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I'm not a mod so this thread isn't official, but I wanted to make a thorough report about some shitposting on /v/, and the meta thread on that board is closed.  It would have been a hassle to tag 20+ posts and write an essay in the report reason field.

In the New Games recommendation thread (>>>/v/5264), the thread was progressing pretty smoothly until earlier today/yesterday, when an obvious cuckchanner showed up and started shitting up the thread.  He called people virgins, criticized people for having waifus, and derailed into shitposting about /pol/ topics like white birthrates and social media whores.

There was one ID who defended him (pic 2), but who later used the exact same Overwatch image with a different filename in the very same thread (pic3).  Then he replied to that post and implied that he wasn't samefagging, but instead that the website was not working properly/their VPN nodes overlapped (pic 4).  He's obviously either a cuckchanner, a D&C shitposter, or just retarded.

In the time it took me to write this post, the thread has degenerated into namecalling about political topics like MGTOW, women, and racial shitposting.  Some anons are stupid enough to bite on hooks like these, but I think it is an obvious targeted attempt to make the board worse.  I would like the moderators to take action by deleting all the offending posts, all the posts replying to them, and refocusing the thread.  It was very productive before these people showed up.
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>>356 (OP) 
It was a good thread. Added a bunch of stuff to my list.
>Best thread on the board gets locked
Replies: >>359
I'm sure it's only locked until the mods clean up the thread. Locking it for a little while is the best way to reset the conversation while you delete the offending posts and it's likely to make the d&c spergs get bored and fuck off back to where they came from.
>>356 (OP) 
Its taking too long. Anyway I recommend deadbolt and rainworld. Great fucking games. I enjoyed them thoroughly.
>>356 (OP) 
Reminder that there's only one global janny.
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I didn't want to report this to a global janny; I just wanted to point here from a report.
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Yeah, I know. I was just saying this because I think we need more jannies (mainly global, but more /v/ jannies would be cool too) to control situations like the one in that thread.
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A whole thread just for a report is very unnecessary. Jannies can clearly see your reports in their dashboard, if nothing gets done it's either because there's nobody around or because it doesn't break any rules. The admin has expressed his will not to let /z/ become dumping ground of board related shit, so don't do that.
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>The admin has expressed his will not to let /z/ become dumping ground of board related shit, so don't do that.
He should tell the /v/ BO to keep the meta thread open then.
>The admin has expressed his will not to let /z/ become dumping ground of board related shit, so don't do that

Then what is /z/ even for?
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General site issues. Go ask your BO to reopen the meta thread or create a new one.

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