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This is the official meta board of Zchan. Use this board for questions or requests.
Use this thread for general inquiries.
Note that I am not the developer of this imageboard software (jschan). If you find any bugs or would like to request new features, create an issue on the official GitHub page:

Things that need work so far:
-FAQ page (more information about the size, contact, allowed filetypes etc)
-Banners/logo (feel free to create one of these and post it here or on >>>/b/)
-Enabling the webring/strict filtering possibility
Sage is not a downvote, so why is it being made to look like one?
I propose that the angry ass SAGE! shit should be removed, or at the very least replaced with something that more accurately conveys sage's meaning and function.

You can use this as a replacement if you want (pic 2 related):
language: css[href="mailto:sage"]::after {
  content: " (sage)";
  color: var(--font-color);
  opacity: 0.5;
  font-weight: normal;
Hello I have a great idea. Can you change the default name for everyone to ga/z/ station whore?
Claims it's expired when I first access it. Can't seem to refresh without enabling JS.
Who is the admin here and is he a pedo / tranny / nigger / jew?
where did it all go wrong? What killed this site? Two words. Webring, Captcha

such a shame...
Hi, I'm Kev, creator of
Would you like to start a collaboration? We could display each other's banner in the homepage like they used to do in the old days. If you are interested post your banner on Here's mine
Welp, this site was fun while it lasted. If it isn't some (((mysterious actor))) who kills this place then it'll be /cow/shit posting pizza.
Kamisama, what is your plan so that zchan won't end up the same fate as fatchan?
There seems to be plenty of people taking refugee there that don't know about Zchan's existence, and appearing on the board lists would help to make Zchan more popular without having to shill it like retards on other sites.
can someone please fill me in on what happened with fatchan?
adniggers pls stahp ;_;
What is the upper limit on this website? How much data can you store?
Can we have a /pol/ board so I can report it to the authority? Fuck ni/gg/ers, I will kill this website.
SO redirect me to the proper shithile

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