture creation to be precise. This is why I said the most relevant one is Weird Scenes inside the Canyon. This stuff also helps enterprising diggers understanding the entire situation.
Replies: >>502 >>521
Spoiler File
(68.3KB, 423x502)
>The reasons why I am not posting on Acidchan should be rather obvious
That's a fair point. But this is coming from mlpol.net, things are still getting settled in here, and it's not exactly video games, which the BO wants this board to be about. So if you can directly connect this to political issues in video games (censorship, translation fuckery, juronos slandering/attacking gamers, etc.)  in a clear manner you can post it. If not, post a link to the mlpol thread and we can discuss it their
(9.9KB, 370x320)
Can you break it down for me? it's a bit hard to understand.
Replies: >>527
(7.2MB, 480x360, 03:19)
(7.6MB, 1280x960, 01:16)
Same person or same proxy? Anyway, culture creation is a domain of intelligence that concerns itself with controlling the culture of a society to immunize it to subversion or undermine a certain trend. The hippie movement is a good example of it, because it is obviously fake as soon you follow scrutinize the scene it came from. Most of the popular hippie bands boomer still find ebin couldn't play any instruments at all. This had the hilarious side effects of all the albums being played by the same fucking band, the Wrecking crew and the Band being tremendously shit live acts. This is why the clubs they played in needed a marketing gimmick that came in form of Paulekas freak. This was basically proto Charles Manson family, because the freaks were effectively a cult. The reason why Manson and not Paulekas killed 1960s was him and his wife leaving Laurel Canyon after their 5 year old Son who was supposed to take part in a little flick called Luicifer Rising died in a freak accident. 

The purpose of the movement was, so it seems, to pump the boomer generation and the antiwar movement in particular full of LSD so they couldn't do jack shit and the precious proxy war could continue. 

Culture creation is more than just shit music from the 60s. Many TV chefs have also been glow niggers, because you can influence the culture through cuisine. Hollywood is a gigantic example of this. There are deep ties to the Pentagon and Langley. Ayyliens, flat earth, maybe even Q and all the other wacky nonsense you read online. Yup, all products of culture creation. And glow nigger influence in vidya also falls under it.  Sage, because the breakdown is so broad, that it doesn't has anything to do with video games to begin with.
Replies: >>584
(724B, 246x184)
>all of this
While I understand your concern, I think you need to calm down and take a break for a bit
>>406 (OP) 
I come to the GG threads for 2 reasons. Game news and Erin feet and I still don't see feet.
Replies: >>599 >>612

(449.4KB, 1185x1046)
I don't have any Erin feet.  Only Vivian feet.
Replies: >>660
(1.6MB, 352x217)
I GUESS it will do for now.
theres nothing wrong with footfaggotry as long as it isnt mixed with femdom
(2.4MB, 864x480, 00:38)
Apparently people are STILL asshurt about us after, what is it, 6 years now?
Replies: >>715 >>724
(130.4KB, 881x1188)
(367.4KB, 614x805)
(319.8KB, 622x1627)
(115.6KB, 614x903)
(97KB, 625x740)
A Korean got mad at Destiny 2 for a word. This story got very little mileage, in fact very few talked about it on twitter and note how every Twitter account I've screencapped here has 200 followers or less. A few tweets and a forum post is all it takes. Just funny to me.
Replies: >>1740
(22.5KB, 436x467)
This one is fucking weird.  It doesn't seem like necessarily a negative reference to GG.  I've heard that Rick and Memey has had hit and miss writers and one even slipped in an extemely obvious dig at the Jews "Israel is the source of all evil", and got away with it.
Seeing it now in fuller context, it's cearly anti-GG.  It's a dig against outrage culture and its consequences and sees Gamergate as similar to #MeToo and other baseless shit.  Basically, "both sides R dumb" centrism.
Replies: >>730
(454.8KB, 500x375)
>Basically, "both sides R dumb" centrism.
Well, I guess that's an improvement, at least.

Also, does anybody have that old GG cartoon showing two parallel spectrums of "aGG-neutral-GG", with the honest spectrum on top, and the dishonest/troll spectrum below? Can't find it anywhere.
Replies: >>808
Will he ever get that ketchup to come out?
Replies: >>812 >>813
No because you can't beat ketchup out of bottles, you have to roll them like a bit of playdough.
Replies: >>815
(9.6MB, 480x360, 06:27)
No way dude. You gotta shake it.
(164.3KB, 1280x720)
I'm not sure if it's been posted here, but apparently Bethesda added Denuvo to Doomsiders, which causes a force re-install to happen when someone who has it starts up the game. The software is also know to steal your information and fuck up your computer, so it's been getting review bombed to hell.

Replies: >>818 >>824 >>1740
Wait, did they retroactively add denuvo to a game? Watch other companies start doing this.
Replies: >>822 >>823 >>824
(197.4KB, 294x256)
>Wait, did they retroactively add denuvo to a game?
Yep. If you also remember most people play it for the singleplayer and not the fucking stupid battle mode BS, so a bunch of singleplayer gamers are getting fucked over by their games re-installing for a game mode that nobody's playing. I also heard it's covered up some exploits that speedrunners have been using, so it's pissed them off as well. Really it's just Bethesda being fucking Bethesda
>Watch other companies start doing this
The sad thing is your probably right, despite it being a fucking stupid idea. Literally everyone knows the software fucks up your computer, so it's just going to encourage people to pirate games more so we may get something good out of this
Replies: >>824 >>916
Yeah. Keep in mind it's kernel level driver too.
(85.9KB, 1242x1184)
This isn't the Denuvo that everybody's gotten accustomed to over the years--that's Denuvo Anti-Tamper, which is a straight DRM scheme. What Bethesda put into Doom Eternal was a new product called Denuvo Anti-Cheat, which (naturally) autoinstalls and requires kernel-level access, which outranks an operating system's administrator access. If hackers find an exploit in Denuvo's anticheat, they essentially would have kernel-level access on any machine that it's installed on. It's surprising that games and tech media have been silent about the implications of a company with the size and visibility of Bethesda adding what essentially functions as a third-party rootkit to the user's machine after the time of purchase--especially when its stated purpose is to guarantee the experience of a multiplayer mode that was tacked-on at best (naturally, this doesn't stop it from running during singleplayer, as well).
Replies: >>829 >>933 >>938
(28.8KB, 680x671)
>If hackers find an exploit in Denuvo's anticheat, they essentially would have kernel-level access on any machine that it's installed on.
Jesus Christ, that's horrifying. They literally forced on their customers a backdoor into their computers. This has to break some kind of law, right? Because there's no way in hell this is legal.
For >>824
Seems they've learned nothing when it comes to malicious drm. That shit is happening for decades now, denuvo is just the most recent incarnation. Remember when you got your Windows 98 machine fucked up by DRM? Hell thinking back that might have been a big part of why you had to reinstall it every 3-6 months.
>I also heard it's covered up some exploits that speedrunners have been using, so it's pissed them off as well.
I doubt it.  That's pretty normal and speedrunners usually just create a seperate category for legacy version runs.
Sounds like prime class action lawsuit material.
>a fucking game DRM has KERNEL-LEVEL FUCKING ACCESS to your system
Jesus Christ, what the actual fuck.
Replies: >>946
This is pretty old stuff, honestly. If you have a TPM built-in to your MB, whether it's ATX or MATX or whatever, you have a huge vulnerability. The TPM module is on a higher 'priority' or 'elevation' than literally everything else, even the BIOS. That's not even going into the other clandestine shit Intel does with their processors.
Replies: >>957 >>1031
Depending on your CPU/mobo, that can be disabled (for instance on most Zen boards) or deleted (using me_cleaner on all but the latest Intel CPUs).
Replies: >>1031
(65.9KB, 538x662)
So this person has completely protected their account. How long until the media revs up their narratives? They'll absolutely make a martyr after them.
Replies: >>990
>the mentally ill making fun of the mentally ill
>on one of the biggest services in gaming that Amazon owns
So does this mean Amazon supports making fun of the disabled?
That reminds me, do trannies consider themselves disabled? I got in an argument with  someone about it once and asked 'what's the difference between transgenderism and autism?' and they froze up.
Replies: >>991 >>992
>So does this mean Amazon supports making fun of the disabled?
Of course.  Make sure you let them know, too.
>I got in an argument with someone about it once and asked 'what's the difference between transgenderism and autism?' and they froze up.
Anon, I'm sorry to say but, when you ask stupid things people may be at loss for words.
Replies: >>993
(41.8KB, 640x626)
It ain't stupid. It's logical. Autistic people are told to not be autistic and to act 'normal,' meaning to not act autistic, conform to society and not do what your instincts tell you to do, even if they make sense, like being honest and truthful, or telling someone of authority that they're being a hypocrite.
Trannies, on the other hand, are the opposite. Society must conform to them. They're allowed to be transgender, get surgery, and ruin peoples lives and if people don't like it than they're transphobic. They can play in sports that aren't meant for them because the fear of being labelled transphobic, for whatever reason, instills fear into people. You might argue that autistic people can't get surgery to fix their autism, but my point is that they're both neurological and/or mental illnesses, and whereas one is told 'shut up and deal,' the other is 'stunning and brave.' Instead of going to a therapist or psychiatric professional for help, they're told to go straight to surgery, when it might just be as simple as needing to talk to someone you look up to or respect that can say with a straight face 'you're fine the way you are.' Mr. Rogers is still remembered fondly for that reason, but many people don't have that type of person anymore.
So, no, it's not a stupid question. It's a catch-22. Either trannies are mentally  ill and need help mental help, or they aren't mentally ill and don't need help. It's not a physical disability because they aren't going to be able to get a disability placard for parking, and they sure as shit aren't in physical pain over having a sexual organ they don't like.
Replies: >>996 >>1074
(34.2KB, 353x439)
But it is stupid. If that's your argument, then open up with that instead of literally asking someone something stupid like:
>what's the difference between transgenderism and autism?
It totally fails to convey the point.
In fact the "Society must conform to them" point is great but you're mixing it with things like "What about autism" which is just a terrible example. You're just giving your opponent a nice opportunity to go on about how they don't wouldn't oppress autistic people and flip the point to how changing society to appease the mentally ill should be what you actually do.

Seriously, how can you suck at debating this much?
Replies: >>998
That's my trump card, there.
There is increasing evidence that autism and transgenderism are linked, at least regarding some traits. Following that, the question becomes 'how many autistic people are transgender and vice versa?' Obviously, it's impossible to say all autistic people are trannies, or that all trannies are autistic, but the fact it's scientifically documented means that, bare minimum, they can share similar treatment. At that point, why not treat someone who believes they are transgender as someone who doesn't know they might be autistic?
My way of arguing may not be good, but I have a means to my madness. I either a. say something that seems like an easy thing to retort or agree with, thus making their position known, which leads me to refuting the point they stand on, or b. make them realize supporting two points at the same time when they are opposed means they either can't support both, or that their believes are wrong.
That, and autism is a special way to judge how people really feel. Autism is one of those invisible disabilities, and people who say 'I support people with autism' usually don't deal with them. Anyone who has hired an autistic person knows how frustrating they are. Also, I'm autistic, so when people try to argue why autism is different and how transgenderism is a bigger issue/disability/whatever, I point out that they're telling an autistic person they don't matter as much as a transgender person when it comes to victimization.
Not saying I'm good at arguing, but I usually know how to prove my point if given the chance.
Replies: >>1003 >>1031 >>1074
Most psych/developmental disorders are statistically linked due to a snowballing effect from sickness, similarly to the way old people or those with compromised immune systems generally have so many comorbidities.

Anyway, aside from trenders/autogynophiliacs/masochists/indoctrinated/etc., actual "born in the wrong body" trannies assuming such people really exist are most comparable to schizophrenics. Which is what they were classified as before their recent removal from the DSM.
Replies: >>1031
The TPM isn't a game though. And it's mainly there for cryptographic operations and the storage of cryptographic keys. While it's still proprietary shit it can be used to help with open security protocols as well. I woudn't use it over a passphrase though and it's pretty stupid to use it this way with a short PIN. That would only ever make sense for an external device like a USB key.
Anyway, I see far more backdoor potential the CPU management engine stuff.
I guess both groups live in their own world when you compare their perception with everyone else's perception.
Replies: >>1051
>the CPU management engine stuff
Like I said, that can be disabled or deleted on many modern CPUs/mobos.
Replies: >>1154
>It ain't stupid. It's logical. Autistic people are told to not be autistic and to act 'normal,' meaning to not act autistic, conform to society and not do what your instincts tell you to do, even if they make sense, like being honest and truthful, or telling someone of authority that they're being a hypocrite.
I doubt leftist types would agree with demanding that autists conform to societies norms. Of course they would probably secretly harbor that expectation, but could easily refute you verbally by saying there's nothing wrong with being autistic.
>So, no, it's not a stupid question. It's a catch-22. Either trannies are mentally  ill and need help mental help, or they aren't mentally ill and don't need help.
This is the interesting part of trannyism in current year. You have a massive amount of normalfags sold on the idea of transgenderism as a mental disorder that is only solved through a calculated delusion ("transitioning"), and then you have leftists which truly want to evolve passed that and into gender being a completely meaningless social construct. Which is ironic since the very term gender is a literal meaningless social construct by some retarded kike, but everyone likes to use the word interchangeably with sex to sow confusion, and vice versa.
Speaking off the cuff I think autism can be linked with a lot of fringe deviancy. People on the spectrum 100 years ago functioned just fine in smaller communities without being constantly connected to the insane world of the internet. The problem with the modern autist is coupling their desire to fit in with society and fix themselves with exposure to degeneracy online. Autists will fixate on stupid shit, and so it's plausible that autists are highly susceptible to behavioral conditioning that would lead them to fixate on becoming something else to "fix" themselves, like latching onto an animal and becoming a furfag, or identifying as a woman.

Anyways, (((mental disorders))) are a ridiculous kike psyop and we shouldn't be calling trannies mentally ill because that appeals to (((psychiatric))) authority which is entirely comprised of pseudo-intellectual kikes making random shit up. We should call trannies what they are, people that were conditioned by excessive porn consumption into developing a deviant set of behavioral traits.
Not all of them were created via excessive porn consumption, though. For some there is a desire to escape male responsibility in society. For others it is autogynephilia, or child abuse in their formative years from their parents (more likely in this case their mother). I know a guy who nearly went tranny til he moved out of his mom's house. Then he slowly started to realize, even with his insane new tranny roommate, that the only reason he was trying to go tranny was due to his mother's hatred of males and abuse of him due to this. He stopped immediately in spite of the cajoling of his idiotic roommate. tl;dr blaming *excessive porn consumption* as the main cause is stupid. It's really a product of society breaking down entirely (even if it doesn't look like it on the surface to many), when it's allowed to run rampant as it has.
Replies: >>1083
(117.8KB, 1631x250)
>People on the spectrum
Just because something vague like Asperger's has no firm diagnostic criteria doesn't mean, e.g., congenital mongoloidism, isn't real.
See, the problem social justice warriors have is they hate stuff that can be considered even remotely offensive. Autistic people are a paradox they cannot resolve, because autistic people are known to be offensive without even knowing. So their choices are
>publicly shame the autistic person without acknowledging they are disabled and/or hoping no one notices
>ignore it and hope no one notices they allowed someone to get away with being offensive
and honestly, they're all attention whores. They almost always do the first one. Remember when that one Twitch streamer with tourette's said 'kill all jews?' At first some social justice streamers were saying 'I don't care if she has tourette's, ban her!' until they realized they were saying 'ban her for her disability regardless of her general behavior being positive.' They can't stand disabilities which involve other people being empathetic. It means they need to actually put their so-called 'empathy' into actions instead of words, which they're incapable of doing.
>For some there is a desire to escape male responsibility in society. For others it is autogynephilia
These are both things easily conditioned by porn. You're giving symptoms of excessive porn consumption and using them to write of the very disease that causes them.
>or child abuse in their formative years from their parents (more likely in this case their mother).
Also a contributing factor, but falls in the same vein as behavioral conditioning rather than some a biological condition.
>tl;dr blaming *excessive porn consumption* as the main cause is stupid.
Porn is undoubtedly the single biggest influence on young men today. Obviously a mothers influence over her son is significant as well, but I'm not sure why you think this takes away from the issue of porn or why you would think mothers are en masse the single biggest driving force behind trannies. It's pretty obvious that it's porn.
Replies: >>1093
>Autists will fixate on stupid shit, and so it's plausible that autists are highly susceptible to behavioral conditioning that would lead them to fixate on becoming something else to "fix" themselves, like latching onto an animal and becoming a furfag, or identifying as a woman.
I think this is correct.
>We should call trannies what they are, people that were conditioned by excessive porn consumption into developing a deviant set of behavioral traits.
This is awkward because there is, and always has been a small subset of people who are genuinely mentally deranged who believe they women/men and that has nothing to do with porn.
However, most of the "trannies" you see today are indeed a product of modern culture including porn consumption so this can't just be easily denied.

They are linked, but its more like they are being taken advantage of by the jews just as much, if not more as anyone else is.  Its not their faults that they happen to end up as extra-effective shock troopers for them once their minds are warped by the influence.
Every so often I thank god I was born with some level of intellect, and that I wasn't born autistic or retarded.
Replies: >>1088
>This is awkward because there is, and always has been a small subset of people who are genuinely mentally deranged who believe they women/men and that has nothing to do with porn.
I do believe these people may exist, but I also think they are statistically irrelevant in terms of representation among people that identify as trannies.
>Its not their faults that they happen to end up as extra-effective shock troopers for them once their minds are warped by the influence.
Blame is where things get complicated. I try to be empathetic and understand that the average normalnigger retard probably isn't capable of navigating through life without being conditioned and influenced by the kikes into doing stupid shit like becoming a tranny. It's just a sad state of affairs. Neither side of the pro tranny niggers or the anti tranny niggers really seem to grasp what's going on. They essentially both fell for the kike psyop that psychology is this mystical power and that no one actually has control over their own minds and we're all born into this set genetic mold so we can absolve ourselves of any responsibility over our degenerate desires.

Of course they manage to apply this logic to something as nuanced as sexual deviancy but refuse to acknowledge the contradiction behind not applying it to intelligence and aggressive behavior in any capacity.
Excessive porn consumption is a symptom itself of a failing society, anon. In another era gone by, it would've been wanton degeneracy (hookers galore). Don't go tradcon on me and be a tradcuck about it. Men would rather use porn than put up with the innumerable stupid women out there that are empowered by the law to be able to take them to the cleaners, taking most of their money (also look at the single mother household statistics for all demographics, whites are at the same level blacks were at in the 70's, it's getting pretty bad). If you want less porn consumption, find a way to get us back to more traditional times, to a time before no fault divorce and state-incentivized single-mother households, perhaps even to a time before women were given the franchise. As it stands, I think it's going to require at least a partial collapse before things can be brought back into order. All that said, I am not against somehow making it harder for minors to find porn (thought I'd wonder what that precedent would lead to, very potentially hate speech legislation).
Replies: >>1097
>Don't go tradcon on me and be a tradcuck about it.
I suspected this was your issue. Stating that porn consumption is clearly the main causal factor behind the rise in trannies isn't some declaration that all men who consume porn are wholly degenerate and should be shot on sight. It's simply a fact that porn consumption is a bad thing, but that fact doesn't diminish that there are clear cut reasons for why men are dropping out of society and relationships with women. These aren't mutually exclusive concepts.

I can very easily advise people to avoid porn while consuming it myself. Just as I can advise people away from soda while consuming it myself. There are tiers to degeneracy. No one person is simply a flat out degenerate, it's not that black and white. Don't let your ideology prevent you from acknowledging reality. I haven't been proposing solutions in this conversation, I've only been making observations about how these things work. You've assumed I'm holding some weird stance like that porn should be banned.
Replies: >>1104
I misunderstood you, then, due to my pre-conceived notions. Sorry. Barely related, if it were up to me, and it somehow did not set a precedent in our common law legal system, I would also be fine with banning all "real" porn and legalizing all pure fiction. The adult film industry (porn stars and such) in all countries is pretty God damned shady. A lot of men and women used and abused in it.
Replies: >>1107
It's as you said, there are no real solutions to any of these problems unless a collapse occurs, and it never will. Without a collective effort to systematically remove goblins from World of Warcraft nothing will ever change.
Replies: >>1112
>It never will.
Their, and their hobgoblin allies', hubris knows no bounds anon. I think they actually believe all of homo sapiens to be 1 single race rather than many sub-species of a common ancestor. The cracks have been showing for awhile now, and I have extreme doubts that the PRC will be able to take up the torch of civilization, as some think.
The management engine? Really? I think most modern CPUs depend on it to run properly. That's why people love old Thinkpads for librebooting. But the TPM on the other hand, sure you can just go ahead and disable it. Or just leave it on and configure your stuff to use usual software crypto instead. On Windows I imagine it to be hard to do on the home versions though, I think fine grained control over its crypto environment requires access to the group policy editor.
Replies: >>1254
Yes the management engine. The following software can delete 99% of IME's firmware, leaving behind only what is absolutely necessary to boot the CPU:
AMD on the other hand has an option in newer AGESA from some mobo venders, such as Gigabyte & MSI, called "BIOS PSP Support" that cuts off PSP CPU access:
Replies: >>1260 >>1261
Oh, that's pretty cool. Intel btfo.
(355KB, 621x2450)
Twitch wrote a statement on the Deertranny. Whole lot of nothing.
Replies: >>1426 >>1740
>Whole lot of nothing.
Are you sure, because it basically sounds like
>It's okay, they don't have any real power
Which will upset the trannies immensely, if anyone were to condense it down for them.
>We wanted a diverse range of opinions
>Hires lefties, hard lefites, and radical hard lefties for the "job"
(12.3KB, 725x141)
(59.4KB, 717x629)
(20.5KB, 599x301)
(81.7KB, 593x676)
(60.3KB, 597x589)
Tumblr 2.0 are already complaining about the Sailor Moon redraws of lewds.
(23.4KB, 500x375)
Considering how many people liked the 90s show and are probably beginning to get nostalgic about it, I don't think this is going to do much more than piss people who didn't care about them off.
I know it's been discussed but archive.is ain't working for me and I need to be spoonfed to fix it, but in the meantime System Shock is now controlled by TENCENT if anyone cares. I find it slightly ironic.
Replies: >>1470
Can't these dumb-asses understand that she's fucking fictional and not a real person. For Christ's sake, they are drawn like they're fucking 18. Have you seen Japanese 14 year olds? And yet, they focus on that but not on the fact Mamoru is 18 and Usagi is 14 and by the end of the Anime they were 20 and 16 respectively. These ass-hats fucking anger me to no end.
Replies: >>1537
Do you use Firefox? Firefox recently implemented DNS-over-HTTPS, and by default uses Cloudflare DNS ( instead of your normal DNS settings. And Cloudflare DNS doesn't work with archive.is. You can fix it by disabling DNS-over-HTTPS or switching it to a different provider.
Why are you horrified? If it surely won't happen to you, the appropriate reaction would a giant asshole smug. Don't tell me you actually buy a game with DRM in it, because I have seen an idiot here bought the new COD and felt proud to own it. You ni/gg/erfa/gg/ots really are the dumbest fucking hypocrite in this god damn land, no wonder no one takes you seriously.
Replies: >>1476 >>1481
Stop fucking using archive.is and all of that stupid bullshit. Please for the love of god use web.archive.org so Tor users can escape the retardation that is CF. Or better yet, learn to make a screenshot you reddit retards.
(9.9KB, 480x360)
>extremely antagonistic in the first two posts of the thread
>demanding use of web.archive.org, which is known to remove pages at the request of website owners
>thinking screenshots are good when they're either easily editable or can be dismissed as fake
>acting like you're using TOR when you clearly aren't
Replies: >>1482
Archive.is doesn't use Cloudflare. You only get a Cloudflare error page if you're using Cloudflare's DNS. And anyone who can modify robots.txt from a page can get it removed from archive.org.
Replies: >>1482
Manipulating screenshots is so trivial, that even a mongloid can do it. Webarchive hadn't been an option since the very beginning, because they remove stuff on request. How do you think some Bart Bagett's connection to some irrelevant Bimbo disappered? Recently, webarchive came up with the ingenius idea of removing "disinformation" from the wayback machine. archive.is is the only option for preserving snapshots from the web we have at the moment, you ignorant nigger.
>Glownigger spotting 101
Replies: >>1482
>demanding use of web.archive.org, which is known to remove pages at the request of website owners
>implying archive.is is any better, just because it prevents it now doesn't mean it's hesitate to do so in the future.
>willingly use a site with google recaptcha and prevent all tor nodes from accessing
>being a nigger lover bareback ip browsing imageboard like a 4chan retard and forces everyone else to do the same. No your VPN won't save your ass.
>implying cloudflare and their friends don't have the power to kill any archive content it wants
>thinking screenshot is good
Because it is, if you aren't sure, there should be archive link for anyone skeptical. I don't have to go to any sketchy website every time to read your stupid article you found in your trash bin.
>post a smug nigger
>acting like you're using TOR when you clearly aren't
>le id must be real ip
You are the dumbest fucking nigger monkey I have ever met on the internet. Stop being so fucking smug you goddamn retard, I want your idiot out of this board and back to cuckshed that you were born from. No one wants you here. Try using tor and see for yourself.
And archive.today is still controlled by CloudFlare. It's not so far to think that this one is any better in the future.
>le glownigger crack tor, just bareback bro
>implying cia niggers care about your stupid sjw obsession.
Replies: >>1488 >>1492 >>1532
Also, no one will read your shitty article after a week, so whether it gets deleted or not does not matter.
Archive.is/archive.today does not use Cloudflare. Why do you think it does? Also companies that use Cloudflare are not "controlled" by it.

>implying archive.is is any better, just because it prevents it now doesn't mean it's hesitate to do so in the future.
I think removing archives easily is worse than a company that doesn't remove them easily but might hypothetically do so in the future, yes. There have been news outlets that have written articles angry about archive.is copies of their articles, and archive.is didn't take them down or anything.
Replies: >>1496
(60.3KB, 1280x720)
>vpn won't save your ass
>TOR is literally VPN's upon VPN's
>implying TOR ID's aren't 0's
How long have you been posting here? I recognize this shit from Fatchan before that went under, just going into the GG thread to start shit and with mixed-to-terrible grammar.
Replies: >>1495 >>1497 >>1538
This nigger really thinks VPN is the same level of security compare to Tor. No you need to get the fuck out of here, you tech illiterate faggot/shill. I know how it feels to waste money on a scam and desperately cling on to its promise.
>implying TOR ID's aren't 0's
But I use Tor you literal nigger. Try it yourself, armchair genius.
Replies: >>1496 >>1498 >>1538
Sorry no, you bareback.
>archive.today doesn't use Cloudflare
You sure about that? Try this one
Then again another one doesn't give CF, but Namecheap, which isn't that much better.
Replies: >>1498
You nigger have never used Tor a day in your life. Incredible. No wonder Mark has the idea to sell your worthless data to his fellow Jews.
Replies: >>1498 >>1538
(112.1KB, 549x569)
>same ID
>responding to the post twice as if you hadn't responded to it already
Heh. I ain't used TOR, but at least I ain't a samefag. I wouldn't be surprised if you're Mark, personally. He admitted to using VPN's, just like this. That and bringing up Mark randomly is a bit odd, as we haven't been talking about him. I recommend you go work on your grammar and literacy skills.
Replies: >>1505
(379.7KB, 245x280)
Please chill and keep the shitflinging to a minimum, thank you. Bunch of reports are coming from this thread already.
Replies: >>1501 >>1514
Spoiler File
(2.4MB, 255x173)
Sorry, janitor. Thanks for doing a thankless job.
>No u  mark, aint me
Ni/gg/erfa/gg/ot's imagination is as shallow as a shower. I brought up Mark because ni/gg/er is synonymous with Mark. No one but Mark cares for /gg/, for the reason you are already aware of. Just before fatchan, you ni/gg/ers were still high on your horse spitting on julay and the webring, until the kike master gave you the boot and then awkwardly made your way here as if nothing has happened. Not a single anon on the webring likes having /gg/ around, julay/v/ even made you a whole board but you still wanted it plaster all over /v/, because PPH is the only matters to you. Typical behavior is found in social media addicts who can't wait to find out about the next drama to shill it every he goes. You killed fatchan and you will kill this site too, just wait and see.
I'm just not done with you fa/gg/ot. Samefagging would require more brain cell than yours and requires clicking the new identity button.


Replies: >>1514 >>1523 >>1537
(37.7KB, 360x361)
Apologies friend. It seems some posters are trying to start shit and anons are taking the bait. Thanks for looking out for us
Nice dubs, by the way.

>All of this post
Replies: >>1515
I admit I took the bait because this guy reminds me of someone from Fatchan who did the exact damned thing.
(686KB, 1280x664)
But anon. Mark saved GamerGater™ and they love him for it forever.
Replies: >>1580
>all this angsty edgy posting
>ip changing
You have a stick up your ass, glownigger
Please don't reply to him as it clutters up the thread once he's banned. Simply report and hide
Replies: >>1556
>Crying about me using archive.is
Go act like a nigger somewhere else
If you don't like Gamergate don't go on a GG thread and start chimping out because I used archive.is you're acting like a fucking woman bitching about the pitty shit. If you don't like me using archive.is then fuck off somewhere else with whiny bullshit.
Do you really think there people care if she's underage or not? No one cried about digital cartoons being underage until Tumblr and Twitter fags started acting like spergs. They don't hate lolis because they think they're causing people to become pedophiles they just want virtue signal points and pretend they're the savior of children while jerking off to real CP themselves.
Replies: >>1540
>>implying TOR ID's aren't 0's
I just fired up tor browser, let's see what I'd I end up having. But generally making tor IDs 0s is something OpenIB/Infinity and Lynxchan do. Probably no such thing is implemented on jschan yet. Also I don't know how Lynx handles it, but 8chan only gives you the 0 ID if you connect to it through its hidden service. If you just use the regular domain you'll get a regular ID created for the IP of the used exit node. Does zchan even have a hidden service? I'm using the normal domain right now.
And that obnoxious CP spammer that plagues imageboards seems to use just regular VPNs. A very big VPN company actually as it seems many IPs of that VPN service are banned all over the webring and other boards.
Replies: >>1540
(211.9KB, 1024x720)
>Spergs having a fit over privacy
Well, can't say that I didn't see this coming.
Replies: >>1542 >>1544
Acting like a sperg stands out more so than a name or ID, making it ironic that they use TOR.
/pol/ (which was basically a placeholder board) caused fatchan to be taken down. Also you'd be an idiot pointing at others for getting sites taken down when you enjoy the freedom of imageboards yourself. If they shut other people down they'll shut you down as well. They came for /pol/, they came for lolis, they'll come for /v/ too, no matter if it has GG or not. In the end an imageboard some amount of resilience no matter what.
Anonymity with IDs sometimes creates an uncanny valley where anons think they know exactly who someone is when they don't. The IDs add immensely to any fantasy the bria fills the blanks with when you consider IP hopping.
>It was no man's land from the beginning
Sure, I said it was a placeholder board. What was the problem with Smug and Julay then? Why was, I think, Smug attacked first? If you run an image board it needs to be hosted relatively bulletproof. No way around that. It is a faulty approach to try and cut away certain parts of the userbase to divert attention. If that was so great people wouldn't flee Julay now.
You need to be able to survive despite having the spotlight put on your site. That will happen anyway at some point. And it doesn't really matter if caused by organic posters or malicious spammers that report their own posts either. After all, everyone can post on imageboards.
And it would be stupid to believe (((Esther))) is a legitimate kike or some kind of journalist. It clearly is an imageboard user himself. He uses that name precisely to make fun of everyone affected by his bullshit. If there isn't something scandalous posted already, he will post it himself. Some people just are dumb destructive trolls like that. Anons that pussy out and want to get rid of 8/v/, loli, /pol/ or whatever the fuck else are useful idiots and are effectively D&Cing.
Totally this. Its oviously still the same guy.
(23.5KB, 352x352)
>Basically I fucking hate you
Replies: >>1652
The only thing I see there is that Mark created the /v/ board on 8chan. This is some inane and mostly benign shit to be sperging over.
Replies: >>1581
(143.5KB, 493x805)
Only real mistake was Hotwheels allowing legacy names on h8chan

We all would've been better off if unpopular BOs couldn't lazily rely on the false legitimacy of squatting peoples' "default" boards, allowing 8chan's intended mechanism of "flee to a rival board when it becomes shit" to function properly.

But hey, now we're in the webring era, so we're sort of back to that, though making an entire altchan is obviously harder than making an 8chan board.
Replies: >>1592
>Only real mistake was Hotwheels allowing legacy names on h8chan
That's what Hotwheels said.
Replies: >>1596
Yeah. What would've been the based thing to do is forcibly rename/delete the legacy boards post-hoc.
(47.5KB, 598x747)
(3.3MB, 1280x720, 00:46)
(644.3KB, 867x863)
Twitter is getting more blatant. Too many bluecheck marks getting ratio'd likely has them in a panic, and their hidden replies feature backfired. So now they can just decide who can and can't reply to their tweets. 

Naughty Dog has already taken advantage of this feature. You can't even reply to this tweet. Expect more gaming companies and personalities to take advantage of this.
Those companies are trying to best to separate everyone into their own little bubbles where they won't be offended so that they can be happy and consume. Just like during the Ukraine skirmish google maps would count Crimea as Russian or Ukrainian based on the location you were accessing the site from.
This tactic is nothing new, as it's very similar disabling comments on Youtube.  However, as Twitter doesn't have dislikes like Youtube, this creates a very strong self enforcing echochamber that both blocks negative views and allows positive ones.  Even greater than just that, the ability to only allow comments from people you follow or people you @ creates an airtight echochamber of pure circlejerking that doesn't allow for dissent in the slightest.  This will bite Twitter though, as people like to talk, and no one likes disabled comments on Youtube except asshurt jewtubers, companies, and leftists who want to control conversation.
Replies: >>1614
Don't hashtags/mentions/URL shorteners bypass this? They can chat in their bubble, but that won't prevent problematic toilet slaves from talking about their posts.
Did they literally just make a chat app and call it a new fucking feature?
Replies: >>1616 >>1618 >>1619
No, because everyone can still see what's said.
I predicted this, it was obvious that Twitter was going to give more power to the poster to remove replies that they don't like. All the people complaining about this are probably going to end up using it anyway, because Twatter users are the biggest hypocrites on social media.
Replies: >>1632
In the normalfag's defense, what alternative is there? (((Gabbai))) shot itself in the foot when it banned porn and that was the only Twatter alternative I've ever heard of.
Replies: >>1633
Normalfags could always migrate to Instagram, find a social media site that's a spiritual successor to Twitter, or make their own social media site those would be the best alternatives if normalfags aren't too stupid to cling to twatter. Tumblr 2.0 aren't in any way or form going migrate to Gab knowing the guy who made it is a Christian and most of the people using it are mostly right wing.
>(((Gabbai))) shot itself in the foot when it banned porn
If Gab banned hentai then I have a problem, but there's nothing Jewish about banning the most Jewish owned media on the internet.
>Normalfags could always migrate to Instagram, find a social media site that's a spiritual successor to Twitter, or make their own social media site those would be the best alternatives if normalfags aren't too stupid to cling to twatter.
Instagram doesn't seem really comparable to Twatter (and looks a lot less easy to use, can't speak for its censorship level), and making your own site costs money and requires knowing how to code and that means the average guy isn't gonna be able or bother (look at how most anons on the webring didn't bother after the Julay purge was announce).
>If Gab banned hentai then I have a problem
It seems I was half-right, the ban was on loli specifically since the owner's a christcuck and thinks it's demonic. But being selective with free speech like that on what is and isn't enforced probably doesn't make it much better than Twatter.
Replies: >>1638
>If Gab banned hentai
They did.

>It seems I was half-right, the ban was on loli specifically
You were all right.  They started with loli, Torba calling it "demonic garbage", and quickly expanded to full boomer tier "ban all porn", fictional or otherwise.  Fastest slippery slope I've ever seen.
The site always was and always has been the least popular, most unprofitable, of all the "big" social media sites. Its actual userbase (ignoring the double-digit percentage of accounts that are bots even according to the MSM) is and always was mostly corporate HR/PR flacks, celebrities, political staffers, and attentionwhores.

>porn is teh debil
>muh acceptable censorship
>excusing christcuckoldry
What IS the tier list of social media activity? It might be a nice resource to redirect people away and leave the already flagging ones to die.
Replies: >>1647 >>1655
(152.9KB, 800x590)
(711.9KB, 744x4661)
>defending 3DPD
Cry more kike. The ovens are warming up.
Replies: >>1647
(271KB, 500x495)
Per Wikipedo, in million:
>Facebook         	 	   2,498
>YouTube         	 	   2,000
>WhatsApp 	         	   2,000
>Facebook Messenger  1,300
>WeChat 	         	   1,165
>Instagram       	 	   1,000
>TikTok 	        	    	   800
>QQ              	 	    	   731
>QZone 	             	    	   517
>Sina Weibo       	 	   516
>Reddit 	         	    	   430
>Kuaishou    	     	    	   400
>Snapchat         	 	   398
>Twitter 	             	           386
>Pinterest        	 	   366
>Douban 	                   320
>Linkedln         	 	   310

>muh 3dpd
Replies: >>1654 >>1655 >>4217
Everyone hates reddit, doesn't make you any cooler than them.
God forbids that some men don't want porn all over their website. Keep jerking off to little girls, pedo.
Replies: >>1655 >>1657
Bleh, I can't find any consolidated rankings of more sites than that, even paywalled "market intelligence" whitepapers, so digging any deeper would require tedious site-by-site analysis, bleh. I did stumble on this kekworthy chestnut.

Checks out
Replies: >>1660
(219.5KB, 580x580)
Ack, forgot pic
Banning porn isn't jewish, but it does go against freedom of expression. If your claim to fame is being a 100% "free speech zone" and then you proceed to go around parading the fact you despise porn and will ban anyone who posts it on your platform, well you're going to look pretty retarded.

As degenerate as porn is, and as agreeable as banning it at face value might be, I do believe that it's a slippery slope to enable kikes to censor more important things on the basis of explicitness and offensiveness. The problem is many people get tunnel vision on certain issues resulting in them fucking themselves over in the long run. You let them ban porn today, tomorrow they're banning videos of niggers chimping out because they're graphic and gross. Or they ban cartel videos and possession of videos containing political violence like the tarrant streams.

tl;dr porn is bad any producers of it should eat the curb, but I'll go to hell and back before I let a kike decide that for me.
Nothing wrong with not wanting porn on your website. The problem is that from everything I've heard about Gab is that they claimed to be a bastion for freedom of speech. You can't really be a bastion for freedom of speech while banning a form of freedom of expression, no matter how degenerate and detestable it is.
Replies: >>1663 >>1665
Why do you think you have the right to post porn of any kind to any political website? Some people just want to talk about politic. I know, crazy right? Not everyone wants to fuck little girls.
Replies: >>1665
>porn is teh debil
Yes it is you fucking retard you sound like a fucking kike trying to pretend the porn industry isn't evil. they just got caught exploiting children and women in the industry.
>muh acceptable censorship
Yes 3D porn should die, defending blacked.com isn't going help GG with anything.
>excusing christcuckoldry
Even Christians can be correct about things anon, if Christian want to attack the porn industry and jail more pedo Jews then that's fine with me. But they're faggots thinking that loli does any damage towards children.
Replies: >>1665
>muh free speech
Total free speech never exists and it's only a dream of naive idiots like you. If a political website allows you to post any form of political ideologies, then they have total freedom. Not having porn on it isn't a violation of free speech, it's common sense.
Replies: >>1668
If I'm allowed to post loli on a political website, then others should have the right to spam nigger dick and BBC all over the place, since porn is freedom after all. Not to mention the latter is legal in most countries.
Replies: >>1666
(195.7KB, 600x665)
>censorship is okay on a political site
>or a "political" forum like /pol/
>a political site that allows posting images
>especially based on the most infamously subjective and easily abused category of censorship there is
Also, Gab is in no way officially a "political" site, having billed itself as merely a "free expression Twatter clone"
Replies: >>1669 >>1670 >>1736
you're intentionally muddling posting and spam/derailing.
Replies: >>1667 >>1668
>>1666 (hail Satan)
As opposed to conflating meme-laced shitposting that is fundamental to imageboard culture
>Total free speech never exists and it's only a dream of naive idiots like you.
How free your speech is is entirely dependent on your technological competence.
>If a political website allows you to post any form of political ideologies, then they have total freedom.
Anyone website hosted on the clearnet will never achieve "total freedom". In the wise words of hapamonkey and the pigfarmer, speak freely, legally.
>Not having porn on it isn't a violation of free speech, it's common sense.
Porn is free speech, there's not really any way around this. I don't personally give a shit about freedom of speech, which is why it's quite ironic when you write things like "muh free speech". My argument isn't that Gab should adhere to freedom of speech, it's that it claims to, or at the very least that's how it's been sold to me every time I've been told about the site.
>If I'm allowed to post loli on a political website, then others should have the right to spam nigger dick and BBC all over the place, since porn is freedom after all.
Is Gab specifically defined as a political website though? Is twitter? I've never used either of these services as I'm not a normalfag, but as I understand them they're just micro-blogs that don't mandate what the blogs are about. Can't people talk about whatever they want ranging from hobbyism to politics?
No he isn't. We're having a legitimate discussion. Stop tone policing faggot.
Replies: >>1673 >>1722
Censorship against the kikes and their bullshit is okay with me your ancap position is a failure, how many times are the jews gonna cuck you retards thinking that freedom of speech and expression exist anymore its fucking dead and the kikes killed it and are now abusing. You're acting like banning everything the Israelites created is going to ruin the internet.
Replies: >>1722
I never said Gab is a baston of free speech, I have never visited it. What I'm describing is simply a model to follow.
>muh censor, wah i can't post porn
The majority of people don't want to see pornography when discussing zeriouz politics with other human beings. Imagine showing everyone your favorite hentai picture during a nationalist political event, you will be beaten to a pulp and sent to prison with Jamal and Tyrone for the rest of your life. If a website doesn't want porn on it, it's not a violation of free speech. It's only a violation when they censor oppositions related to the things that they represent.
Replies: >>1671 >>1722
>The majority of people don't want to see pornography when discussing zeriouz politics with other human beings.
Then just obligate people to mark NSFW content as NSFW. It can't possibly be that difficult to give users the ability to choose whether they want to see pornographic content or not.
>If a website doesn't want porn on it, it's not a violation of free speech.
Porn is free speech. If a website bans porn then they can't claim to be a site that upholds absolute freedom of speech. There's a good argument to be had about banning certain ideas and posts for the productivity of political discussion, but you can't ban certain ideas and types of content while also claiming to be a bastion of free speech.
Replies: >>1675 >>1676
>How free your speech is is entirely dependent on your technological competence.
Just because you can spam nigger dick to death doesn't mean it's a moral thing to do.
>Porn is free speech, there's not really any way around this
No it's fucking not, you cum brain ni/gg/er. If the creator and the majority of people only want to discuss politic, you don't have the right to tell them what to do. You are in their house, you are their guest and you don't have the right to demand them what is and what is not allowed. That's nigger and communist behavior. There are always websites dedicated to your fetish, you can go there and discuss to your heart content. If porn is censored there, then it's a violation of free speech. Fetishes and perversion have always been a private thing to keep it for yourself, if you vomit it in everyone face and claim it free speech you deserve the rope. Furries do the same shit and everyone wants them to die.
Replies: >>1678 >>1722
Porn is not free speech at all. Porn is about selling your body to make cash not spreading info about how you got fucked in the ass by some random dude or professional. There is nothing informational about pornography.
Replies: >>1713 >>1722
Your idea of free speech is Jewish thinking level of twist. Bastion is free speech doesn't mean you can spam porn on it. Bastion of free speech doesn't mean there are no rule you ancap no road nigger. Bastion of free speech means you can do whatever you want that the website represents. A political website represents politic, a porn website represents porn, imageboard is a mix and they must allow both.
Replies: >>1678
>Just because you can spam nigger dick to death doesn't mean it's a moral thing to do.
Morality has nothing to do with it.
>No it's fucking not, you cum brain ni/gg/er.
Stating that porn is free speech isn't advocating for porn. You keep assuming that I personally value the principles of bestowing people with a platform for freedom of speech and I therefore must be defending pornography because I equate it to speech. I don't care about freedom of speech, and I don't care about porn. But if you attempt to dissociate porn from freedom of expression you're being inconsistent and I'm going to call you out on it.
>If the creator and the majority of people only want to discuss politic, you don't have the right to tell them what to do.
>You are in their house, you are their guest and you don't have the right to demand them what is and what is not allowed.
Correct, I don't have that legal right. I'm not sure what your point is here.

Your reading comprehension is fucking awful. Take some more time before responding to this post with your inane ramblings.
>A political website represents politic
You never answered the question of whether or not Gab was specifically a political website, by the way. The only reason you find the concept of porn as freedom of expression so revolting is that you've latched onto the jewish ideal of holding yourself to these principles. The problem with latching onto freedom of speech as a principle is that as you've already admitted, virtually no platform in existence actually exhibits true absolute freedom of speech.

An imageboard letting people saying edgy scary words like nigger and kike doesn't mean it's suddenly a platform for freedom of speech. A website not shying away from hosting right wing ideological posts doesn't suddenly make it a platform for freedom of speech. You seem to have fundamentally misunderstood what freedom of expression actually is and why you allegedly value it.
Replies: >>1679 >>1683
>Cum brain ancap no road communist nigger jew tells me i can't read
Keep trying to spam naked children, pedo, because no one will take you seriously. Not today, not tomorrow, not ever.

USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST stipulation c, ban evasion

Replies: >>1690 >>1699 >>1722
It is clear that you are too tri/gg/ered to read my post carefully. You should calm down and read it over and over again to understand my higher understanding of life. 
>i don't care about porn
Sure you do, Jew. You go out of your way to defend it despite no one agrees with you. Pedophiles always deny their fetish and insult other pedophiles, just like that Hanging Flesh piece of shit.
I said porn is not allowed on a non porn site, what is there to even sperg about if you aren't a Jewish cocksucker trying to weasel his way in?
Replies: >>1690 >>1699 >>1722
I told you again and again that ni/gg/ers are not interested in videogame. Look at all these great videogame discussion. Why do you have to go out of your way to rent a place for these Jews? They have been kicked out of every single good imageboard there is and no one decent likes having them around.
Replies: >>1690 >>1722
You don't need to respond to every post instantly anon, you could have taken your time to engage with the arguments I put forth and contributed meaningful discussion. Take a break and try again later. Remember, imageboards aren't chat rooms, there's nothing wrong with having a conversation over the course of hours or even days.

But my banter response will be that no one takes Gab seriously either so I suppose we're at an impasse. Also the entirety of 8glow imploded over how much people care about porn representing their freedom of expression, so it seems like every time a site fucks with porn they just die afterwards. Weird.
>It is clear that you are too tri/gg/ered to read my post carefully.
Anon you respond to posts in such a fit of rage that you need to flood the thread with multiple replies to a single post to get your ideas across. I don't think you have much ground to stand on accusing me of not taking the appropriate amount of time to read and respond to your posts.
>You should calm down and read it over and over again to understand my higher understanding of life. 
I don't even know what this means.
>Sure you do, Jew. You go out of your way to defend it despite no one agrees with you.
I haven't defended porn once in this entire conversation.
>I said porn is not allowed on a non porn site, what is there to even sperg about if you aren't a Jewish cocksucker trying to weasel his way in?
The problem isn't whether a site is willing to host porn, the problem is the contradiction between declaring yourself a free speech platform while banning freedom of expression you disagree with. I'm posting here right now, on a board with many rules prohibiting certain forms of speech and individual expression. There's nothing wrong with that because Spaghetti hasn't once ever claimed that this was a platform designed around freedom of speech.
Cake/v/ ni/gg/ers are pretty cancerous yes, but you /cow/ d&c discord trannies are hardly any better.
Replies: >>1693 >>1698
You type pretty fast Jews. I wonder how many threads you have successfully subverted. You sure you aint triggered? Because keyboard warrior types every fast when someone tri/gg/ered them.
Replies: >>1695 >>1699 >>1722
I don't think I actually have very high WPM. Would you like to play typeracer in a few minutes? I have to take a piss first. Then we can fulfill your desire to bring this back to video game discussion.
>I haven't defended porn once in this entire conversation.
Jews suddenly forget his doings when backed into a corner.
You keep thinking that free speech = no rule. The world isn't your ancap theory fantasy dude, grow up.
Replies: >>1726
Maybe we could continue this discussion if you jewlay and cuckchan niggers would stop derailing the thread.
Replies: >>1700 >>1708
Said Mark's cum slaves while weaseling his way inside the webring after spitting on it for months.
Replies: >>1702 >>1703
Why did you betray Mark? He invented and maintain the /gg/ movement for years.
Replies: >>1703
Breh you forgot to change your proxy. How many people were you in this thread?
Replies: >>1709
What the fuck you stole my tor node nigger
Replies: >>1713
And i'm the same sperg yesterday. I never intend to samefag, sometimes I just have to reset Tor to access some CF sites. Samefagging would require me to reset tor after every post. Of course ni/gg/ers wouldnt understand something so simple.
Replies: >>1712 >>1713
Imagine getting caught. Well not you, you don't have to imagine that.
I don't know what happened my node changed as well I'm the guy who responded to you about the free speech thing >>1675. ????
Go away /cow/
Replies: >>1716 >>1718
I had the 58a720 ID but my browser crashed. It's pretty common on jschan boards for people to get the same tor node and the same ID's from what I've seen. Hopefully tom implements proper identification of tor posters so it's less confusing.
/cow/boy demolished your retarded ass and your leader multiple times ni/gg/er, what ypour points?

USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST stipulation c, ban evasion

(1MB, 1750x1313)
>speak freely, legally
According to burgerstani law (ignoring anywhere freer) porn is free speech, especially loli. Pigfarmer is a big fat coward.

>coddling censorship is "ancap"
>fighting censorship is "jewish"
Proof if proof was needed that nu/pol/=Reddit Boomers

>What I'm describing is simply a model to follow
For who? Where? Site-wide? Oh, right, you're making up random shit.
>a model to follow
A failed model, relying on a definition of "speech" that is impossible to enforce, and trivial to abuse.
>The majority of people don't want to see pornography when discussing zeriouz politics with other human beings
And they're free to ignore/hide/downboat/etc that, instead of lazily relying on tranny jannies (especially jannies spuriously citing "laws") to protect their delicate feelz.
>during a nationalist political event
LOL which cop-infested LARP are you referring to?

>You are in their house, you are their guest and you don't have the right to demand them what is and what is not allowed
<muh freedom from consequences
<muh door
Who's the ancap now?

>Porn is about [bunch of shit that can't be legally defined in a consistent way and is constantly abused when subhumans like you try to pretend otherwise]

Like clockwork
>trying to weasel his way in?
Oh the ironing

We're not the ones trying to justify Pigfarmer's QBoomerism and import it here

>i'm too retarded to think
>that means u r a jew
Replies: >>1723
>According to burgerstani law (ignoring anywhere freer) porn is free speech, especially loli. Pigfarmer is a big fat coward.
I tried to veer away from using burger law to define freedom of expression since I don't particularly give a shit how the law defines anything.
Replies: >>1724
(511.9KB, 1918x1427)
Allowing popular perception of the law to decay without a fight, through extralegal lies, without a fight, is a bad idea.

Like, remember all the completely illegal kangaroo court stuff that happened from the "Dear Colleague letters" from vague misinterpretations of Title IX? We don't want a repeat of that with "literally everything I disapprove of is porn/pedophilia/etc.". That slippery slope can lead practically anywhere, as the current loli fracas illustrates.
Replies: >>1727
(2.1MB, 1920x2160)
Wrong pic, though that one helps illustrate how this pseudolegal garbage starts up
Replies: >>1727
free speech means there is no rule on what you can or can not express. nobody wants actual CP (no one sane, anyway) due to it requiring the harming of children to produce it. that is a limit that everyone agrees on, so it can not ever be called "absolute free speech". when you move on to pure fiction like loli/shota, and ban it, yet claim to be a website for "free speech" (the website in question, Gab, claims to be an alternative to twitter). Meaning they'll never get artists to come on board because ... first it's loli/shota, then it's hentai, then it's anime, where does it end? May I remind you that a different website, patreon, has started to ban pornographic depictions of anime characters if their face looks too young? Even if they have cow tits and a very milfy body? Gab (and soon enough, patreon) is dead in the water. You can not lay claim to being for free speech while disallowing some speech. They could still be a platform for *speech* that precludes pornographic content. If they said that, however, they wouldn't get as many people willing to go on board.
The discussion wasn't really about interpreting the law though. Patreon are within their legal right to ban any kind of content from their platform, even if their basis is something as retarded as "the face looks 'young'". It's besides the point. My point is that sites shouldn't claim to be free speech platforms while selectively choosing to ban content they disagree with that very obviously falls under not just the legal definition of free speech but also any "common sense" interpretation of the principles behind freedom of expression.
(22.9KB, 308x261)
You negroes need to chill the fuck out and stop sperging out over off-topic shit. This thread is 5x faster than the rest of the catalog because of your gayass infighting.
Replies: >>1729
Forgive my ignorance but every time I've peaked into these threads they're nothing but images and links to retarded twitter non-sense. What exactly is considered "on-topic" in the GG threads? Even the OP is referencing topics about internet censorship, of which this current discussion is literally about.
Replies: >>1740
(47.7KB, 695x594)
>play video game
>come back
>boy 50 pph I wonder what wonderful video game discu-
>it's autismus maximus in the gamergoy thread
>Same anon from yesterday too
All right quit bickering now and learn to stop biting bait.
------------------------------------------------------------------------RINE END HERE
(1.3MB, 1280x720)
Replies: >>1734
(5.3KB, 512x512)
You're gonna be sorry when I unzip my pants and show you my huge fucking ban hammer
(3.9MB, 1780x1919)
Censorship is fine when it directly hurts kike agendas.
Would you be mad if a show like Big Mouth was censored, would you?
Replies: >>1750 >>1845
On-topic is, IMHO, things along the lines of >>708 >>817 on the basis that they are directly relevant to vidya being altered/suppressed. Then indirectly relevant are things like >>1412 >>1603 insofar as they represent conduits of discussion and commerce for vidya being cracked down on or conquered. Finally things like >>1442 are perhaps tangentially relevant, as being indicative of broader trends (censorship, prudishness, fake weebs) that also hurt vidya.
Were you mad about the Tarrant vids being censored? That was a kike op yet I bet you didn’t want it scrubbed from the net  either.
Replies: >>1765
The difference being that the Tarrant vids hurt the kikes while shows like Big Mouth help. You're comparing apples to oranges here, shill. False equivalence.
(16.7KB, 786x269)
(576.5KB, 625x2716)
(60.2KB, 1118x594)
(35.1KB, 1210x470)
(25.3KB, 718x338)
(91KB, 1346x716)
Thread was going great until porn sperging. Ignore and report porn sperges, that discussion is more for /pol/

Supposedly this is the group that's been going around mass DMCA striking for Last of Us 2?
Replies: >>1794 >>1829
>second image
Wouldn't they have to join torrent swarms and stream audiences themselves to verify the data? That would make them pirates themselves.
Replies: >>1795

This link has been forgotten. Techdirt is a solid source on such shenanigans. Confirmaton that they are behind the takedowns of tlou2 leaks is the Cherry on top.

The takedown order industry here works exclusively with one company that makes MD5 hashes out of the file in question. Of course they only download like 10 seconds so they can extort people for seeding said 10 seconds. Yes, they are probably pirates themselves. Now gather the money you need to sucessfully whoop their asses for this and their popular entrapment scheme.
You know in theory this would be a good idea from a business sense. See what the customers are pirating and seeing how you can make them buy your shit. 
I don't know about practice though.
Is there any gains to pretend that you're protecting children by attacking lolis characters?
Replies: >>1836 >>1837 >>1839
Internet feelgood points.
(192.9KB, 700x394)
They get upboats and their discord circlejerk assbudies congratulate them, resulting in dopamine rush and satisfaction.
Replies: >>1842
(211.9KB, 1024x720)
A bunch of like-minded people congratulate them on twatter and they jerk each other off. It's also highly likely that like how the male feminist who shouts "rape" is a rapist, they probably get off to ACTUAL child porn and are doing this because they think it helps hide their secret or something.
Replies: >>1842
>Discord circlejerks
Have the sjws who cry Loli ever been caught looking at CP or doing something illegal on their own discord along with their companions.
>they probably get off to ACTUAL child porn and are doing this because they think it helps hide their secret or something.
That's what I guessed as well I've seen some cases of the anti Loli squad being caught looking at CP or being hypocritical about it in a way themselves, especially that pizzagate guy. Seems to me Loli is hated because it's not the real thing and because Twatter users just want attention.
(1.3MB, 4096x2792)
Freedom of Speech means that the Government doesn't regulate what you can say or should say regardless of which platform you use or in the context of any discussions. Freedom of Speech grants you freedom from Government surveillance and having a record of you saying something that goes contrary of popular opinion or opinions that make the Government suspicious of you.

What ever porn you watch is no business of the government because Porn is a fantasy and doesn't relate to actual sex. That's why Rape Porn is popular among women because they know its wrong in the real world but it can be done in their fictional world. The same can be said for Lolicon and more questionable Porn choices since they exist in the confines of fiction. The only except is actual Child Porn since the actors are minors in which their bodies have not fully developed to understand and take any forms of sexual acts. Children don't have the brain developed power as adults and having sex with them counts as exploitation, Same goes for bestiality since Animals lack the brain complicity to understand what a human being understands. Furry porn and Loli are different because its fictional and the character can be tailored to whatever the creator of the Porn or the person watching the Porn can make up what the character can and can not do. 

tldr: Porn is fucking fiction and its an expression of Freedom of Speech which includes Loli since the US Government can't control what you can like and what you shouldn't and how you express it. The only exception is actual CP because children are not capable to understand sex and to have sex.
Twitter being the least profitable doesn't mean its going to die any time soon. Twitter is pretty infamous on the internet because of it sperginess and biases, but it isn't dying and still has enough influence to attract the worst people on the internet.
It amazes me that twitter extremists never realize that their larp on social media is not only cringe, but incredibly pathetic.
This conversation is over with you're just derailing the thread.
Replies: >>1891
>porn is fiction, freedom
Lel, real life porn is the ultimatum of degeneracy and if you support it you deserve the rope. Muh breeze bitch. Do you let your woman fuck niggers too, cuck? Otherwise it would go against your code of morality, which is total freedom. Your woman should have the right to cuck you anytime she wants from the indoctrination of big nigger dicks. 
>even post a niggress as well
Like pottery.
Replies: >>1891
>Porn is a fantasy and doesn't relate to actual sex
If real life adult porn is just a fantasy, raping a loli should be treated the same.
>Rape Porn is popular among women 
>implying men don't want to rape women on a regular basis
>implying men don't want to be raped by attractive women
>doesn't know about /ara/

>their bodies have not fully developed to understand and take any forms of sexual acts
Children in the west fuck like rabbits all the time, what the fuck are you even talking about cuck? Are you that oblivious about your women? It was your country's fault that the rest of the world suffers from your disgusting degeneracy. Women got married under the AOC was a common practice until the feminists and useful idiots like you kept torturing and killing any man with common sense.
>Children don't have the brain developed power as adults and having sex with them counts as exploitation,
All female pornstars are products of constant failure. Their parents didn't teach them right, the government actively allows them to act like a whore. They don't know better until they try porn and stuck with it without knowing how to get out. They don't have a choice, all women doing porn were denied proper education. The porn mafia exploits them to no end, but because they were adults so it's all fine and danny. 
>lumping having sex with human and animal in the same category
You should fucking kill yourself, ni/gg/er. You dumb fucking buffoon, no wonder not a single anon on the webring wants you around.
Replies: >>1862 >>1872 >>1891
Wow so much videogame discussion. Definitely not the same shit over at 4chan.
Replies: >>1863
Lmao you still on this porn debate sperg, is your wife's boyfriend that occupied that you have nothing else to do but derail the thread because /cow/ is a tranny nest?
Replies: >>1872
It's just /cow/ niggers still assmad that no one wants to take their nu/pol/ack bullshit seriously.
Replies: >>1866
happens when the underage think they are onto some new "revolution" of sorts
>/v/ is obsessed with posting child porn
This is bait.
Replies: >>1891
>If real life adult porn is just a fantasy, raping a loli should be treated the same.
When I mention loli, I meant the fictional children depicted in Porn. Not actual children.

>Children in the west fuck like rabbits all the time, what the fuck are you even talking about cuck? Are you that oblivious about your women? 
Yeah, that's with children and children. Not children with Adults. Know the fucking different you sperg. 

>All female pornstars are products of constant failure. Their parents didn't teach them right, the government actively allows them to act like a whore. They don't know better until they try porn and stuck with it without knowing how to get out. They don't have a choice, all women doing porn were denied proper education. The porn mafia exploits them to no end, but because they were adults so it's all fine and danny. 
The government nor the rest of the fucking world god dam cares and about the upbringing of an adult that is able to make his/her decisions. So, of course people in government are not going to care and let women whore themselves regardless since its not their responsibility to take care of someone's child. But I understand where you're coming from. Once you're in the porn industry, there is no way of getting out. Not all women who do porn were denied an education. Some chose to do it either by willingness out of their own part or because they think its easy cash. But the exploitation of them is wrong and there should be proper enforcement of regulation when it comes to that. 

>Lmao you still on this porn debate sperg
Of course we are because there is no clear answer to what porn actually is and what is not. Whether its a form of Freedom of Express is always going to come up because idiots can't tell the difference between reality and fiction.
This all started because of 8kun banning loli because the staff are too much of a pussy to stand their grounds on freedom of speech.
Replies: >>1874 >>1877 >>1891
>Freedom of Express
Choo choo, mother fucker, we got no brakes on this train.
>children fucking children is ok
What the fuck? The audacity of this normalnigger degenerate. What is the difference? Many 15 year old boys are over 6 feet and their cocks can destroy a woman asshole. They have jobs and social circle and do pretty much anything that an "adult" would do. There is no difference. Many boys mature to be adult while being under 18. Your legal definition of adult shows how much of an idiotic normalnigger you are to the rest of anons.
>The government nor the rest of the fucking world god dam cares and about the upbringing of an adult that is able to make his/her decisions. So, of course people in government are not going to care and let women whore themselves regardless since its not their responsibility to take care of someone's child
>it's not the responsibility of the government to purify dengerates and kill the gay mafia
Ok retard. The only job of the government is to guarantee its nation survival and protect its culture. If many of your women are being raped day in and day out, it's the government's job to punish the ones responsible, including the whores themselves. You don't understand my point, just because they are adults doesn't mean it's no one business to guide them in the right direction, especially in this day and age. All boys are taught by their fathers, all fathers are taught by their grandfathers. No one is wise enough to make decision only on their own, especially women. You fucking nigger burger.
Replies: >>1885 >>1891
Spoiler File
(168.5KB, 1016x970)
>Didn't you started first
Further proof that jewlay users have permanent brain damage
Pic related
Replies: >>1891
>Your legal definition of adult shows how much of an idiotic normalnigger you are to the rest of anons.
Not talking about maturity of some child shithead. When everyone turn 18, at least they have the brain capacity to understand adult matters. Talking about majority.

>You don't understand my point, just because they are adults doesn't mean it's no one business to guide them in the right direction, especially in this day and age. All boys are taught by their fathers, all fathers are taught by their grandfathers. No one is wise enough to make decision only on their own, especially women. You fucking nigger burger.
The example you just gave proves that we don't need government to fucking tell us what is right and wrong. You realize that having the Government tell us right and wrong is just a slippery slope that is going to increase censorship. Politicians don't fucking care what goes on in our lives, they want control. So, if you give them any form of control over you as a person, you loose your liberties and rights as an individual. That's why we have women get higher positions in power because the Government told us it was ok. That everyone under the sun deserves fucking rights no matter what. Not saying to get rid of the judicial system because if that were to happen, women would be raped left and right by fucking monkies and desertniggers.
Replies: >>1891
>It's child porn, because it depicts children
No it doesn't you dumb shit in what or form does Loli ever represent real life children? Loli characters have mentalities that the average child wouldn't have and their physical appearance are incredibly unrealistic. You, nu/pol/, and jewlay niggers just want something new to spergout on and pretend that you're bring any justice to imageboards while pandering to trannied. I especially don't want to her you faggots trying to pretend you care about children when kikelay and nu/pol/ have several instances of shitheads defending CP and talking about they want to have sex with 14 year olds.
Replies: >>1891
(82.9KB, 951x545)
(25.5KB, 1024x735)
(15.5KB, 776x505)
(94.5KB, 945x719)
(74.4KB, 620x739)
>it isn't dying
Probably not, but it certainly isn't thriving. Their published user account numbers (and supposed revenue) stalled in 2015, then started slowly dropping from 2018, around when they decided to become profitable (due in probably very large part to tax/accounting shenanigans). Around that same time, they switched published user metrics, and even under that metric growth is stagnant:
Also, a choice kek from that last link:
>65% of Twitter’s top 10% of users (by tweet volume) identify as women. And 69% of this group say they tweet about politics.
>Also, 61% of them identify as Democrats.
>80% of U.S. tweets come from 10% of Twitter users
>(Yes, this is the 10% of users we mentioned in #9).

>>1844 >>1872 >>1880 >>1885 >>1886
Stop taking the bait, anons.

>>1859 >>1860 >>1865 >>1867 >>1868 >>1877 >>1884

>post loli
An attempt was made
Replies: >>4217
(97.3KB, 570x570)
Can you please stop replying to obvious bait? Just report and hide. Mod tools are outdated and don't allow us to delete replies to a banned poster at the same time as deleting him, we have do delete each reply manually, and that takes time when there's like a dozen replies to 1 single bait post. 

Replies: >>1899 >>1914
Or you can just lock the /gg/ thread and move on. The retard seems to only sperg out in the /gg/ thread, haven't seen him in any other ones though. Maybe you can make a /gg/ board to separate this one out from /v/.
Its fine here. Anons just need to learn not to reply. I mean SURELY no one is autistic enough to maintain multiple proxies and argue with themselves to give the illusion of a multi anon scaling argument.
Bad idea. Trying to pull off gayops on a board this slow is tremendously stupid. Just saying. 
Or just let them move back to their cake bunker where most of hem still post as of right now.
The threads are fine everyone should just ignore these stupid niggers and just wait for the mods to ban them. Let /cow/ niggers be ass mad it just proves our point that they're nothing more but trannies anyway.
Replies: >>1907
The not replying part is all fine and dandy but falling back on relying on mods to wipe your ass is exactly what cause these threads to have such a bad reputation on 8v to begin with.
At least the BO/vols already made clear that there will be no favoritism.

Personally I am still in favor of dropping the gay as fuck hashtags and just make this a news cyclical.
Can anyone confirm if Unseen Japan is a jew or anything that proves that he is a hypocritical piece of shit?
Replies: >>1913
Now to something actually related. 

As a a second order effect of Cojonnes, news media are hurting everywhere. Most of the stuff listed here is print. What's relevant is this:

>BuzzFeed cut employee pay, cut AM to DM, its morning news show. Eight people lost their jobs, and had furloughs of some staff.
'>'Vice'' cut some pay and stopped 401K matching and promotions. “
The Outline laid off its staff.
>G/O Media, which includes sites such as Jezebel, Deadspin, The Root and The Onion, laid off 14 employees.
>Group Nine laid off 7% of staff. Group Nine publications include The Dodo, Thrillist and NowThis.
>The Hill was implementing pay cuts.
>Vox furloughed more than 100 people for three months.
Protocol had layoffs.
>Curbed Atlanta, a Vox Media newsroom, will stop publishing for three months. Its editor was furloughed.
Replies: >>1922 >>1923 >>1985
(415.2KB, 573x770)
Hypocrite in what sense? You mean how he's not Japanese?
Replies: >>1918
(288.5KB, 360x450)
Now trying saying this the same way nepgear would.
This is not suprising at all, I had feeling he would be an American who lives in some shitlib state/city, but this doesn't confirm if he's jewish only a shitlib.
(238KB, 423x399)
Oh no how tragic.
Replies: >>2086
I love how they finally find out nobody really needs them.
(3.1MB, 1280x720, 00:27)
Well deserved.
Replies: >>2094
Did that guy get in a car accident yet?
So what I've gathered about this Twitch shit is that Amazon supports making fun and condemning their white customers and the disabled? How much is Amazon involved in Twitch anyway?
Replies: >>2125
They bought the entire company
Replies: >>2126
I know, but do they actively get involved in what Twitch does or do they just let Twitch do whatever because Twitch 'knows gamers?'
(43.8KB, 800x450)
(43.2KB, 916x378)
(75.3KB, 1080x1080)
(26.2KB, 577x191)
Kotaku butthurt for Next Level Racing criticizing the gaming media for being to quick to publish shoddy Gran Turismo 7 news.

>There’s no such thing as Gran Turismo 7… well, publicly at least. That’s why, when a mysterious logo for the unannounced game showed up in an advertisement for gaming peripherals, fans and reporters took notice. Turns out, the entire fiasco was a mistake on the part of the manufacturer, but the people there who are actually to blame for the fuck-up would like everyone to know that “the media” were the ones who acted irresponsibly.

>The boilerplate apology was nice, I guess, but scolding the media for covering a potential Gran Turismo 7 reveal is quite the deflection by Next Level Racing. This is literally just the meme of the dude putting a stick in his own bicycle spokes, except the dude is Next Level Racing, the stick is the fake Gran Turismo 7 logo, and he’s blaming his inevitable wipeout on those blasted journalists. And you know what? It’s pretty funny to see it happen in real life.

I don't feel Next Level Gaming is completely without fault, but it is funny how quick Kotaku was to white knight the media landscape for a news story they didn't even initially report on.
Replies: >>2140
Where's the original fuck up by the journos?  You're not telling me that first image is supposed to be it, are you?
Replies: >>2146
The titles and articles have since been edited for most of these these and I didn't see an archive in a quick search, but here's some articles that include the original articles they ran with:

>A professional racing cockpit manufacturer based in Australia seems to have confirmed than Gran Turismo 7 will be be out this year this year which means it could be one of Sony’s big launch titles for PlayStation 5.
>A racing game cockpit manufacturer with ties to PlayStation might have accidentally revealed the logo for a new Gran Turismo game. Furthermore, the social media post showing the logo suggests a 2020 release date.
It might still be coming though even if the logo is a mockup though, Playstation Brazil had "Gran Turismo 7" in a Twitter poll of prefered games:
I don't think it's a big deal, this is the same sort of way actual leaks happen, but it is funny how defensive Kotaku is about it.
(1.1MB, 1300x957)
Is there any drawfags here? Someone needs to make vivian as a gas station worker with ZChan logo on the hat
Replies: >>2358
Posting this before I forget:
A dude from the anti-GG subreddit, GamerGhazi chronicles his time documenting a bunch of old threads when 8chan was up and was the one who leaked the Crash Override Network chat logs, if I recall. Bitched about some British fag, Graham Linehan who hated Gamergate and was a writer behind "Uncle Ted", but came out as a TERF, much to his dismay, and
Replies: >>2390
(159.9KB, 1003x700)
Shoot, meant to include this in my previous post:
One of the old drawfriends' neighbor just died of Corona, apparently. Wasn't aware of any of that happening to anyone close I knew besides Mark.
I'll see if I can contact any of the other ones that I've conversed with lately if they're interested in coming here.
>much to his dismay, and
It feels like you didn't finish your post. Also I thought it was Ian Miles that leaked the logs?
Replies: >>2411
I thought I had deleted that in editing.
It was either Ian or him, I remember Cheong being the one to vouch for the leaks' authenticity. I'll have to check what I have to verify who did that.
(218.4KB, 671x950)
'Tencent to Become Largest Shareholder in Japan’s Marvelous'

>Tencent Holdings Ltd. is buying a 20% stake in Japan’s Marvelous Inc., giving the smaller company capital to develop its game franchises and bolstering the content Tencent itself can offer users.
>China’s biggest game company, through affiliate Image Frame Investment, will spend about 7 billion yen ($65 million) to buy stock in the company, the Japanese games maker said in a statement. Marvelous will sell 8.62 million new shares for 576 yen apiece, while shareholders Amuse Capital and Nakayama Hayao will sell 2.83 million and 708,600 shares respectively at the same price.
>Marvelous plans to use the money to build out its existing game franchises and launch new ones over the next three years. Its current titles include Story of Seasons and Deamon X Machina.
>“Tencent’s reason for the investment is probably to learn how to make console games from Japanese companies, one of the last frontiers for the Chinese tech company’s game business,” said Hideki Yasuda, an analyst at Ace Research Institute. “The investment will help Marvelous ride through the period of global economic uncertainty, and release more of its domestically-popular titles to the Western market.”

Expect censorship and Communist propaganda in the worst case.
Replies: >>2606
My guess is due to the Japanese government telling companies to move their stuff out of China, China decided to go to Japan directly.
Replies: >>2627
(842.1KB, 400x389)
>simply ban chink companies from japan
>problem solved
Replies: >>2659
Prepare for """global standards""" to become important to Marvelous, as if cucking to Sony's censorship wasn't enough and losing Kenichi and everyone of importance too.
This isn't surprising honestly, but the reason why Tencent keeps getting away with censorship and fucking over projects is due to every corp nowadays wanting to rely on making money by using the market rather than how much they make off from sales. This shit won't stop happening until they tell Tencent to fuck off or just take the money without bending the knee.
I want to ban china from existing.
GG hasn't been relevant anymore for years, move on you obsessed faggots.


Replies: >>2662 >>2668
Rent free in your underage head.
I'm sorry that GG fucked your girlfriend anon.
>giving attention to an obvious (1) troll
idiots, mod included
Replies: >>2684
>I’m smart because I don’t piss in a sea of urine
(475.8KB, 1170x754)
Oh shit he's here?
Replies: >>2726
(64KB, 500x504)
He's baaaaaack

and he's blaaaaaaack Not gonna bother including niggerpill's post numbers
(40.4KB, 300x300)
>That's why Rape Porn is popular among women
>The same can be said for Lolicon and more questionable Porn choices
Hey, that gives me a good idea. Why doesn't someone try starting a fake movement to get rape porn banned and see who replies?
Replies: >>2794
Rape porn, fictional or not, is banned on most major porn websites.
Replies: >>2797 >>2905
Check out fanfiction.net, wattpad, or similar sites.
Replies: >>2798
I'm aware rape porn isn't banned across the entire internet anon. I'm just saying it's not unheard of for places like pornhub and the like to ban it.
Replies: >>2905
Last time I've checked they wouldn't really ban rape porn, they just banned using the word rape for it.
Replies: >>2985
(337.7KB, 1280x894)
Replies: >>2986 >>3005
Do they call it canola porn now?
>copyright strike yourself
Can't that also be classified as misuse of DMCA takedowns?
I hear Devianart's imploding. Apparently they just forced a reboot of the site that looks like shit, much like Twatter did.
Replies: >>3083 >>4195
(443.7KB, 607x851)
(52KB, 599x409)
Journos stirring shit up again. When will they learn?
(213KB, 390x337)
Not sure if this has been mentioned yet
>Serious Sam 4
>Harpy appears to be censored in comparision to SS3 in popular Youtube video showing clips and caps of all confirmed enemies so far
>Some faggot from Croteam says its true and mocks people for being upset about it
>Some other faggot from Croteam says it's not true and that was old footage, the latest trailer showing uncensored nipples
Replies: >>3013
(121.1KB, 457x438)
There is no way thats real.
(33.6KB, 600x600)
Maybe the first guy wasn't being serious
I really fucking hope this game turns out well
Replies: >>3014 >>3082
Replies: >>3015
>Working on Serious Sam
>Not Serious
Here's some quotes from the first guy, for fags too lazy to read the article.  He'd have to be "merely pretending" levels of retarded.
>“No, the design was changed because it was changed. There’s no deeper meaning here. Those naked boobs brought nothing to the game, and when our designers were creating a new model they were just trying to make their vision into reality as close as they could. Boobs or not.”
When questioned on making two versions with a nipple toggle
>“It would require additional work that was instead focused on a different character. At this point we only have two character artists, and they are already stretched too thin.”
>“Where did I say it was censorship? 🙂
>“I said it was a design choice that had nothing to do with showing or not showing boobs. I’m guessing the character artist felt this looks better. Even the concepts for the harpy didn’t have fully exposed boobs.
>“Didn’t really go through the entire thread, sorry. But there are way better places to look at gazoongas than a video game. 🙂
>“Here we just shoot stuff.”
Replies: >>3091
Again? They already changed it once and fucked the UI up, what else did they do?
Replies: >>3266
It reads like he has no clue what's going on and is trying to get asspats regardless.
Isn't Sega going to have some big announcement coming up? I wonder what it could be.
Replies: >>3122
Tencent buyout.
On a more legitimate note, I would only be mildly surprised if Microsoft was buying Sega out in its entirety to get more of a Japanese installbase. They have the money for it, that's for sure.
Replies: >>3123
>Microsoft buying sega wholesale
I feel like they value their Independence but a partnership for more of their games on a console maybe. Are microsoft and sega that cozy?
Replies: >>3125 >>3334
Microsoft has been getting real cozy with several Japanese companies lately. Square put out a massive batch of Final Fantasy games (everything from 7 to 13-3, minus 11) on Xbone and they're all on Gamepass, alongside KH.
It'd be one hell of a power play by Microsoft to shake up the jap market, they're in a good spot for the west going into the next gen.
It really looks like switching to their shitty Eclipse and deleting the old DA (when previously you could toggle between the two) caused this shitstorm. Beyond that, the staff are being rather selective in who they respond to -- people reporting bugs or kissing their ass, maybe the occasional complaint or two (often framing the problem as people being "impatient for Eclipse's problems to be fixed" or "change being hard for some people") -- that people feel like they're being ignored and are trying to flee to new sites like artnoodle.

They're also being retarded and refuse to make a public announcement explaining the technical issues that made them switch to begin with, instead preferring to very slowly respond to comments 1-at-a-time because "HURR DURR WE WANT PEOPLE TO GET HUMAN RESPONSES". Despite the fact they're entirely willing to admit to technical problems with the old site if you butter them up enough:
Replies: >>3298 >>4195
>(when previously you could toggle between the two)
I read that everyone who has an account made prior to mid-2019 still has been grandfathered in with access to the old DA format. That's also why I'm pissed off, I lost my spoof account around that time and couldn't get it back. Thank god there's an option for the old color scheme, or else my eyes would be bleeding every time I went there. They also got rid of category filter searches, so you can't type something in and then click a button to filter out everything except one category.
Replies: >>3298 >>3355 >>4195
For >>3266
I would hope Sega learned from the problems of early gen 6 and resists any attempt at an MS buyout
>everyone who has an account made prior to mid-2019 still has been grandfathered in with access to the old DA format
That's not true as far as I'm aware, at least not for my 5 year old account. For a while you could disable Eclipse, but they've now removed the option entirely for everyone, hence the shitstorm.
Replies: >>4195
>>406 (OP) 
Only era i could enjoy DA was shortly before, during and shortly after Endzone tournament.
Most of the contestants vanished little by little
(50.8KB, 613x459)
(38.1KB, 622x355)
(36.3KB, 579x486)
(40.5KB, 618x383)
(95.7KB, 318x448)
Game "journalists" are so mad over granny.
Replies: >>3383
(87.9KB, 720x800)
>I wish to sleep
(341.1KB, 584x752)
(60.3KB, 624x613)
'G A M E R G A T E ! ! !'
While a bit political for zchan, this "tech" journo decides to make a direct reference to gamergay through their politically charged article
Replies: >>3600 >>3612
(423.2KB, 1185x1046)
It never ends.
The best part is, that big social just lost its legal protection thanks to a executive order from the same president. This means that they are now open to Lawsuits.
Replies: >>3613
t. yuropoor
Replies: >>3615
He's half right.  Trump issued an executive order to more properly enforce the rules about whether sites like Twitter operate as platforms or publishers based on their moderation practices.  If Twitter is too biased in their censorship and moderation beyond what's unprotected by the 1st, they'll be recategorized a publisher and be liable for anything and everything said on their site.
Replies: >>3617 >>3803
Sounds neat, it's a shame it happened only now. Wouldn't that make most social sites be publishers, except for those that explicitly are pro free speech? Unless shadowbans and other Jewish tricks don't actually count.
Replies: >>3776
>Wouldn't that make most social sites be publishers, except for those that explicitly are pro free speech? 
Yes. At least Facebook and Youtube should also be recategorized as publishers. If only Twitter, FB and YT lost platform safe harbor status, I think it would already send enough of a message, even if lots of other sites I'm probably not familiar with should fall under it too.

I'm still pretty unhappy with the way Trump is handling this, because it's something he could and should have done a long time ago, and only chooses to act now that one of these sites messed with his profile directly, and still only targeting Twitter.
Replies: >>3781 >>3896
Its an uphill battle, so every little victory is important.
This is the executive order, right?
Won't this enable SJWs to just lawsuit anything they deem as "harassment"? Seems like this could backfire hard
Replies: >>3808 >>3887
If the platform follows the rules they're immune to shit like that. The problem is that Twitter and other services have been having it both ways for a long time now.
Replies: >>3894
>Won't this enable SJWs to just lawsuit anything they deem as "harassment"? Seems like this could backfire hard
Maybe, but I doubt it would backfire because it goes a lot further than that. Say someone uploads a gameplay video on YT with a download link for a pirate copy of the game in the description (or even embedded into the video, or in one of the comments), or posts a tweet with a download link for a NES Super Mario Bros rom. If Twitter and Youtube were publishers, they could be held directly liable for that and Nintendo could sue them for piracy.

So, assuming the companies refused to give in to upholding the 1st Amendment and would rather become publishers, and also don't change the format of allowing anyone to upload content or comments. If they don't want to be sued into oblivion by every person and lawsuit troll company on the planet, they'd probably be forced to premoderate and curate each and every video, comment and tweet posted on their sites, and they'd have to do that using human moderators since AI/algorithms obviously wouldn't work for that. Now imagine how well any of these options would work for them.
>If the platform follows the rules they're immune to shit like that. The problem is that Twitter and other services have been having it both ways for a long time now.
Exactly. They want to have their cake and eat it too, and have been doing just that since at least 2016 if not earlier.
I'm da589f btw, don't know why my id changed. Guess I didn't notice I was on VPN when making that post.
(182.1KB, 720x671)
8moe has a great thread on Tencent. Here's a archive.

>According to several reports, the actual transaction of the sale of Marvelous shares to Tencent is not supposed to occur until sometime in June:
Replies: >>3989
It's worth a try, but I wouldn't get my hopes up.  Don't jap imageboards take extremely poorly to foreigner meddling?  Even if you try to point out that foreign meddling is what's fucking things up, they'll be averse to anything you say from the getgo.
Replies: >>3996 >>4001
>Don't jap imageboards take extremely poorly to foreigner meddling
>yet perfectly alright with foreigner meddling in their media
I think they might let that slide for this
Counterpoint: They hate SJW's much more than just a plain old foreigner. Even if they don't like foreigners meddling  with their internal machinations, as long as it doesn't affect their media (anime, manga, whatever) it's fine, because only foreigners deal with it. This is taking the fight to their life and hometown directly. That, and the Japanese government wants to get as much production out of China as possible. This may not be production, but it sure as shit shows that China has a foothold in case Japan wants to do anything to undermine them.
(129.1KB, 1024x576)
SMITE Added CTHULHU to their game. They use as the perfect opportunity to have a disclaimer...

>One final note: Just as we reject the ancient Mayan tradition of ritual human sacrifice, we reject the racist and homophobic ideas espoused by H.P. Lovecraft. We believe that Cthulhu has grown beyond its creator over the past 100 years. We welcome Cthulhu to SMITE, not Lovecraft; racism and homophobia have no place in SMITE, period.
Replies: >>4185 >>4187 >>4188
>We believe that Cthulhu has grown beyond its creator over the past 100 years.
this is what they want and how it begins, they want to take everything from us.
Cthulhu's just a priest, though. They should have added Nyarlathotep or Shubniggeroth instead. Did Lovecraft even mention homosexuality in his published works? I've read quite a few and don't remember anything.
It's always the same monster, do these niggers even read his shit to begin with?
why would you enable captcha, why? I hate captcha so fucking much.
Replies: >>4189 >>4193
>do these niggers even read his shit to begin with?
Why would they read his work when they clearly hate him and the ideals that were foundational to his writing?
>why would you enable captcha, why? I hate captcha so fucking much
It's automatically enabled when the board hits certain TPH / PPH thresholds
(4.9KB, 175x60)
Reminds me of one such occasion when sanity prevailed, MobyGames. Introduced a new unusably bloated UI in a dumb corporate partnership thing, couple years later was sold to a nonprofit and reverted to the old UI, stayed that way ever since.
>rodney king 3.0 blm 2.0
I'll believe it when I see it
Reminder that you're pulling shit out of your ass and you don't want to kill yourself alone.
Replies: >>4208
What are bots and controlled opposition?
>Major social media sites
>Not significant
Replies: >>4212
>inb4 "gg was in large part built around twatter"
Because GG was and is concerned with fighting a tiny cabal of Extremely Online trannies who make their home mainly on Twatter.

>major social media site
Twatter is stagnant at best, probably losing users. Moreover, the importance of the site's active userbase, already small compared to actually popular sites (and massive numbers of bots) is distorted by a disproportionate presence of corporate/political HR/PR flacks, journos, blaggers, and other assorted attentionwhores.
Replies: >>4237
>Tell me how this isn't them winning and us losing.
Because you haven't killed yourself yet. If its so bleak why didn't you do it yet?
Replies: >>4217
(34.9KB, 540x461)
All shitposting aside, Twatter really isn't and never was important, beyond its ability to catfish gullible celebs into being quotemined out of context. Like I said with detailed stats upthread >>1640 >>1647 >>1891 it is a small site with falling or stagnant userbase, even based on their exaggerated official numbers.
Replies: >>4218
I've watched coverage of the events on both reddit and /pol/. As with gamergate, they present two completely different realities.

On reddit, peaceful protesters are getting brutalized by out of control police using indiscriminate violence for no reason, and any acts of violence by the protesters (on the rare occasion that any are brought up) are actually done by undercover cops and white supremacists. The police is only shown in a positive light when they lay down their weapons and join the protesters, and there is no question that these rio... sorry, protests, are 100% justified and necessary to fix America's white supremacist nazi dictatorship.

The reddit version is what the general public is going to see, just as the "white supremacist nazi gamer bros oppressing women and blacks" narrative is what almost everyone learned.

Blacks are by nature low IQ, whimsical and violent (on average), and did not evolve to build or maintain space age societies. Outside of eugenics (and maybe some day genetic engineering), there's nothing that can be done to fix this. If you reject these facts and believe that blacks and whites are by nature equal, then the inequality between them must have human causes, and so it must be that whites are keeping them down. But no matter how much you pour money into black communities, rig laws in favor of blacks, and shame and indoctrinate whites, the problem won't go away. More and more extreme measures are needed.

That leads us to blacks and antifa burning down the country and trying to storm the White House because that's just what it's going to take to finally end racism and make everyone equal. And when even that doesn't work, what will they do next?

twitter has become hugely important to society whether you like it or not.
Replies: >>4221
>Keep denying reality.
https://www.statista.com/statistics/282087/number-of-monthly-active-twitter-users/ is the best source I can be bothered to find. Monthly users have absolutely stagnated other the past ~3 years.
Again, tell me how this is any different from the nothingburgers of every past race riot, none of which amounted to anything beyond some insubstantial corporate "muh hearts & prayers" PR fluff even a year later.

Also, look at my stats, and notice the undeniable fact that Twatter is all but irrelevant IRL.
Replies: >>4222
Speaking of Netflix, they're coming out with a new Masaaki Yuasa anime called Japan Sinks, based on a 1973 novel. Japan is wiped out by a massive earthquake, and the story follows what appears to be a mixed race family. So, metaphorically, Japan must be destroyed to make way for a new deracinated globalist Japan.


In Yuasa's previous show, Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken, Japan is nonchalantly depicted with blacks and browns everywhere. That wasn't even a Netflix series.

If current events are always the same as past events then the current COVID-19 pandemic must be no different from any other pandemics that occured in the past.

>Also, look at my stats, and notice the undeniable fact that Twatter is all but irrelevant IRL.
The stats don't matter. What matters is twitter's actual influence in the real world.
Replies: >>4223 >>4254
>omglol there are nogs in muh animaymay
That has always been the case, same reason there are an outlandish number of blonde snownigs.
>the current COVID-19 pandemic must be no different from any other pandemics that occured in the past
The last non-meme-tier pandemic we had was over a century ago
Replies: >>4225
I never said the problem with those anime is merely that they have black and brown characters in them.

>The last non-meme-tier pandemic we had was over a century ago
The last pandemic didn't have this kind of a circus surrounding it, and people barely remember it even happening. Why is that? Aren't all pandemics supposed to be the same, since all events are the same?

You're obviously a leftist shill who is just here to downplay and dismiss anything anyone says, using intellectually dishonest methods.
Replies: >>4226
Oh and
>twitter's actual influence in the real world
Equal to SA because it is just SA in (more) drag

>The last pandemic didn't have this kind of a circus surrounding it
In 1918? It absolutely did, minus the piffling little distraction of The Great War still ongoing, obviously.
>people barely remember it even happening
Just like this one will
>a leftist shill
Ironic accusation, considering I easily could've just shat myself shouting MUH BLACKPILLZ to your bait, instead of using it as a pretext to laugh at Twatterfaggotry LARPers in general some more.
Replies: >>4227 >>4228
>Equal to SA
You are so massively dishonest that you aren't even worth talking to anymore.
Replies: >>4229
>nothing burgers to something burgers, repeatedly, in each post
You gonna make up your mind?
Replies: >>4229
Seriously, look at the bluechecks of the Twatteratti aristocracy, and see how many are goons. Then add anyone in some splinter of Weird Twatter's orbit.
Replies: >>4230
Still trying to figure out what you're saying, other than twitter is something because its nothing.
Replies: >>4231
(66.7KB, 540x296)
I'm saying that Twatter is nothing because it's nothing, aside from in the extremely specific context of certain fields (gayming, for instance) rife with goony beardy men prone to falling on their knees when buli'd by catladies.
Replies: >>4232
Well you're not wrong there.
Replies: >>4233
(86.2KB, 500x400)
I mean in general. Again, look at my stats upthread, read my links. Just for instance, 80% of 'merkin Twatter posts are from the top 10% of users, over 2/3rds of which are female Democrats who primarily post about politics. It literally IS TWATTER!

IRL, it has zero relevance to anything beyond those "people" and anyone who cares about them.
Twitter userbase doesn't make it significant, what make it significant is how they harass people to change their shows, games,etc to their appeasement. Twitter also has a shit ton of retarded shitlibs celebs who frequently orbit around there more so than anywhere else. So it has significant influence just not as much as Facebook does. Whether it's dying or not doesn't really matter as long as the dumbasses on there continue to force developers to bend the knee to what they desire.
Replies: >>4239 >>4242 >>4254
Just filter his ID.
Replies: >>4242
(308.2KB, 500x364)
Replies: >>4246 >>4247 >>4256
That, to me, suggests not the site's influence, but the brittleness of people (especially HR flacks) in corporations that bow to such influence. Especially since most of the pressure isn't actually applied through Twatter itself, but instead through clickbait journos.

Y'know, the typical Buzzfeed/Vox/Gawker template articles along the lines of "stunning and brave [#HashTag] protests against evil thing [target] did", then has 2-5 screenshots of angry Twats. And invariably, if you look at them when the clickbait was posted, there's maybe one or two dozen posts in the tag, and half of them are from journos who posted clickbait articles.

Not just Twatter, but its influence, is nothing but a giant scam, just repeat the lie until people believe it.

>says the ID that only popped in here an hour ago
>sage is now just a button
ayy lmao
Wait, wasn't it made one some time ago alre-
>it was just New Jersey
Oh. Took the orange man long enough, I guess. That and platform vs publisher thing.
Finally it shouldn't take orange man three fucking years to do this shit. Now if he can start putting our troops on the borders to kill gringos then I'll vote for him again.
Just filter him and any other hope addict who claims everything is juuuuuuust fiiiiiiine.

Soon, with their God Funimation's influence, all anime will be like Yuasa's recent work. Japanese authorities are becoming woke, and Japanese people will unanimously become woke with them. It's far too late to save them. Non-Marxist thought in all media worldwide is officially history.
>Those back to back bot replies with presumably phishing links
Replies: >>4260
You forgot the spam replies that have checkmarks on them.
827af3 and 640259 are both shills, just coming at it from opposite angles. Is the left really this scared of a GG thread on an obscure site?
Shibuya protest is mostly filled with English speakers with only 200 shills there.
Explains why you're retarded
Hello niggerpiller, but no they aren't and Twitter doesn't represent what the nips think like especially considering this tweet is from a western and it attracted western faggots. You tried the same tactic of niggerpills by taking random shit fags said on twitter and trying to represent it as Japan becoming tumblrina as America. I don't how you find your way here but you can fuck off back to wherever you came from.
>converting them to the winning side
You're either a cuck or a controlled opposition.
>Sjws are winning guys! It's not like social medias are becoming infamous for their political bullshit, it's not like they're losing money for their failed projects, Twitter totally  represents everyone
Go away and stay off Twitter
Replies: >>4422
>>406 (OP) 
What is this shit about anonymous on twitter right now?
Replies: >>4369 >>4411
Some larp campaign
Replies: >>4411
>another deep state lapdog tries to stay relevant
>It's not like social medias are becoming infamous for their political bullshit, it's not like they're losing money for their failed projects, Twitter totally  represents everyone
They're not becoming infamous and they're not losing money. Notice how literally everyone has some variation "BLM" or "ACAB" in their handle, their description, or their likes.

Everyone except for us has sided with Antifa. Billions now want us dead. Anyone who doesn't comply with them will get cancelled and possibly killed.
Replies: >>4423
good lets hope they kill you first so you shut up.
(1.3MB, 1080x798)
Reminder that niggerpill only ever wanted a friend
Replies: >>4426
>403 Forbidden
Replies: >>4427 >>4430
(476.2KB, 1024x990)
(153.3KB, 480x546)
Are you using Firefox, anon? They recently implemented DNS over HTTPS utilizing Cloudflare as their default provider. That locks users out of viewing the various archive.is domains. You can turn it off in the browser options.
Replies: >>4431 >>4439
Gotcha, figure it had something to do with firecocks
(154.1KB, 671x812)
Reminder to keep things vidya, as per board rules. Don't biting obvious derails

'The Curious Case of FerociouslySteph and The Rise of Gamergate 2.0'

>We, as a planet, are living through an absurd period of history. Despite our current climate, there is still plenty of time and energy to swarm people over the internet. We have yet to hit the second wave of Corona, but we may be hitting the second wave of the gamer hate mobs mobilizing. Flashes of late 2014 come to mind with a mystic rhyme reiterated in the spectacle of FerociouslySteph. Escalations of harassment, conspiracy theories, rape and death threats, doxxing, and at times legitimate criticisms.

>Gamergate, defined by Wikipedia, was a harassment campaign targeted at women in the video game industry, notably Zoë Quinn, Anita Sarkeesian, and Brianna Wu. Gamergate started with a nasty blog post by Quinn’s ex-boyfriend stating false accusations that she had an unethical relationship with a journalist for a positive review of her game. The campaigns that targeted these women included everything from rape and death threats to doxxing.

>Gamergate was perfectly summed up by former football player Chris Kluwe in his post on the topic. Gamergate is “…a combination of a secret cabal of power-mad journalists are working with the world-threatening feminist agenda in order to remove the purity of video games, because Obama and Jews.” Kluwe also hilariously stated that toxic gamerbros were “…paint-huffing shitgoblins think they’re “gamers,” and it pisses me the fuck off.” The movement was full of healthy mindsets.

Random medium post that has been going around because of crying that people criticized the mentally ill Deer
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I'm using firefox and I have no issues though
>GamerGate 2.0
Have the autists finally done it? Kept going for so long they're relevant again?
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>make orwellian "safety advisory council"
>staff it entirely with head trauma ward cases
>they immediately start embarrassing your xhamster ripoff for tweensgame streaming site by condemning gaming
>double down and support them
>wonder why your users are angry at you
What are the chances of Twitch dying to a competitor when they start implementing these clampdowns?
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The deer already got the better end of the deal anyway. Now 99% of Twitter is supporting the Minneapolis riots and shilling BLM. Every e-celeb, artist, and John Doe on Twitter have outwardly expressed their desire to see people like us dead and gone. Those who aren't are currently getting cancelled.

Also Pride Month is tomorrow which means even more support for globohomo.
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What about other social medias are there any other places that are calling out the BLM?
So is this the gamergate thread or the niggerpill power hour thread?
Nice nigger pilling. IRL is not twitter. The riots are so fake and gay that pomf designated Ant!f4 a terrorist organization and pride month is cancelled due to Cojonnes and the riots. Who the hell has orgies while the fucking city is on fire?
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Animal Crossing is the go to game to just throw a random article topic at. This game is going fuel clickbait, shoddy journalism and "hot takes" for years.

I can't count how many times I've heard the "GamerGate 2.0" mantra over the years. Everything new controversy is GG 2.0

Unfortunately, there's no good Twitch competitor. I don't think even youtube streaming is taking off that well.
>supporting BLM
<thoughts and prayers
Just like last time, absolutely nothing will come of it, beyond perhaps some yawnworthy bone tossed to them like body cameras or whatever.
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I have never imagined that I would see one of you morons here. Antifa is now a terrorist organisation destroying democrat controlled cities. Cry more somewhere else. 

(97.3KB, 570x570)
Simply report niggerpilling and do not respond to it
>Body cameras
Which is ironic since 90% of the time the cameras help the police prove their case.
Does anyone know if Sony has any higher ups who molested kids or has done things as scummy or worse than Naughty Dog?
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Given the recent chinese influence being exposed, I'd say its 50/50.
(185.3KB, 708x602)
In non-riot news, Another day, Another article of Nathan Grayson having a cry
Oh come the fuck on, why the hell does this no named nigger have more sway that the thousands of people murdered every day by other niggers?
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Following trends, and possibly covering their asses so their offices don't get torched.
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Fuck off, niggerpill
Because it is easier to fool niggers into thinking this will help them then facing the truth: that they are slowing getting eradicated from their own kind killing them in the US, while China begins to clean up in Africa.
(126.8KB, 263x301)
Holy fuck I hate niggers and nigger lovers so much more than usual right now.
All niggerpill.
Go back to 8qun.
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Bohemia Interactive just got bought by Tencent.

It get's worse, they're actually donating
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That's the English localizers you moron this doesn't represent Nippon, Japan literally has nationalists combating the Soros funded shitheads in the streets.  
Also don't respond to niggerpillers just report them and tell them to fuck off. He's a cuck who's going to kill himself anyway.
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>Still won't explain why he hasn't killed himself for the future being bleak
Answer the question, cuck.
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>cop kneels on neck for 9 minutes
>"The world wants our kind dead."
Good lord, anon. Being against police brutality doesn't make you a supporter of white genocide.
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>police brutality
nah, nigger, nah
Stop replying to niggerpill.
How much you wanna bet the officer was right in the end and this whole thing is fake as fuck.
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>Bohemia Interactive just got bought by Tencent.
Welp, I guess I'm never playing ARMA in the future.
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>China buys a gamedev company that is known for spying on real military bases
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Uh oh
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>Mark to team up with 4um for "E3" alt event
I think it's time we relabel some things
>cuckchan 3.0
(83.1KB, 276x276)
>using cuckchan as leverage
>tfw spent money on buttcoin and cryptoscams years ago but still don't understand how that works
Serious question, does that belong in the meta thread, or is that no longer up?
>leave 4chan because of censorship and the realization moot didn't care
>hey guys let's team up with 4chan
This is almost as bad as him trying to sell Gondolas. I can't even tell if it's anger, disgust or bewilderment.
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I could make an entire thread of this shit
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I know it is probably just some western employee in their instagram but I seriously hate this knee bending weakness.
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How many of these fuckers stood with Hong Kong protestors? Hypocritical shitbags.
(112.5KB, 1024x625)
There are probably many people who are secretly pissed off about this.
This is not gamergate.  Toast about it in the meta or drama containment thread.
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>let's team up with 4chan
That's a really GREAT idea !
But i can do one better !!
Why not just cut out the middle man and team up straightforward with reddit? I mean if 
<more traffic = better
<reddit > 4chan
because reddit has at least,like,twice the traffic 4chan has.
i warned you pastanigger that letting these threads here was a bad idea and they would only attract retards twice,once back on fatchan and once here also fuck your gay ass captcha that also was perfectly avoidable if only you had listened
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I'm not too assblasted over this capitulation to the chimpout, since I had already written off the entire game industry in 2018. They did exactly what I expected. However, I am still surprised by how many Japanese companies are joining in. How do leftist memes have this much power over people? Even Toei Animation released a statement.
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Go fuck yourself collectivist. Not your personal army.
Exactly. We might as well turn tranny at this point because of how fucked we are. There is nothing left for us to fight for. SJWs already won the hearts of everyone in the world while our kind is forever mocked. There won't be any non-SJWs left by 2026 and even that's generous.
They do that because everyone does it and they want the PR. No matter if they are Japanese or from other countries, ultimately companies want to make money. Only this time it's such overblown bullshit I doubt it'll work.
But the Japanese have been self-censoring themselves for the West for decades. Sony may have been a liberation in the beginning, I guess many devs were glad not to be bossed around by Nintendo anymore. But of course that doesn't last 25 years.
Also there's the language barrier. I the Japanese mostly don't even know what western gamers think so they have to believe everything resetards that do make the effort to learn Japanese tell them.
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>There is literally nothing we can do to change their ways.
If you are still buying their stuff you can stop doing that. They aren't pandering to resetera specifically but to what's good for business.
Many people will get hurt in the riots or have their property damaged. Sure, some display galactic levels of virtue signalling, pretending to be grateful for that, but many won't. Many people will be angry as fuck at the whole BLM thing, and angry as fuck at everyone who supports it as a cheap PR stunt.
Hell even some leftists are pissed about this.
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You're replying to the same niggerpill who has been IP hopping and samefagging in this thread for days now. Each niggerpill has 1 post in their history and similar style. Don't fall for his bait.
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This is actually sad anon, you literally need to IP hop to make anyone in here think what you've said is true. The Haps for example don't really care about the whole BLM thing and aren't supportive like jotkau claims but they're rather neutral. Leftist aren't even memeing they're lying most Americans don't support BLM and the riot's only twatter users do.
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It's the same nigger from 8kunt when loli was banned and we gather on a thread I forgot the name of, who was sending off black pills about Nippon and IP-hoping fucking 7 seven times. He's a stupid nigger that deflects arugments is only here to shit up thread.
Nigger shut up and get a life, your wife's boyfriend is probably done with giving her the pleasure you couldn't give her so go chat with her for once.
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Fuck now I'm making nigger tier typos.
(40.4KB, 625x626)
Stop responding to niggerpill.
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>fostering equity
quite freudian
Does anyone know If Sony is facing the same issues that Disney is facing with? Such as declining sales, overspending, corruption, and mass layoffs?
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Sony's primary revenue stream for years has been health insurance
(38.7KB, 640x514)
Er, not revenue, profit.
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But is this last year's profit? Has Sony been facing any major recent financial issues lately? Because it seems like a lot of big corps are facing a decline in profit nowadays.
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I doubt sony is going into financial decline, they've made too much money from the PS4 and now are seeking to making profit from mobile games.
Guys I can't believe Grant Gamerson is anti-racist and also supports the gays
It's not the Japanese branch but the cancer American Branch. Not much the Japanese can do about it.
The main issue is that Japan can not fire anyone in American Branch's due to Anti Japanese laws in the 1980's. Europe on the other hand does not have any AntiJapanese laws or any real Anti Japanese lobbying groups. This is why they hardly have as much issues as America does. Also do not forget Sony has 7 months to move their HQ out of America into Europe.
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So when do we make a new thread in here? Isn't bumplimit 400?
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It's 500 I believe.
New Thread
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>65 posts to go until 500
>New thread
Did you forget to refresh the page after all the blackpill spam was deleted?  Rookie mistake.
gay thread gay posters kill yourself
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Well since bread was baked too early (no hard feelings OP) guess I'll not shitpost. While Nintendo's statement was probably the most "centrist" and least "offensive", I just find it very amusing how the statement mentions "equity" instead of "equality". Interesting choice of word.
Replies: >>5332 >>5402 >>5403
As the guy who made  >>5200, I'd like to apologize. I hadn't refreshed the paged and the post reply was higher than what it actually was. my bad.
What most of those companies companies want to say is probably "please loot someone else".
It's becaused everyone realised (whether subconsciously or not), that even with "equality" nogs are left way behind. They had to coin a new term "equity" to prop up minorities on your dime. It's so transparent and anyone using these terms should instantly be disregarded
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No matter if it's Sony or Nintendo, I feel confirmed in my attitude again and again
Who needs non-retro consoles nowadays anyway?
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(965.6KB, 738x1024)
Does anyone have that .webm of a kids cartoon swapping to 911 footage in the blink of an eye? Because this gives the exact same feel, the whole world wants to make this like 911 at this point
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>Breathing sounds
>I can't breathe
Sounds mutually exclusive.
Replies: >>5468
Maybe it's live footage from the closet Dan "the hymen divider" Schneider keeps his current victim in.
You haven't heard? The autopsy came out. That nigger died of a heart attack. The drugs he was taking were at least as responsible for his death as the cop, and the death was definitely unintentional. (That cop probably heard a feral nigger go "I CANT BREEF" an average of ten times a day minimum, same as every other chimp herder.)
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(192.3KB, 1077x980)
(63.7KB, 893x491)
(126.5KB, 1080x958)
(128.7KB, 828x1403)
(1/2)Gita Jackson, former Kotaku, seems very mad about the subject of her article telling her that he wasn't ever contacted.
(257.6KB, 886x1334)
(113.5KB, 701x1111)
(97.4KB, 660x621)
(2/2)Gita Jackson also seems butthurt over Cecilia D'Anastasio. Not sure if all of these screencaps are related to the same person though

My belief is that he was overdosing but because he was restrained he couldn't get the medical attention and later died at the hospital.
Replies: >>5550
99% certain he would have died in the backseat of the cop car anyway. He was fucked up from the moment he went out the door.
Replies: >>5559
Honestly kind of astonishing that he was able to go out the door at all.
(359.7KB, 600x500)
IIRC he has 11ng/mL of Fentanyl in his system which is a lethal dose; there's very little chance that the policeman caused his death. Hell, I'm willing to bet that the cop's going to get acquitted since the severity of the charges got increased.

>people dunking on OAG
>proof that we lost

Wew, I knew niggerpill was retarded but I didn't know he was this desparate.
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(696.3KB, 864x480, 00:09)
>mfw I don't remember the last time I paid for a game

Feels good
Please stop replying to niggerpill.
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11ng/mL is not a lethal dose, however, having above 7ng/mL with other substances in your system can kill you. That's what did it.
Please delete these shit threads already.At this point they have proven not only that they have strayed far from their original purpose and that without a heavy hand in moderating them essentailly turning them into an echo chamber they just cannot continue to stay on topic and justify their existence but also that they attract nothing but the lowest tier trash there is out there to the place.
Replies: >>6079 >>6144
Yeah sure, delete the thread because of one IP hopping disrupting shill idiot. Just give him exactly what he wants so Julayfags can have their GG-free /v/ without having to use Julay.
So julayfags can sperg out and riot as soon the next idiocy comes out of the games industry?

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