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Alternative domain: Zchan.pro
Off-site updates: minds.com/zchan

This is the official meta board of Zchan. Use this board for questions or requests.
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Alternative domain: Zchan.pro
Off-site contact: https://www.minds.com/zchan/ (in case of an emergency I will post updates there)

(46.4KB, 292x290)
Use this thread for general inquiries.
Note that I am not the developer of this imageboard software (jschan). If you find any bugs or would like to request new features, create an issue on the official GitHub page: https://github.com/fatchan/jschan/

Things that need work so far:
-FAQ page (more information about the size, contact, allowed filetypes etc)
-Banners/logo (feel free to create one of these and post it here or on >>>/b/)
-Enabling the webring/strict filtering possibility
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tvch has /dup/ which is a politics board. Some good posters there.

They were warned and the BO deleted the threads about it. Something is off about /fascist/ in the webring. The excuse was because they could copy threads from other boards. But those threads were mostly filled with the BO's hippy bullshit ranting. He went down the Indian philosophy rabbit hole and probably values his own posts more than his userbase.

Are you sure that's a good idea? Tor is the vector used to take down image boards by spamming them to death or posting mass CP. I understand why people like Tor, but we're not doing anything edgy here. We don't need Tor to discuss vidya or being a lonely virgin do we? Is it worth the security risk it brings in?
Replies: >>282 >>284
>Tor is the vector used to take down image boards by spamming them to death or posting mass CP. I understand why people like Tor, but we're not doing anything edgy here. We don't need Tor to discuss vidya or being a lonely virgin do we? Is it worth the security risk it brings in?
Kill yourself nigger. Tor support is vital to any imageboard regardless of whether or not you're doing anything "edgy". Half the shit on /v/ is illegal in 80% of the western world even if you don't consider it edgy. Loli is illegal in a shit load of countries, saying you hate niggers is illegal in a shit load of countries. CP spam is a ridiculously rare occurrence and tor file posting can be temporarily disabled in the event that it is happening frequently. Even then people that are determined enough can easily spam CP without tor. CP was spammed consistently on 8chan back in the day, more so than any imageboard I've ever seen and tor file posting was permanently disabled there. Fuck you nigger.
Ask your local BO.
Tor posting has always been possible.
Replies: >>285
That's what I was saying, you can still post through tor, If the admin/BO bans an IP, the tor poster just can click on new circuit and continue (provided tor doesn't do it automatically before), until you ban every tor exit node. And delete innocents posts if you delete by IP. I don't know the moderation interface of jschan, but if it displays IP address, with a hidden service would only have to watch out for instead of every tor exit node and don't delete posts by that IP or ban the whole tor network, like how the incompetent Mark used to do it.

(2.1KB, 400x79)
(2.1KB, 400x79)
Sage is not a downvote, so why is it being made to look like one?
I propose that the angry ass SAGE! shit should be removed, or at the very least replaced with something that more accurately conveys sage's meaning and function.

You can use this as a replacement if you want (pic 2 related):
language: css
a.post-name[href="mailto:sage"]::after {
  content: " (sage)";
  color: var(--font-color);
  opacity: 0.5;
  font-weight: normal;
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I like the angry sage too tbh.
(42.5KB, 1018x265)
>users and BOs can already replace the SAGE! using custom or board CSS, respectively.
That's true, but even if someone uses their own custom CSS it still comes across as a downvote or a "fuck you" to everyone else. Sage was designed to be used when you're aware your post is veering off-topic, or you don't think your post is important enough to warrant greater attention. It's primarily a display of etiquette, not a display of RAGE!, FURY!, or EXTREME DISAPPROVAL!.

It's one thing if anons intentionally misuse it, as was "tradition" newfaggotry on 4chan and 8chan for years, but I don't think the site itself should be making the clear visual statement that "sage = downvote / fuck you" in it's design. Right now, if anyone tries to use it properly they look like angry assholes, which is almost the complete opposite of what sage is supposed to do.
Replies: >>245
(34.9KB, 1280x692)
>he doesn't like the FUCK YOU OF EXTREME DISAPPROVAL! checkbox
Bunch of slack-jawed faggots around here.
Replies: >>274
I've definitely run into this problem where a normal off-topic post with sage looks like flamebait purely because of the SAGE!. Honestly I'm not even sure sage needs a marker at all, it's not like the email field is ever used for anything else and right now it's already a checkbox.
Sage is not a downboat.

(272.7KB, 1170x666)
Hello I have a great idea. Can you change the default name for everyone to ga/z/ station whore?
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Stop it.
Replies: >>258
Replies: >>259
Because you're rambling and don't have a point.
Replies: >>260 >>271
how am i ramdlbing>
Hey answer me retard, why am i aming?>

Claims it's expired when I first access it. Can't seem to refresh without enabling JS.
Replies: >>266 >>267
>>263 (OP) 
Refreshing it without JS should work. I'll investigate this.
>>263 (OP) 
Refreshing without JS works fine for me. I'll consider disabling the bypass captcha though.
Replies: >>268
I've tested again - here's how it works for me:
>post fails, display captcha
>type it correctly
>"captcha expired"
>page refreshes automatically, but captcha stays the same
>try to refresh manually (F5), still the same
To get a non-expired captcha, I need to right click the image and "View image". Then come back to the block bypass and it will refresh. Could be about my setup (e.g I use Pale Moon).
Replies: >>269
I also use Pale Moon and I can confirm this bug. Will let Tom know.
This was a problem back in fatchan, he should know about it. Problem was that he had no idea why it happens.

(65.7KB, 270x360)
Who is the admin here and is he a pedo / tranny / nigger / jew?
Replies: >>250
(322KB, 960x502)
Admin has 30 years' experience in the global energy industry with his expertise in supply, trading and marketing businesses. In 1983 he joined BP in New Zealand with his early roles being based in sales, marketing, information technology and finance. From 1992 to 2008 he served in various senior leadership roles in South Africa, China, Singapore and the United Kingdom.

Admin is one of the founders and the convenor of the Climate Leaders Coalition. He’s also currently a Director of Loyalty New Zealand Limited and the Chair of Punakaiki Fund Limited.
Replies: >>251
>>248 (OP) 
all i know is he's from New Zealand and owns a chain of petrol stations
(224.7KB, 988x941)
>everyone thought the logo was a joke but admin is actually a billionare oil tycoon and this is the official online forum for Z Energy

(158.1KB, 366x526)
where did it all go wrong? What killed this site? Two words. Webring, Captcha

such a shame...

(606.4KB, 683x176)
Hi, I'm Kev, creator of 4kev.org.
Would you like to start a collaboration? We could display each other's banner in the homepage like they used to do in the old days. If you are interested post your banner on 4kev.org. Here's mine
kevin I love you!

(71.7KB, 648x484)
Welp, this site was fun while it lasted. If it isn't some (((mysterious actor))) who kills this place then it'll be /cow/shit posting pizza.
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It's not like we'll suddenly get a 100 new users just because Zchan shows up on page number 14 of another site's board list. Calm your tits.
Acid and Mark have been pushing an anti-webring narrative, so yes. There are very little legitimate reasons to be against it. The kind of traffic it brings is hyper specific and frankly welcome. Dolphin is going to spam either way, he just likes to time his shit with board happenings to sow chaos and support the retarded narratives mark pushes.
Replies: >>234
gtfo mark.
>muh dolphin
Were you there during the jewlayworld fiasco? A whole site basically imploded from the mere idea that TLOU2 threads may be like gamergate threads. There's also a lot of evidence that the pizza spam was caused by HangingFlesh, one of the site staff. Was that entire event, on both sides with multiple actors, fabricated by dolphinnigger to construct a narrative?
>There are very little legitimate reasons to be against it.
Because one of the main communities hates us on a fundamental level and has a known history of shady shit?
Replies: >>235
>Were you there during the jewlayworld fiasco?
I loosely followed it. Has nothing to do with my post though.
>Was that entire event, on both sides with multiple actors, fabricated by dolphinnigger to construct a narrative?
>Because one of the main communities hates us on a fundamental level and has a known history of shady shit?
What the fuck does that even mean? A single site in the webring doesn't like fedchan so the entire premise is corrupted? That's absurd.

(408KB, 800x600)
Kamisama, what is your plan so that zchan won't end up the same fate as fatchan?
Replies: >>223
>>222 (OP) 
I still don't fully understand why fatchan went kill. Was it because of the /pol/ board?
Replies: >>225
Some nigger named (((Esther M. Aronowitz))) sent deebly concerned emails because of loli as well as /pol/, host pulled out, and Tom the Admin was too blackpilled to find a new host despite recommendations (faggot called fatchan's death "the death of imageboards" in a really gay goodbye letter). Fatchan isn't the only site that got hit though -- everyone from Julay to 8chan.moe got attacked by Esther (the very first target was Jewsh's 9chan) and for a while that caused everyone on the webring to refuse to host any /pol/ or loli boards for fear of attracting Esther's attention.
Replies: >>226
We need a host and especially domain registrar that actually cares about the law and freedom of speech, instead of these kneejerk rulecucks who kick you out if there's a tiny minimal chance they'll get negative publicity.
Replies: >>228
need a provider? Cockbox accepts monero and doesn't give a fuck since they're based in a third world country
(but they'll likely read your messages or something, so I'd only use it for a reverse proxy haha)

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