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I've been playing Sonic Adventure games series and man I was hocked.
I liked sonic before and his games were my childhood but these days there isn't a great sonic game and what happened to the tone of Sonic back then he was cool guy with an attitude but now he's just a fucking memeand not just sonic too they butchered many characters especially Tails.
In the adventure games he was a clumsy kid who relayed to much on sonic but he hated that fact so he tried to change himself to be more courageous and more useful but in the modern games he's useless and annoying,and don't forget Eggman that guy was an actual threatening villain who had some badass moments in the adventure series but now he's just a shitty comic relief character.
I could go on and on about how they ruined every character in the sonic series and how the Sonic Team plays too much safe but I think you probably know that so let's discuss which is your favorite game and why.
>Favorite game
Sonic 3 is my favorite in the series,the level design is so great,the powerups are nice and the music is top tier
>Favorite OST's
Sonic Adventure 1 for me has the best OST just because it has jazz
>Favorite Character
Tails not because of a certain comic
Replies: >>958 >>961 >>1847
>>884 (OP) 
>Favourite game
Sonic 3 & Knuckles, it's one of those games that I can just pick up at any time and have an absolute blast. Sonic Mania is also at the same level IMO.

>Favourite OSTs
SA1 & 2 are both great, the former having great variety and the latter having Live & Learn. If I had to choose a favourite, it would be a tie between CD's JP OST and Mania.

>Favourite Character
Knuckles or Eggman.
>>884 (OP) 
>what happened to the tone of Sonic back then he was cool guy with an attitude but now he's just a fucking meme
A one-two punch of Shadow the Hedgehog and Sonic 06. Both stained the series' reputation for different reasons (06 was a broken piece of shit, and Shadow had cemented the series as trying too hard and autistic). Moreover, none of the games afterward from Unleashed-to-Black Knight received anything more than "okay" reception, more often being mocked, until they stumbled onto the Boost formula in Colors. Sega, being run by retards, thought that meant that every game from then on had to follow Colors' example in tone. This also led to the writing team for Colors (the Happy Tree Friends writers, I remember one of their names being Pontaff) becoming the de-facto localizers. 

When Generations came out and nostalgia was a proven selling point, they tried making Sonic 4. Sega, being retarded, thought Modern Sonic was the problem and people only wanted Classic Sonic, and thus we got retarded shit like retconning Classic Sonic to be "Sonic from another dimension" rather than just "Sonic from the past", and pushing him heavily. We got Sonic Mania out of tha at least, but it was attached to Sonic Forces in a desperate attempt to leech off an actually good game's popularity.

Oh yeah, and that lawsuit from Ken Penders when Sonic Chronicles happened probably hurt their spirit too. It likely played a huge part in making sure they maintain a *strict* uniform safe tone that's as non-exploratory as possible (for god's sake, humans aren't even part of Sonic's world anymore).
Replies: >>995
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I wonder if the Sanic franchise would be in a better state today had Sega not raped themselves out of the console market with their decisions regarding the Saturn's US distribution and game localization priorities.
Replies: >>1364
>for god's sake, humans aren't even part of Sonic's world anymore
You say that as if thats a bad thing.
Eggman can only work as an alien invader. Not as a fucking mad scientist in a modern world.
Replies: >>1066
I don't really agree with that sentiment, but Eggman wasn't my point. The human retcon means no GUN and related characters (Maria, Gerald, etc), which fucks up several characters like Team Dark and Emerl (even if he's dead). Just look at how directionless Shadow's been ever since Sonic Boom because of that retcon. Sure, the Sonic Chronicles lawsuit killed the lore-building dead, but it peeves me off like nothing else to just do that on a whim without thinking about how it affects the cast. i'm certain we're never gonna get SA3 either because of that
Replies: >>1071
Can someone explain about this Sonic Chronicles lawsuit the only lawsuit I hear about is the one involving michael jackson
Replies: >>1099
So what are the best sonic fangames besides SRB2 and SRB2Kart?
Replies: >>1106 >>1322 >>1334
A greentext I saved on the situation:
>Back when Archie was still doing the Sonic comic book, Ken Penders wrote for Archie and he liked to insert OCs and stories that barely fit Sonic (mostly Echidnas, but admittedly this was because Sega vetoed the original ideas applying to Sonic but didn't care if they happened to Knuckles)
>After years of these OCs bogging down what was supposed to be a comic with Sonic highlighting it, Sega and new Archie editors crack down on him
>Penders quits, or so he says, thinking he's hot shit and Archie would beg him to come back
>Archie Sonic gets by fine without him
>A lot better in fact according to the fanbase
>Gets salty about it for years
>Sonic Chronicles is released
>Have some characters (a villainous Echidna clan) that seem to have been inspired by his OCs, which were never really his to begin with, though the resemblance is superficial at best
>Ken finds out that, due to Archie's incompetence, he can claim ownership of his OCs
>Decides to copyright them to make his own series (The Lara-Su Chronicles), and sues Sega
>Archie sues him for threatening them with a cease and desist for using his OCs
>Archie v Penders drags for months due to lack of evidence. Archie claims the original contracts were lost in an office fire.
>Case is dropped, Ken keeps his OCs, but must redesign them so they don't look like Sonics
>Penders v Sega is dropped, he had no grounds
>Despite his "victory" against Archie, Ken is still salty, keeps trying to bring Sega to court and failing
>Meanwhile, he hasn't made any substantial progress on his book in over six years, outside of some infamous redesigns
>He just spends his days on twitter complaining about Trump or acting like an authority on Sonic 

>The whole debacle causes Archie to reboot the entire comic to get rid of all characters, events, or locations even tangentially related to Penders
>It also causes Sega to enforce extremely strict guidelines on what can and cannot be done (Character Development is banned, characters like Eggman Nega or Mephiles cannot be named let alone appear, Sonic cannot express "uncool" emotions like crying, characters cannot change their outfit, etc)
>after limping around for a while, Sega fires Archie and replaces them with IDW
>This time, they don't even get to keep any of the cartoon characters or the OVA ones (according to a writer interview, Sega hates its past and doesn't want to give it attention: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iw-BaVS8oyc&t=1982s )
Replies: >>1102 >>1103
fucking hate how obtuse deleting posts is when I want to correct some formatting
>according to a writer interview, Sega hates its past and doesn't want to give it attention
oh that's a big fucking problem and is this one of the reason they don't bring back there old series like Jet Set Radio
Replies: >>1129
This autism will never fail to impress me.
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>favorite OST
Couldn't possibly pick one, too many top tier soundtracks to choose. I think Sonic 3D Blast (the Saturn/PC version) and Sonic R's soundtracks often go unappreciated, there's some fucking jams in those games. Always thought that style of music suited Sonic games more than the GUITARZZZZ music the later games typically went for.
Sonic Utopia. It's only a demo, but it's a fucking good demo.
Replies: >>1335
They still make Sega crossover spinoffs like Racing and shit like Lost World's NIGHTS DLC, so I don't think that's the case. I think that one's just regular jewish corporate "It's not gonna sell like Sonic, so we're not gonna bother".
Sonic: Before and After the Sequel is breddy gud.
There's a new one called Sonic 2020 episode white jungle looks quite neat it's uses the infinity engine and looks like the creator is trying to add some story to this game.
>Sonic R ost
Holy shit that soundtrack is god like and the OST's at the time of Sega CD were amazing,man there to much good music to choose from
>finally played Sonic 1 and beat it with the six emeralds collected
>half enjoyable, the problem with the game is that the game is filled with shit and okay stages. I would even argue that the music also isn't that good at times
>the only complaint i sort of have with Sonic 1 is that you go too fast, but with a different kind of mindset you can just tap forward repeatedly to go moderately fast, so realizing that I managed to actually enjoy Sonic at a speed I was able to comprehend the game.

>Favourite game
sonic adventure heroes, it's mostly a solid game
>Favourite OST
It's hard to pick which one since they're all too good, but I would have to pick Sonic 06
>Favourite Character
shadow the hEDGEhog
Replies: >>2535
If you notice, some of the best Sonic seem to be on SEGA consoles that took advantage of the Hardware and knew its target audience. I mean, Sonic Maina was good because it was nostalgia pandering and so was Sonic Generations. The last mainline original Sonic game that actually took advantage of hardware and knew what it was doing was probably either Colors or Sonic Adventure 2. To me, SA2 was the last true Sonic game that really prove what Sonic was capable of. Once SEGA left the hardware business, it went downhill from there and Heroes was proof of that. Sonic Xtreme could've happen if there was proper direction in development and the had Yuji Naka direct and program the game, we would've had a game similar to Adventure on the Saturn or something 2.5D that took advantage of the 2D capabilities of the Saturn like Sonic Robo 2 but with loops and proper 3D models. I mostly blame the internal politics of SEGA for Sonic's poor state. If they had their shit together since the Saturn, we would've have a new Sonic game that actually celebrates what made Sonic good instead of the nostalgia pandering we have today.
>>884 (OP) 
>what happened to the tone of Sonic back then he was cool guy with an attitude but now he's just a fucking memeand not just sonic too they butchered many characters especially Tails.
Furries happened.
Replies: >>1937 >>2097
(35.3KB, 480x385)
Why can't we have nice thing in this god dam gay earth
Apparently, according to a Q&A with Sonic's twitter guy, Sega's finally decided that trying to release 1 Sonic game a year was a bad idea and they're trying to dev for longer after Sonic Boom and Forces proved definitively that they hadn't learned from 06 that rushing games was a bad idea.

People play up the part Furfags play in Sonic's downfall more than it actually was. All they did was put the nails in the coffin for Sonic's reputation when it was already damaged from a series of bad games back-to-back during the 2000s.
Replies: >>2535 >>3457
While i doubt its a great idea to bring this autism back, i found proof that the S3&K mecha sonic is pretty blatantly a rebuilt S2 Mecha Sonic so whatever autist was trying to push the adventure one as the S2 one is wrong.
Knuckles japanese jam bio literally calls him the "resurrected mecha sonic".
Speaking of that i totally forgot that animal friends were outright reconnected into not being able to talk pretty quickly after jam so its pretty funny to see the old "knuckles is a nickname from his friends" because he won't have any plausible way to have those soon after.

Yeah the secret to sonic 1 is that you need to realize its a classic platformer and isn't giving free speed like sonic 2 onwards.
Its physics might have made the series but sonic 2 is when the series solidified.

Well thats great, only took another batch of unfinished shitshows.
>All they did was put the nails in the coffin for Sonic's reputation
I'd barely even say that. They were basically irrelevant until sonic was functionally dead.
Replies: >>3457
>they're trying to dev for longer after Sonic Boom and Forces proved definitively that they hadn't learned from 06 that rushing games was a bad idea.
They learned the wrong lesson from Sonic 3 (& Knucles) way back then, not surprised. On the other hand, they took several years to make Sonic Forces and, correct me if I'm wrong, actually delayed it, and it still ended up mediocre. You want to know the problem with Sonic Forces? It uses the Lost World engine to try and make a Boost game, which is a giant mistake. There are only 3 level designers, and the lead level designer only worked on Lost World before. The problem, as I see it, is that there's just not enough people in Sonic Team to begin with, and a couple of bad decisions pile up to make even the best case scenarios turn out to be mediocre. As another example, Sonic Lost World tried to get the Mario audience, only to be blown the fuck out like a month or two later by 3D World which is actually really fucking good. It's really obvious that fans have a better idea of what to so with Sonic (in 2D and 3D), so poaching some of the best fans that could actually develop a decent engine with good physics could help a lot.
At least the furries gave us "Fan and Official Sonic Girl Super Arms Project". If nobody else is going to post some of that shit I'll do it, it's fucking retarded and awesome.
Replies: >>3510 >>3526
I don't remember forces being delayed, and all things point to random things being shoved in last minute.
If forces was a game that actually had time put in it, one of its most striking issues wouldn't be its pathetic length.
And what little we know involved classic just being last minute. From what we can derive from forces itself it was practically made in a year and it was the engine itself that took the three before.
Four years working on the actual game engine and not graphical functions would have definitely have restored the "missing features" from gens.

Rise of lyric/Synergy technically suffered from a new issue, killed by what it was ported to so i suppose it doesn't count as well as the others. 
That was poor communication by just vaguely calling the Wii U "Next gen hardware".
Replies: >>3518
I guess it depends how "last minute" some things are. The game's script leaked in January of 2016, while the game came out in November 2017. (https://pastebin.com/vDubsVhN) Said script seems to be very similar (although the Phantom Ruby is named something else, the Mania tie-in probably came really last minute) including Classic Sonic, although Classic Sonic was revealed in the first trailer too and the avatar was revealed later, yes? I don't know exactly how Sega or Sonic team develop games specifically, but from what little I know about developing games I'm not sure I buy the fact that they started development after 2013. Let me compare this to another development disaster of a franchise I'm more familiar with, Pokemon. Pokemon X and Y came out the same year as Lost World, and Gen 7 actually threw out the Gen 6 engine instead of re-using it, so that would have been harder for the technically incompetent Game Freak. However GF did have the advantage of releasing on the same hardware, but SM still came out a year before forces (and months before the Switch came out). Sonic Forces had an extra year and a physics engine, but had to rework graphics and port it to a different architecture. As a different comparison, Game Freak probably spent the entire time between SM's release in 2016 and SS's release late last year getting a handle on the Switch, released a test game on a similar engine in the form of Let's Go, and possibly even test-ported ORAS if some leftover strings in Home are any indication, and SS still came out a bit of a mess. However SS has a distinctly different problem. The main game is super sparse on content and the story seems truncated, but the actual polish there and in battles are about GF standard. On the other hand the Wild Area, as a new test idea, is super unpolished but seems to have gotten the most focus because it's only slightly worse than their usual work. Forces on the other hand, from what I've seen, has a number of minor fundamental problems that come together to become a disaster. If you're concerned about length and lack of content, there's arguments to be made about replaying Sonic games, especially the modern ones. On the other hand, Forces supposedly had 30 stages (give or take a few, I dunno) while the also considered to be short Colors has twice that, so clearly something went wrong. I guess what it comes down to now is that Sonic Team has Game Freak levels of fuckup, but unlike GF doesn't have a consistently bad track record (or I guess if you want to argue what the fuck Sonic Team even is, then either they do have a bad track record or no track record at all depending on your measurement period), and also unlike GF the Sonic toy shilling marketing scheme is nowhere near Pokemon's in scale and necessity for a game. At this point I'm not sure what I'm trying to argue, I guess I'm just pointing out some other evidence I've come to understand in my attempt to make any sense of what the fuck Sonic Team's problem is.
Replies: >>3527
>Fan and Official Sonic Girl Super Arms Project
What, so a bunch of ARMS fanart?
Replies: >>3527 >>3528
The yearly sonic thing was probably a crutch for SEGA themselves, sonic games always sold at least somewhat good.

The avatar was revealed later but any mentions of the actual feature imply it was the main point of the game during development. I find that period somewhat memorable because a lot of people were wondering what the third character option was.
Also it was revealed pretty close to release, so classic being around makes some sense; it was made after that script. I think something to point out is that a concept existing does not mean it was implemented ever, the even earlier script we got a snippet of from interviews and such has zero signs of having remnants in the code.
The only remnant we do have is a file that bares the imaginary space name, which while the concept art for it was shown and it looks like null space; is internally clearly a different thing.
That script also features some odd choices like Mephiles, who seems more likely to be a relic than a random name drop.
By the time that script was around, they clearly knew the scale of their game which kinda makes it poor to understand early forces.

I feel like it should be pointed out that the actual resources that something like pokemon would take and sonic are worlds apart.
>but the actual polish there and in battles are about GF standard.
Yeah but gamefreak standard is pretty fucking low if count it by that, /ss/ is barely graphically better than the 3DS games. And actually lacks graphical polish all around, with the fucked sizes and lack of backgrounds.
Inconsistent move animations ranging from grandiose to "mon spins in place haha". They also just reused most of their stuff from the last game mildly touched up.

No its sonic characters as anime girls with really over the top weapons, its pretty amazing.
Replies: >>3528
(2MB, 3000x2120)
(2.3MB, 2500x1767)
(1.9MB, 2500x1767)
(1.5MB, 2500x1767)
(1.2MB, 2500x1767)
Oh boy you're in for a trip. It was hard for me to pick out just 5 of the best or most retarded ones, so have these. Also, please call me a faggot if these aren't the best picture sizes, it's been so long since I used DA that I have no idea how to properly save the images anymore.
>Yeah but gamefreak standard is pretty fucking low if count it by that, /ss/ is barely graphically better than the 3DS games. And actually lacks graphical polish all around, with the fucked sizes and lack of backgrounds.
>Inconsistent move animations ranging from grandiose to "mon spins in place haha". They also just reused most of their stuff from the last game mildly touched up.
Yeah, so exactly what I meant. Reminder, this is the company that made DP super slow in every aspect, somehow consistently lagged out the 3DS, and thought the RS overworld sprites were acceptable. The fact that SS looks okay sometimes is a feat for them, shame they went with the Wild Area for the two announced DLCs but maybe they'll try polishing it up for later games. Too bad I fucking hate the concept, but I should save these rants for the Pokemon thread I made.
Replies: >>3530 >>3534 >>4072
RS and DP was literally just them rushing out a product; they just touch up shit post release in a new version of the game. RS overworld sprites make sense if they started by just trying to make gen 2 on the GBA; which the trainer sprites actually match if i remember right.
Weird multiple purpose sprites were also a feature that made it to the final.

Speaking of rushing games thinking on leaked scripts reminded me of 06s, which i think was actually a similar case to forces in that its built for a game they know they can manage in the time they have.
06 internally implies a lot of the game had to be cut, from a multiplayer storyas in a unique one and for all the playable characters to have their own "stories". But the next gen script is clearly just follows the final, outside of one or two cuts and the amigo bosses just becoming normal ones.
The amigo bosses i think also back up the idea that they just smashed together the final story from a much larger one.besides the fact that 06 can't even follow apply logic to its final events like eggmans ship just deciding to stop working.

But 06 is pretty obvious because in the same year they released they called a technically later than released version of the game "40% complete".
Despite being autistic as fuck these follow some supreme rule of cool so they get a pass.
Replies: >>3536
(2.5MB, 2500x1767)
(1.9MB, 2500x1767)
(2MB, 2500x1767)
(1.6MB, 2500x1767)
(1.6MB, 2500x1767)
I know if I had any talent, I'd be doing retarded shit like this. Thankfully I'm a talentless hack. I will say I'd rather have this shit in some cuhrayze action game, but I guess this is fine, certainly more amusing.
Replies: >>4072
Why are Sonic, Espio, and Big genderswapped?
Replies: >>4079
(1.8MB, 2500x1767)
(1.3MB, 2500x1767)
(1.9MB, 2500x1607)
(1.5MB, 2500x1767)
(1.5MB, 2500x1767)
It's called "Fan and Official Sonic GIRL Super Arms Project", I don't know what you'd expect from that. Like, with a project name like that, you're going to get Shadow being turned into the Ultimate Wifeform and shit like that.
Replies: >>4082
I missed that bit. And jesus fuck, I don't even know how Cream's slingshot is supposed to work with her in the way what the fuck.
Replies: >>4092
(1.3MB, 2500x1767)
(1.6MB, 2500x1767)
(2MB, 2500x1767)
(2.1MB, 2500x1767)
(1.6MB, 2500x1767)
If that's your biggest problem with all this, when there's a clear diagram with a tube, then I'm not sure if you're better or worse off than me.
Replies: >>4097
(18.2KB, 486x311)
I mean, with most of these they're retarded-looking, but you at least have an idea of how they're supposed to be used conventionally (shit like bladed weapons and Microphone-shaped Bazooka are straightforward, ram people over with mobile wheel, do kung-fu bullshit with the pole dancing, I'm even able to suspend my disbelief with Espio's gun dress since the idea's to shoot-while-you-move if you ignore how you don't shoot yourself). Even Chaos' spiked inner tube bullshit I could AT LEAST see being used in conjunction with his shapeshifting and if nothing else you can tackle people.

But Cream's one seems directly flawed in how it's supposed to be used -- the slingshot would have to move AROUND her she didn't want to smack herself. And it'd be impossible to hit anything that wasn't directly above her and only if there was some cliff or something to sling it downward first and IT'S SO FUCKING RETARDED AAAAAAAAA
(2.2MB, 1280x720, 00:15)
What could Yuji Naka do if he had programmed more 3D games post-NiGHTS?

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