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Alternative domain: Zchan.pro
Off-site updates: minds.com/zchan

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Use this thread for general inquiries.
Note that I am not the developer of this imageboard software (jschan). If you find any bugs or would like to request new features, create an issue on the official GitHub page: https://github.com/fatchan/jschan/

Things that need work so far:
-FAQ page (more information about the size, contact, allowed filetypes etc)
-Banners/logo (feel free to create one of these and post it here or on >>>/b/)
-Enabling the webring/strict filtering possibility
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>>2 (OP) 
how do report posts haha
Replies: >>5
(122.7KB, 996x720)
webring when?
do you like anime?
Replies: >>19
(6.8KB, 277x373)
Replies: >>6
I thought I was retarded but no, it was just hidden well.
Replies: >>7
both :^)
Replies: >>8
will you accept bunkers?
Replies: >>15
>>2 (OP) 
I are retarded. How can I get the theme of another imageboard and use it here (or edit one of the themes of Zchan)?
Replies: >>15
I could've sworn I saw this shit on the webring a couple of days ago, what the hell?
Replies: >>12
You're thinking on Fatchan, which used the same framework (JSchan) but ultimately was shut down by it admin due to drama and problems with its providers.
Replies: >>16
Can you assure us we won't suffer the same fate as Fatchan? I hope you're persistent and ready to face potential trouble, because Fatchan's admin wasn't.
Long live Zchan.
Replies: >>15
(1.2MB, 600x4005)
>>2 (OP) 
I've no complaints right now, just wanted to say thank you for a good, comfy site.
Replies: >>15
As long as they aren't controversial, sure.
Using the Options at the top right. Note that JavaScript needs to be enabled to do this.
I already have a secondary domain in place and since we're a tame, non controversial site I don't expect any trouble at all. Having said that I do regularly make backups, just in case.
You're welcome and thank you for posting. Post more on /b/ though plz, we're dying!
Replies: >>19 >>21 >>28 >>31
No, I'm definitely thinking of zchan, I'm already aware of the fatchan situation because I visited it frequently before it got shutdown. I may just be mixing it up with the tengureich because that's gone now apparently.
Replies: >>17
That was quick, why? Couldn't keep up with the competition?
Replies: >>18
(144.4KB, 627x1022)
Some tripfag named "Agent Johnson" from 9chan and 10chan was posting almost nothing but instagram pictures of real children and toddlers and pro-pedo talking points (the same guy was also spamming the same kind of thing + real CP on julay/v/, which ultimately led to that site losing their primary domain). Someone then reported the site, accusing it of being a child abuse site (pic related).
Replies: >>33
(30.6KB, 641x653)
please answer to these >>4
Replies: >>20
(167KB, 747x525)
Webring: tomorrow probably.
Anime: don't really watch it but I like the reaction pictures.
Replies: >>23 >>59 >>150
>As long as they aren't controversial, sure.
Is /hgg/ considered controversial? Anon.cafe can't allow 3dcg loli posting from anime style games like koikatsu and non-anime 3d games like skyrim as well because they aren't sure if it'll risk the site due to laws in their country.
Replies: >>22
Replies: >>24
(1.9MB, 555x354)
>webring: tomorrow
>anime: yes
so who are we going to invite at the anime party tomorrow?
Replies: >>59
I know we're there because I'm the BO. Just out trying to get more backups.
Replies: >>25 >>27
You could make an unindexed backup on lynxchan.net.
Replies: >>27
Will we get a Tor address?
Replies: >>27
Don't be greedy.
Ded site.
As soon as jschan gets support for it.
Replies: >>29
>As long as they aren't controversial, sure.
Scared that Loli+/pol/ will cause another Esther attack?
Replies: >>29
(281.7KB, 700x1065)
>Don't be greedy.
I don't want to, but we were caught off-guard three times so far: 8chan dying, Julay putting us on the chopping block, and fatchan dying right when we migrated due to Julay's reboot.
Relevant post
Replies: >>30
PLW has been online for a long time now, I think it's the end station.
>Using the Options at the top right. Note that JavaScript needs to be enabled to do this.
Ok, but how do I "extract" the CSS of a board?
Replies: >>32
Press F12, on Firefox-based browsers you can find CSS on the Style Editor tab, on Chromium-based browsers you find it on the Sources tab.
This is exactly why the whole "no rulecucking" mentality doesn't work anymore, there's too many saboteurs running around doing this kind of shit nowadays.
At the risk of sounding like an idiot/newfag, what are all the text formatting options available?  I find it bizarre that ** bookends generate italics instead of spoilers.
Replies: >>35
Replies: >>36 >>37
Are we allow to make a /pol/ board or its best if don't have it to not risk getting another shutdown?
Replies: >>38
No, already enough /pol/ boards out there.
Replies: >>96
What will you do about the handsome and fucking hacker 1337 e13+3 hacker spammer over at /v/?
Replies: >>42
Replies: >>44
Webm thread for one
I would suspect it's the same IP hopping homo, but there's always a possibility of multiple dumbasses existing on this planet.
Replies: >>45
that wasn't spam just a retard acting like a retard and more retards lowering themselves to his standard, seems like mods took care of it though
Which file formats are supported? The FAQ doesn't say anything about that.
Replies: >>67
(342.8KB, 614x310)
I request the slogan for ZChan to be: The internet's gas station
Replies: >>53 >>63 >>65
(577.4KB, 1114x1024)
Did you really just fucking grab the logo from google images "z logo"?  See nearly every post in the /v/ meta after this one  >>>/v/2260
Replies: >>67
Or "The gas station of the internet"
Replies: >>58
Inquiring about this rule.
Replies: >>67
(1MB, 1513x1583)
>>2 (OP) 
You need to specify what qualifies for violative content in regards to global rule 2.  An extremely similar (and fake) rule was a point of contention back on 8kun.
>>2 (OP) 
Can someone explain to me why 4cuck /his/ is the worst image board to exist?
Replies: >>57
Why are you going to cuckchan?
"The final gas station on the information superhighway."
>webring: tomorrow
wheres the webring eggman
Replies: >>60 >>67
He said probably.
Replies: >>61 >>67
Replies: >>67
(1000.8KB, 697x637)
The Internet's Gassing Station.
Strict filtering which on fatchan only applied to global filters is applying to board specific word filters even with the strict filtering box unchecked. Not sure if this is a jschan bug or something you can tweak easily on your end, admin.
Replies: >>67
(31.7KB, 257x369)
>new zealand fuel distributor
>billions of shekels of revenue
>totally won't do anything about some far-right ebin nazi website associating with them in any way and using assets that belong to them by law
I doubt they know about Zchan yet, but they might learn or someone (I wonder who) might tell them.
Replies: >>67
Will add.
Yup. Make an original one.
That's mostly about child models and shit. Meme pics like in that post are fine and (2D) lolicon is allowed if the board allows it.
Forgot about it, will do today.
It isn't globally enabled yet.
I look forward to the DMCA complaint.
Replies: >>70
>Yup. Make an original one.
It's too late.  People are making OC using that logo and the gas station association.
Replies: >>71
Fine with me, I still like it. I already knew it was from Google. :^)
(26KB, 512x474)
I have a logo idea. What do you think?
Replies: >>73 >>77
-FAQ page has been updated
-Strict filtering has been globally enabled (if a BO wants to use it they have to enable it in their board settings)
-The webring has been enabled
Replies: >>75 >>94 >>119
Any plans to add swf as a support file type?
Replies: >>76
No, I can't play them and thus can't check their contents.
(21.5KB, 670x377)
>>2 (OP) 
Are Tom from Fatchan or someone else?
Replies: >>84
Tom, the developer of jschan, used to run Fatchan before it got shut down yes.
Replies: >>85
I missed a word, but based on your third person perspective you've answered my question as to whether you're Tom.
>>2 (OP) 
Is there any plan to add hidden boards?
Thanks for the FAQ update.
>The webring has been enabled
Don't forget to ask the admin of one of the sites on the webring to add you (I recommend anon.cafe or PLW). You only need to be added to one website in order to appear in all of them.
Anyone know the best way to contact Tom for bug reporting and questions? Without needing to make a github account.
Like what, 8cake? I haven't seen any other board labeled "/pol/" since Tarrant. At best there's the splinters like /fascist/.
Replies: >>98 >>101
is the information here sold?
Replies: >>98
All you have to do find one is bother the right search engine.

Are your shitposts of any value? I know, I know. You shouldn't even respond to FUD. Its just fun, because I know what kind of sped could behind these.
Replies: >>113
(14.7KB, 887x206)
Why did you choose to use pipes ( || ) for spoiler sections instead of asterisks ( ** )?  To my knowledge, 8chan and every other board on the webring uses asterisks.  I'd like to believe it wasn't to be consistent with Discord, but the decisions is so trivial that it perplexes me.

This will sound odd, but mlpol is a solid site if you can stand the users and the usual /pol/ autism/shizos.
Replies: >>102 >>111
>I'd like to believe it wasn't to be consistent with Discord
I heard it's the standard from somewhere else, and did not originate with dicksword.
Replies: >>120
I'd like to know why my larger file uploads take up to 5 minutes. Is it something on my end or server side?
Replies: >>112
Read the OP again.
Replies: >>120
I've had no problems myself uploading large files in a timely manner.
>All you have to do to find one is bother with the right search engine
You think I'd be asking if it was that easy? Last time I searched "/pol/ - politically incorrect" all I got was Indiachan, Endchan and 16chan, cuckchan, onee.ch and nordchan, all of whom are either ghost towns, focused on specific regions, or crewed by unbearable faggots. I'm also aware of 9chan but if I'm not gonna crawl to Mark/Acid, god knows I'm not crawling to Jewsh.
(21.6KB, 615x341)
they sell your info on 4chan so its a valid question.
Replies: >>117
Why are you a faggot?
(33.3KB, 571x493)
>the webring has been enabled
>zchan doesn't show on any of the nodes
>webring addon not visible anywhere on the site
Replies: >>122
I suppose that could be true, but this type of website already has its own standard.  It just feels odd.

Oh, whoops.
so do you plan on selling info like 2chan/4chan?
Because none of the sites are following Zchan.cc.
Replies: >>127 >>131
Have you asked anyone to add Zchan to their follow list?
>https://zchan.cc/webring.json still 404s
Are you sure? Plus I don't think other sites have to add zchan to have a webring on zchan show up, you only need that to find zchan from other sites.
Replies: >>133
Local admin can't even get in the gayring.
Replies: >>133
>Plus I don't think other sites have to add zchan to have a webring on zchan show up, you only need that to find zchan from other sites.
>Local admin can't even get in the gayring.
I feel like this fuck up might lend credit against the idea that z is a julay puppet that's been spread around by FUD niggers.
(2.8KB, 780x45)
(2.4KB, 153x117)
Do let me know what else needs to be done to make it work.
Replies: >>135
Add some sites to following? Like
"https://smuglo.li/webring.json", "https://anon.cafe/webring.json" ""https://sportschan.org/webring.json" or whatever you like. Might be a good idea to check the blacklist of these sites and add them to the local blacklist.
Replies: >>136
And of course, I managed to fuck up the inline text. So:
"https://smuglo.li/webring.json", "https://anon.cafe/webring.json", "https://sportschan.org/webring.json"
Also don't add a trailing comma because JSON is gay
Replies: >>138
Already added some from the start. I have a feeling the webring functionality is just broken in jschan at the moment.
Replies: >>143
but it worked on fatchan
Replies: >>142
A lot of code changes have been made since then, anon.
Since webring.json still doesn't exists, it doesn't seem to do anything, it should update the list 15 minutes:
Did you restart jschan after enabling it? Anything in the logs? Why does this thing have so many dependencies, I'm too lazy to set it up locally...
Replies: >>144
>Did you restart jschan after enabling it?
>Anything in the logs?
Already contacted Tom, we should hear from him tomorrow. Be patient I guess.
Replies: >>145
Okay, I've played around with it a bit. You should see "updating webring" logs in schedules-out-*.log, if not it doesn't even try to update the webring. It should also create a static/json/webring.json file with all the local boards. Now it either doesn't create it as https://zchan.cc/webring.json returns 404, or something is wrong with your nginx.conf.
Somewhy I had to change the pug files because it complained about redeclaring variables, but after that when I had a mostly working ui, interestingly I have "+ Webring" text next to "Boards" in the header, even without actually enabling webring. For me it looks like views/includes/navbar.pug unconditionally includes it, did you edit it out or are you using an old version of jschan?
The only thing that doesn't work is actually listing the webring boards in the board list, turns out this commit fucks up webring importing:
(that nice aggregate doesn't do dogshit, but it works in mongo cli, and my non-existing mongo knowledge ends here. Reverting the commit fixes the issue for me...)
So yeah, while webring support is broken in current jschan, something is even more broken at zchan. Double check whether configs/webring.json is a valid json, because the example is NOT (but you should get an ugly exception in the log if it's not).
Replies: >>146
Sounds like a mess on all ends, Timmy.
(6KB, 538x166)
(6.8KB, 550x156)
I'm here from >>>/v/3043

The /v/ BO was making some shitty CSS edits, which I wouldn't normally care about because I don't use the board's default theme. However, his edits were overriding everyone's user-selected themes (specifically the greentext, although I think that's because it was the only thing he modified). The user-selected themes should really override whatever the faggot ass BO does unless you've selected "default", like any other sane imageboard software does.

I realize this is probably outside of the Z Energy CEO's scope, so someone who isn't my lazy ass should go pester Tom about this, assuming he hasn't OD'd on blackpills.
Replies: >>195
(440.1KB, 462x390)
>webring tomorrow
>4 days later still no webring
fix this FIX THIS NOW
Replies: >>153
Sweetie have you been following the thread? Shit is broken as fuck.
Replies: >>154
(111.5KB, 314x314)
Replies: >>158
(298.5KB, 500x377)
>>2 (OP) 
Replies: >>162 >>169
(69.1KB, 249x207)
Come join the fun on /b/ - Anime/Random
both /a/ and /animu/ have their own sites now, though
The webring is now fully functional and Zchan is being listed on other sites too because Julay is following us back.
Replies: >>197
You should really create an issue about this on the jschan GitHub page. I'd do it myself if only I actually gave a shit about (custom) CSS.
(918.5KB, 500x540)
webring party when?
(2.6MB, 500x812)
Oh, shit, the webring works now.
Also to answer this post >>>/b/763 from 2 weeks ago:
>what happened to the manual refresh button?
You can get it back by unchecking 'Live posts' in the Options.
>>2 (OP) 
>gets on webring
>immediately spammed
So what antispam measures you got?
Replies: >>205
I'm keeping an eye on it. I've activated mandatory block bypass for every poster. If that's not enough I'll use a DNSBL.
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You have /r9k/ but no /pol/?  Any reason for that?  Has no one seriously asked to BO of /pol/ yet?
Replies: >>209 >>212
There are multiple political boards on the webring. There's only one /r9k/ and it's here.
Replies: >>210
There are multiple /v/ and /b/s on the webring too.  Z has had both those boards since before it had /r9k/.
There are many alt/pol/s already out there. Even if we did have one it would be dead as fuck. There aren't that many alt/v/s out there and this is the only site that uses jschan and thus the only site suitable for the former fat/v/ community. And what's an imageboard without a /b/?
Replies: >>213
>There are many alt/pol/s already out there.
>There aren't that many alt/v/s
But your point on jschan still stands.
Replies: >>214 >>215
I'd say /fascist/ would serve as a good enough /pol/ board on the webring but they're deciding to migrate off of hoppe/anon.cafe and head to fedchan instead. So yeah it does look like the webring is starting to get sparse on active political boards, which is unfortunate. But /pol/ is sort of a high risk board and I don't think most people care enough about it to be willing to risk /v/ or other hobby boards.

Maybe the argument could be made for a /n/ - News board instead which might keep some of the bottom of the barrel retards out. It'd still put me personally on edge since even a /pol/ spin-off is bound to attract glow niggers in some capacity, but it's a less threatening compromise. But the admin should probably only host boards he's especially interested in or excited about to keep things under control and relatively stress free.

In /fascists/ soon to be absence on anon.cafe perhaps they'd be willing to host a /news/ board. Though turning anon.cafe into the go to board creation site is kind of going against the purpose of the webring, decentralization.
Replies: >>219 >>281
Please add a /pol/ board it's a classic I think it would be a good addition haha
Replies: >>218
(5.9KB, 384x288)
>I'd say /fascist/ would serve as a good enough /pol/ board on the webring but they're deciding to migrate off of hoppe/anon.cafe and head to fedchan instead.
I'm surprised -- I thought 8moe would be the last place they would go. What changed?
Replies: >>220 >>221
reddit and twitter happened, I doubt anyone migrated, it's just large swaths of redditors
Apparently acidkike is bending over backwards to fix Robi's lynxchan migration tool so they can migrate all of their threads from Julay to there. Personally that wouldn't justify it for me but I guess it's somewhat understandable. Still quite ironic and hilarious to see otherwise apolitical boards flat out refuse to associate with 8moe while the nazi board that has multiple long term bunkers on the webring decides to flee to a board ran by a guy who's best known for working with the feds and cakekike who has literally had the feds show up at his house.
Replies: >>281
(480.9KB, 580x871)
what happened to the email field? why would you change it?
Replies: >>230
You don't need it.
why are you advertising in board with monthly userbase of roughly 0-2 what's the big idea?
Replies: >>232
To make you post here. Thanks.
Replies: >>233
NP compadre
By global deleting by IP on a tor poster you deleted part of my meta discussion on /r9k/. I'd be more careful about global IP deletions and suggest you use board wide deletions instead.
Replies: >>265 >>272 >>278
That's unfortunate. I'll keep this in mind.
(15.1KB, 613x587)
Yeah, that's happened on /v/ as well, it's the second time I notice it too. You should consider using board deletions as anon suggests.
Please create onion mirror
Replies: >>276
I'd like to, but jschan doesn't have Tor support yet.
Replies: >>277 >>278
That's sad. Thanks for not blacklisting Tor exit nodes at least though. Alternatively, try making a different imageboard with different database software so you can make a onion URL. Obviously not convenient for you but it would be greatly appreciated by users like myself.
Replies: >>278
It's not that jschan doesn't support tor, you can create a hidden service from anything that runs on TCP. You'd just need to download tor, create a hidden service and point it to nginx. The problem is that every tor poster would come from, rendering any IP based captcha or moderation tools useless.
Not that it's much better now, every tor poster will be assigned to a random exit node, leading to things like >>264
Replies: >>279
>rendering any IP based captcha or moderation tools useless.
Exactly, which is why Tor support is needed. It's already on the to-do list.
Replies: >>281 >>285
Any chance we could have a rule against avatarfagging? It's extremely obnoxious and ends up being worse than tripfagging. There's no need for some homo to post weeb shit every single post they make and attempt to get (you)s for it. We'd be better off without those people all together. 

Could I suggest a 24 hour ban every time avatar fags post? Needs to be loosely enforced so people posting on topic relevant images don't get hit. But fags who post the same weeb shit over and over need removing before they shit the place up like it's a discord
Replies: >>283
tvch has /dup/ which is a politics board. Some good posters there.

They were warned and the BO deleted the threads about it. Something is off about /fascist/ in the webring. The excuse was because they could copy threads from other boards. But those threads were mostly filled with the BO's hippy bullshit ranting. He went down the Indian philosophy rabbit hole and probably values his own posts more than his userbase.

Are you sure that's a good idea? Tor is the vector used to take down image boards by spamming them to death or posting mass CP. I understand why people like Tor, but we're not doing anything edgy here. We don't need Tor to discuss vidya or being a lonely virgin do we? Is it worth the security risk it brings in?
Replies: >>282 >>284
>Tor is the vector used to take down image boards by spamming them to death or posting mass CP. I understand why people like Tor, but we're not doing anything edgy here. We don't need Tor to discuss vidya or being a lonely virgin do we? Is it worth the security risk it brings in?
Kill yourself nigger. Tor support is vital to any imageboard regardless of whether or not you're doing anything "edgy". Half the shit on /v/ is illegal in 80% of the western world even if you don't consider it edgy. Loli is illegal in a shit load of countries, saying you hate niggers is illegal in a shit load of countries. CP spam is a ridiculously rare occurrence and tor file posting can be temporarily disabled in the event that it is happening frequently. Even then people that are determined enough can easily spam CP without tor. CP was spammed consistently on 8chan back in the day, more so than any imageboard I've ever seen and tor file posting was permanently disabled there. Fuck you nigger.
Ask your local BO.
Tor posting has always been possible.
Replies: >>285
That's what I was saying, you can still post through tor, If the admin/BO bans an IP, the tor poster just can click on new circuit and continue (provided tor doesn't do it automatically before), until you ban every tor exit node. And delete innocents posts if you delete by IP. I don't know the moderation interface of jschan, but if it displays IP address, with a hidden service would only have to watch out for instead of every tor exit node and don't delete posts by that IP or ban the whole tor network, like how the incompetent Mark used to do it.

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