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can someone please fill me in on what happened with fatchan?
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The developer of LynxChan also doesn't have his own site. You do it for the community, not for yourself.
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There's a huge difference though. Stephen continues to work on the project because he can't let his family name go to shame

Also, that's assuming a lot about the author of jschan
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Why are basic features still missing from LynxChan after years of releases and development, though?
>no bumplock
>no default volume option
>no banners on catalog
>>160 (OP) 
>Stephen continues to work on the project because he can't let his family name go to shame
honestly kekd.

Hello I would like to own a board please. 
All things koronba
username: god
I just want to pay tribute to my favorite artist.
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Yeah nah.
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try 8chan.moe, they let anyone make a board for free if you have autistically specific board ideas
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No, cuckshed doesn't deserve his name.
>>294 (OP) 
Make instead a thread about him and LcdDem on /v/.

Claims it's expired when I first access it. Can't seem to refresh without enabling JS.
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>>263 (OP) 
Refreshing it without JS should work. I'll investigate this.
>>263 (OP) 
Refreshing without JS works fine for me. I'll consider disabling the bypass captcha though.
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I've tested again - here's how it works for me:
>post fails, display captcha
>type it correctly
>"captcha expired"
>page refreshes automatically, but captcha stays the same
>try to refresh manually (F5), still the same
To get a non-expired captcha, I need to right click the image and "View image". Then come back to the block bypass and it will refresh. Could be about my setup (e.g I use Pale Moon).
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I also use Pale Moon and I can confirm this bug. Will let Tom know.
This was a problem back in fatchan, he should know about it. Problem was that he had no idea why it happens.

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Kamisama, what is your plan so that zchan won't end up the same fate as fatchan?
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>>222 (OP) 
I still don't fully understand why fatchan went kill. Was it because of the /pol/ board?
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Some nigger named (((Esther M. Aronowitz))) sent deebly concerned emails because of loli as well as /pol/, host pulled out, and Tom the Admin was too blackpilled to find a new host despite recommendations (faggot called fatchan's death "the death of imageboards" in a really gay goodbye letter). Fatchan isn't the only site that got hit though -- everyone from Julay to 8chan.moe got attacked by Esther (the very first target was Jewsh's 9chan) and for a while that caused everyone on the webring to refuse to host any /pol/ or loli boards for fear of attracting Esther's attention.
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We need a host and especially domain registrar that actually cares about the law and freedom of speech, instead of these kneejerk rulecucks who kick you out if there's a tiny minimal chance they'll get negative publicity.
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need a provider? Cockbox accepts monero and doesn't give a fuck since they're based in a third world country
(but they'll likely read your messages or something, so I'd only use it for a reverse proxy haha)

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What is the upper limit on this website? How much data can you store?
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One more test.
God this is so much more pleasant to work with than infinity's garbage API.
1. We admitted we were powerless over smogon - that our matches had become unmanageable.
2. Came to believe that a power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.
3. Made a decision to turn our team and our fate over to the whims of anonymous shitposters.
4. Made a searching and fearless champ claim by ourselves.
5. Admitted to the thread, to ourselves, and to the teambuilder the exact meta of our champing.
6. Were entirely ready to have the suggesters remove all chances of winning.
7. Humbly asked them to give us mons.
8. Made a team of all mons we had received, and became willing to make do with them all.
9. Made nicknames to such mons wherever possible, except when to do so would contradict their suggesters.
10. Continued to take them to battle, and when we were banned, promptly evaded it.
11. Sought through Landos and Toxapexes to improve our conscious contact with FUN as we understood it, praying only for knowledge of the crit RNG and the power to not 6-0.
12. Having had a spiritual awakening as the result of these steps, we tried to carry this message to the next champ, and to practice these principles in all our threads.

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SO redirect me to the proper shithile
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>>66 (OP) 

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Take that! ZERDS!
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700 posts per hour, and all of them are garbage :^)
>>318 (OP) 
literally all spam. the average PPH there is around 45.

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